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How to respond to Google Reviews? Responding to guest reviews on Google expresses customer interest and input. This way, businesses will attract more customers’ attention. Whether it’s a positive or negative review, you need to respond. Here, Audiencegain would like to introduce to you how to respond to reviews on Google most professionally.

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1. The importance of Google Reviews

Customers today rely on both positive and negative reviews to vet local businesses. 85% of shoppers see online evaluations as equally trustworthy as personal recommendations.

Before they believe they can trust a local business, they read an average of ten evaluations (Brightlocal). 57% of people will only consider a firm if it has four or more ratings.

how to respond to Google reviews

Customers rely on positive and negative reviews to judge businesses

While this is inconvenient for firms with a rating of 3.9 or lower, it makes sense. It is in Google’s best interest to display searchers the results most likely to provide a positive experience, as evidenced by previous customer reviews. This means that businesses with higher ratings benefit.

how to respond to reviews on Google

Higher-rated businesses often appear at the top of searches

Potential clients will have less information to help them decide where to shop if your business does not have many reviews. Worse, they are less likely to discover your company in the first place.

1.1 Attract and retain new clients

Any organization, from a small business to a major enterprise, may easily enhance its digital marketing strategy regarding search engine optimization with a Google Business Profile listing (SEO).

how to respond to negative reviews on Google

Businesses can SEO to optimize the search for customers

Local SEO affects search results by improving a company’s online exposure on search engines like Google or Bing. When new clients make a Google search, they can easily identify a pertinent local business thanks to local SEO.

1.2 Gain potential customers’ trust and credibility

Whether you run an auto repair business or groom pets, keeping a trustworthy internet presence and a high star rating can attract new customers and persuade them to buy your goods or services.

For instance, if your business has dozens of positive internet evaluations and a 4.5-star rating, this may persuade a customer to choose you over a rival. Potential clients use Google reviews to decide whether they want to do business with you.

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1.3 Provide an unmatched customer experience

Even highly rated businesses occasionally receive unfavorable feedback. A company owner can respond directly to customer reviews to address any misunderstandings or issues with service, staffing, or operating hours.

how to respond to a negative Google review

Express your gratitude for customers who leave honest reviews

In response to compliments, express gratitude to the client for their time and candid review. You may engage with your community and promote repeat business by demonstrating sincere concern for the client experience.

1.4 Control the online reputation of your business

Google reviews serve as testimonies that influence how prospective clients see your company or brand. You can learn what your business is doing well by reading positive online evaluations from satisfied customers, while bad ones may identify areas for development. So learn how to respond to a negative Google review smart and show professionalism.

Additionally, Google Business Profile enables business owners to address disgruntled clients and give a remedy, such as offering a gratis service or having a phone call, direct message, or email to continue the conversation.

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2. How to respond to negative reviews on Google?

There are 3 ways to respond to negative reviews on Google: show a professional attitude, avoid public debate on a fake review, and kindly apologize for the bad situation. Specifically how each response is like, please follow the article below.

2.1 Show a professional attitude

Always try to be professional and answer every comment on a different level, regardless of whether the Google review about your business has an abrasive tone or an angry voice is displayed. Never write in a condescending or defensive manner. Instead, be precise in your explanations and help the reader grasp the crux of the issue. You may maintain professionalism and enhance your company’s reputation in this way.

2.2 Avoid public debate on a fake review

It’s possible that a bogus Google account will leave a review for your company; this is a fact. When you realize this is the case, remain composed and avoid arguing simply report the review, and Google will take care of the rest. Keep in mind that fake reviews can only be deleted from a company page if they are in violation of the community guidelines and terms of service.

how to reply Google reviews

You should avoid arguing about fake reviews

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2.3 Kindly apologize for the bad situation

When a consumer has a negative experience with your goods or services buy Google reviews online, you should occasionally apologize to them on their behalf and provide a resolution via various communication channels (email, Viber, Google Meet, etc.). That way, potential clients won’t assume you are to blame for the negative review because they will understand that there are two sides to every story.

2.4 Some examples of responding to negative reviews

Below are examples of responding to negative reviews we make for your reference.

Try to Fix the Problem, No Contact Information

Hi [Name],

I appreciate you providing feedback. We work hard to ensure that every customer’s experience is good, therefore we sincerely apologize for falling short of your expectations this time.

