Why Did My Google Review Disappear? 24 Common Reasons


There are various reasons why some Google reviews have been removed from your business page. So, what is the cause? Find out with Audiencegain and answer the question “why did my Google review disappear“. Then we will suggest a way to see those hidden comments and draw lessons for the next time.

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1. Why are my Google reviews disappearing? 24 Common reasons?

While Google does not go into detail about its spam detection algorithm, they provide specific Google review content guidelines. If a Google review has been removed from your business page, consider the following questions to help narrow down the cause of your missing Google Business Profile review. . There are 24 reasons below to explain “why did my Google review disappear”.

1.1 In the review appears URL

If the review contains a URL, it is most likely spam and will be removed. We’re a web design firm, so some clients want to show off the awesome site we’ve built; we ask them not to include the URL, so it doesn’t get flagged for removal accidentally. Instead, we request an additional review write-up for our website.

why do my google reviews keep disappearing

In the review appears URL

1.2 The phone number is not included in the review

A phone number in the review is a big red flag for spam. A phone number is not required in a review. Be careful to avoid the situation “why did my Google review disappear”

1.3 Are there reviews on various platforms?

If you have a lot of reviews on Google My Business but none on Yelp, Facebook, or other platforms, this could be the reason for the deleted reviews. Simply put, it is not natural or spontaneous for every customer who reviews you to leave a review on Google My Business. This is an indication of spam, or perhaps you over-coach your customers on how to leave a review for your company. Instead, mix it up by asking for a Facebook review half the time.

1.4 Reviews that overlap with reviews on other platforms

If the same review appears on Facebook, Yelp, or on your website’s “testimonials” page, the duplicate review on your Google My Business page may be removed. Isn’t it wonderful when your customers adore you so much that they want to tell everyone about it? The disadvantage is that unless the customer writes unique reviews on each review website, you risk having multiple reviews removed, not just on Google Business Profile.

1.5 The manager of your Google Business account or your Google+ page writes a review

Google may consider a review written by a manager of the business’s Google accounts to be a conflict of interest. In most cases, the person in charge of your Google My Business account is not a customer. They are most likely a worker or a service provider. Customers should leave feedback.

why did some of my google reviews disappear

The manager of your Google Business account or your Google

1.6 Your employees write reviews

When an employee reviews their employer on Google Business Profile, it may be considered a conflict of interest – even if the employee has purchased your products or services. This practice is frowned upon because many employers will require or offer incentives for employees to leave positive reviews.

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1.7 Pay attention to IP addresses

Next reason that “why was my Google review removed” is the IP address. The spam filter may have activated if the review was written from an IP address associated with your Google My Business account.

why was my Google review removed

Google IP addresses

1.8 Different reviews written from the same IP address

Similar to the previous point, spam filters may be triggered if many reviews come from the same IP address outside of your company. If this occurs, the reviews are almost certainly spam or fake. There’s no way your company received 19 genuine reviews from the same physical location.

1.9 Does your business have a “review station” set up?

Remember what we said earlier: if all reviews come from the same IP address, the spam detector will be triggered. It’s better to give your customers a short, easy-to-remember review URL and allow them to leave a review from their cell phone.

1.10 The review was written from a location too far away from your business address

If your company sells locally but also ships products across the country or worldwide, you must configure your Google Business Profile account to reflect this. You must tell Google where you ship products from your Google My Business account. Enter the section “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” and enter the states and/or countries where you will ship products. This will prevent Google from flagging reviews from all over the country (or the world).

1.11 A review posted many times

If a customer adds the same review after it has been flagged and deleted by Google, it will be removed again.

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1.12 Get too many reviews in a short time

If your Google Business Profile page receives many reviews in a short time, the spam detectors may be triggered. If you’ve read our blog post about getting more Google reviews, you’ll know that you should only ask a subset of your customers for reviews at a time. You should be concerned if you have a backlog of 500 customers to contact and your Google My Business page receives 50 new reviews overnight.

why are my google business reviews disappearing

If your business page suddenly receives too many reviews, it is likely that they will be considered spam by Google and deleted

1.13 Many reviews from the same location online

If you have a “Leave us a Review” page on your website and direct all of your customers to it before they leave a review on your Google My Business page, your reviews may be too formal. Google prefers reviews that appear “in the wild.” Google most likely records the referring URL and notices that all your reviews come from a single location. Sending your clients an email with your Google review link is a better strategy. As a result, their email will be the referrer’s.