We want to solve this issue as soon as possible and come up with something that works for you.

Please contact us at [email address] if you’d like to discuss further.

[Name – optional]

how to respond to negative Google reviews examples

Feedback form for negative reviews

Try to Solve Problem, Contact Details Known

Hi [Name],

I’m [Name] in charge of customer service at this company. Here, we’re often renowned for providing excellent customer service. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for the recent interaction you had with us.

Your contact information is on file, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make things right. Please contact me directly at [phone/email] if it’s more convenient for you, and I’ll do all my power to address your problems.


[Name, Business name]

Request more details

Hi [Name],

I appreciate your review. We value all input, and we’re sorry you had such a frustrating experience..

Your circumstance is the exception and far from our customary high standards and company principles, as you can perhaps see from our other review. This motivates us to find a solution and prevent this from happening again.

Send a message to our support team at [email/phone] with all the specifics, and we’ll work with you to customize a satisfying solution, we guarantee it.


[Name, business name]

how to respond to positive google reviews

Responding to negative comments to customers is a way to ease their pain

Make a phone call.

Hi [Name],

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Let me start by saying I’m sorry you were treated in such a deplorable manner.

We put the satisfaction of our consumers first, so I’d like to ask you for another chance to make this right.

At any moment, feel free to call me at [phone number], or we can get in touch with you when it’s most convenient for you.


[Name – title (for example, General Manager, CEO, …)]

Above are 4 common business cases that Audiencegain shares with you. These are professional review response templates used by many businesses. If you fall into any of these situations, please choose the appropriate feedback forms for you!

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3. How to respond to positive reviews on Google?

What about positive reviews? How to respond to Google reviews? Here are the ways that Audiencegain recommends for your reference.

3.1 Say thank the reviewer

It would be impolite of you not to thank the reviewer for their kind words about your business after they just finished! Always give the reviewer your sincerest gratitude first, so they’ll know their thoughtful gesture wasn’t forgotten. After all, they weren’t required to offer you a positive review or any input. Express your pleasure and make it a personal act.

how to respond to fake reviews on google

Thank you reviewers will show the professionalism of the business

3.2 Respond shortly

Keep your response brief and to the point; nobody loves to read long comments. Keep your message succinct but powerful to do your lovely consumers a favor. If you speak too much, the impact of your remarks may be diminished, and you may come across as overly passionate. Always prefer simple and direct language.

3.3 Be authentic and personal

Most people consider acting like a robot online uncool, so don’t do it! Customers can tell immediately if they are receiving a cold, impersonal automated response or a warm, personal connection. The least you can do is respond honestly after they have taken the time to talk about your business. While keeping it brief, please pepper in some details or personality.

how to respond to google reviews as a business

Show your sincerity to those who leave reviews

3.4 Call to action – mention other products

While responding to positive reviews is excellent, including a brief call to action is crucial to maximize your success. Make it seem organic. You may ask them to schedule another visit, tell their friends about their experience, or locate you on social media. Your personal and professional goals will determine this. But it’s a good idea to seize the moment and ask reviewers to act now while they’re feeling positive.

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3.5 Some examples to responding to positive reviews

Taken for granted, customer service is simple to do. However, learning how to respond to a great review becomes more crucial than ever when you continuously try to win your clients’ trust.

Here are some prime examples of good review responses on Google, Yelp, and other social media platforms.

These objectives are met as a result:

  • Admiration
  • Customization,
  • Clarity

It makes the response seem more genuine and tailored by including the reviewer’s name.

how to respond to reviews on Google

Review the client feedback form

You don’t always have to begin your review templates with “thank you.” You can get things going with a little personalization, followed by gratitude. We can say thank you in many different ways.

Our excellent positive review response example conveys the company’s underlying beliefs without straying from other fundamental review reply personalization guidelines.

how to respond to google reviews as an owner

Call customers by name to make them feel respected

The above is a summary of how to respond to Google reviews compiled by Audiencegain. Customers are only loyal to the value of the experience they receive from your company. Whether the value is in money or not, letting customers and prospects know that you care about their feedback and taking the time to understand their experiences is the bridge to developing a relationship contact with customers.

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