1.14 Do you have many business locations on Google?

Do you have several locations and Google My Business pages? Customers are wonderful! They adore your service and products and wish to spread the word about you. They adore you so much that they visit the Google Business Profile page for each of your company’s locations in the metro area, eager to leave a review. Unfortunately, if a reviewer left the same review at multiple business locations, the duplicates (or all) will be removed Google business reviews.

why did my review disappear from google

why are my Google reviews disappearing

1.15 Your Google Business Profile page has an unusually large number of reviews

If your company has far more reviews than others in your industry and city/area, this may cause concern. If your business is in a rural town of 1000 people, but you have 4000 business reviews, don’t be surprised if many of them are removed. I’m sure you make fantastic sandwiches, but why does the pizza place have only 8 Google Business Profile reviews?

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1.16 The reviewer deleted their post

A reviewer has the option to remove their reviews at any time. This is a fairly straightforward determination, one of the most common ones I make when monitoring Google My Business reviews for clients.

why do my Google reviews keep disappearing

Location on Google

1.17 Reviewers with fake Google accounts

Fake profiles frequently lack a name, photo, or other identifying information. Real accounts are never completely devoid of information. When a company receives many reviews from empty accounts, it is a red flag that the reviews were generated by bots and are fake or paid.

1.18 The reviewer deleted their Google account

To leave a Google Business Profile review, a user must have a Google account. When a Google account is deleted, the reviews associated with it are also deleted. A user deleting their Google account, like a user deleting their review, is one of the most common conclusions we reach when monitoring Google reviews for clients.

1.19 Have you recently been active on Google My Business?

Your company may have been unverified if you haven’t been active on Google Business Profile in the last six months. Keep an eye on your Google My Business page regularly. It is not difficult to maintain an active Google Business Profile. Install the Google Business Profile app (Android, iPhone) and respond to and thank people who leave reviews about your business.

1.20 All reviews are the same

If all of your reviews are written from accounts with profile images, use perfect grammar, and capitalization, and mention your business by name – there’s a good chance the spam detectors will go off. This is a common problem for me, and it was the case for the client I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Some business owners are TOO good at coaching their customers on how to leave a review for their company, which is what happened with my client. Request a Google review, but don’t over-coach your customers on how to leave one, and never offer a pre-written review or template for them to copy.

why does my Google reviews keep disappearing

All reviews are the same

1.21 The review is written in the third person

A reviewer is only allowed to review their own experience with your business. Reviews are not allowed to retell the experience of a friend, family member, or a story they read elsewhere. Only first-person accounts are allowed in reviews. The reviewer cannot leave a review on behalf of another person.

1.22 The review contains non-standard language

In reviews, profanity, hate speech, offensive language, and personal attacks are not permitted. This content will almost certainly set off the filters, and the review will be removed. If there are any reviews on your Google My Business page that contain this type of language, you should request that the Google review be removed as soon as possible.

1.23 Do you encourage your customers to leave reviews?

Do not offer discounts, coupons, or free products to entice customers to leave a review. If Google finds out, you could lose all of your reviews. When you offer an incentive, you increase the likelihood of receiving a positive review, which incorrectly skews the results. Offer no incentives for reviews.

my Google review disappeared

Encourage your customers to leave reviews

1.24 Are there multiple businesses at the same address as yours?

It’s not uncommon for one person to run multiple businesses from the same address; however, Google considers this a red flag, especially if you own multiple businesses in closely related industries.

If both of your businesses are legitimately registered, you can seek assistance from Google by scrolling to the bottom of your Google Business Profile dashboard and clicking the “Help” link. If nothing else, you should assign a suite number to each business so that Google recognizes them as distinct entities.

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2. Is your Google Business Profile review missing because of a Google Error?

These are situations that can occur, but they are uncommon. If you’re missing reviews on your Google My Business page, one of the reasons listed above is much more likely to be the cause.

2.1 Your Google Business Profile account may be affected by the Google Maps error

Your Google Business Profile reviews could be completely missing! You could be experiencing a bug. Many small business owners have reported intermittently encountering this bug for nearly a decade.

Log into your Google Business Profile account at http://business.google.com to see if your Google Business Profile page is affected by this bug. Choose your problematic business location (if you have multiple locations). “Manage Location” should be selected. At the top right, click “Edit.” In the “Published On” section, select “Google Maps.” This launches Google Maps.

why do reviews disappear from google

Your Google Business Profile account may be affected by the Google Maps error

Click “Suggest an edit” in the left-hand panel. Grab the map marker on the right and wiggle it around a little bit. Click the “Submit” button. If the Google Maps bug affects your Google Business Profile page, the wiggle will force Google to clear the cache and “update” your location. It may sound ridiculous, but give it a shot!

2.2 Google has trouble updating or backing up software

Yes, even a company as large as Google can experience a glitch. Glitches can occur with any size system, no matter how large or small.

2.3 A Googler accidentally deleted your Google Business Profile review

This is extremely unlikely, but humans must still be able to manually access systems designed to run autonomously. Why would an employee manually access your Google Business Profile page? I’m not sure. It’s unlikely that a Google employee will ever need to access your Google Business Profile page. Is there any reason you can think of this? No? As a result, this scenario is extremely.

why do reviews disappear from google

A Googler accidentally deleted your Google Business Profile review

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3. How to view deleted Google reviews

There are several methods for viewing deleted Google reviews as:

3.1 Google my business app

The first option is to use Google My Business. To do so, launch the app and select your company. Then, select the “Reviews” option. Here you will find all of your company’s positive and negative reviews. If you see a deleted review, it will say “This review has been removed.”

why does my google review keep disappearing

Google my business app

3.2 Google Maps app

The app is another way to see deleted Google reviews. To do so, launch the app and look for your company. Then, select the “Reviews” option. Here you will find all of your company’s positive and negative reviews. If you see a deleted review, it will say “This review has been removed.” So “my Google review disappeared”

3.3 Google search console

The Google Search Console is the final option for viewing deleted Google reviews. Go to Search Console and sign in with your Google account. Then, on the “Search Traffic” tab, click “Reviews.” Here you will find all of your company’s positive and negative reviews. If you see a deleted review, it will say “This review has been removed.”

why does google keep disappearing

Google search console

If you want to see more than just the deleted reviews, you can use a third-party service such as ReviewTrackers or BrightLocal. These services track online reviews for businesses and can provide you with information about what people are saying about your company online.

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4. Google’s review policy

Google’s review policies safeguard businesses and consumers against false, inaccurate, or misleading reviews. Please ensure that your comments are honest and objective when posting a review. Reviews that violate our policies will be deleted.

  • Here are some examples of missing reviews that violate our policy:
  • False or misleading information in reviews
  • Reviews with inappropriate content or that discuss endangered animal products.
  • Biased or lacking in objectivity reviews
  • Promotional reviews or reviews with product placements

If you notice a review that violates our policies, please report it so that our moderators can take appropriate action. Thank you for assisting us in keeping Google Reviews useful and trustworthy!

5. FAQs about Google reviews disappear

The final part of why was my Google review removed is FAQs about Google reviews disappear. These sections below are what we will be concerned about.

5.1 How can you make sure your business doesn’t lose any valuable online reviews?

It is common for Google reviews to vanish. This can happen because the reviewer did not follow Google’s guidelines, or it can be due to a technical issue.

  • The review does not adhere to Google’s standards.
  • The review is either spam or fake.
  • There is profanity or offensive language in the review.
  • The review is far too long.
  • A product or service is promoted in the review.
  • There was a technical glitch.
  • The review was claimed by the company.

5.2 How to get back my Google review disappeared?

You can remove a review by flagging it if you own the business profile. Sign in to Google My Business and select the location where you want the review removed. Locate the review you want to delete, click More, and flag it as inappropriate.

If you are not the business owner, you cannot remove the review, but you can flag it. Find the review you want to delete, click More, then Flag as inappropriate.

Please notify us if you see a review that violates our content policies. You can also report fake business profile listings and spam reviews.

why did my google review not post

Get back review disappeared

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5.3 Back up your Google Business Profile reviews

Make it a regular business process and begin backing up your reviews so you can analyze them and determine why a review was removed in the future. When you receive an email notifying you of a new Google Business Profile review, copy the review and the details. When you notice a decrease in the number of reviews, go through them to see which ones were deleted.

Sign up for our email series about online business reviews, and we’ll send you a copy of our Google My Business review backup template and many other helpful hints for getting great online reviews from your customers.

Above are some causes of “why did my Google review disappear“. Do you have any other reasons you just discovered? Or other methods of getting back lost reviews. Please give more suggestions for Audiencegain. We hope this article has helped you gain more new knowledge, stay tuned for our next articles.

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