13 Tips & Way How To Get More Google Reviews 2022


How to get Google reviews? Reviews on Google are very important for businesses. The majority of customers before buying products and services. they all search and see what the business is like. Here, Audiencegain introduces you to tips and ways to get customers to leave more reviews.

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1. What is a Google Review?

How can you conduct a nearby restaurant or location search? You type the restaurant’s name or the cuisine you prefer into Google Maps or Search, correct?

Results from Google are typically a combination of how close a business is to your area and how well-rated it is there. And the reviews that users post for a specific area on Google Maps are collected to create that rating.

Google reviews offer useful details about a company’s operations and the experiences of customers who dealt with it. To tell the truth, Google is the most significant review platform for small businesses because it is where customers find local businesses.

how to get google reviews removed

Google reviews provide customer experiences at the business

2. How do Google reviews work?

Effective digital marketing strategies drive Google’s algorithm for local SEO. Because of this, it is very possible that companies with a lot of reviews will appear first in local searches for a specific brand phrase.

And as was already noted, the position of a listing in Google maps will most likely be decided by a mix of the average rating, the number of reviews, and the user’s vicinity. Therefore, having an optimized Google My Business profile and Google reviews helps your local rating on both Search and Maps.

how to get more reviews on google

Google reviews work based on Google algorithms

As a result, it should go without saying that if you want your company to stand out in Maps or Google Search, you must develop a procedure for collecting, managing, and responding to Google Reviews.

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3. Where do Google reviews appear?

Your Google reports show on your Google My Business profile. Google’s rating can then pick them up and show them in:

3.1 Google Local search results

When someone tries to look for a navigational keyword, such as “best pizza near me,” Google will demonstrate your business listing if you are in the “pizza” company and the potential customer is close to your location.

how to get google reviews as a realtor

The best businesses will show up first when you search for a certain keyword

3.2 Google Maps

Furthermore, if someone searches for your company name, it may appear in the Google Maps part of the Google Search results or immediately in the Google Maps app.

how to get google reviews to show up

Customers can search for businesses through oogle maps

4. Google review basic requirements you need to know

It is critical to note that to receive Google reviews, the following conditions must be met:

You must be familiar with Google’s policies

When soliciting reviews, you must adhere to Google’s Terms of Service. This means you should not offer any incentives and instead ask your customers whether they had a positive or negative experience buy Google review.

how to get google reviews deleted

Reviewers must follow Google policies when leaving Google reviews

Your company should be a “Place” on Google Maps

This will offer you a Google Business Profile on which clients can write reviews

Your Google Business Profile must be confirmed

You do not have control over a listing on Google Maps (which automatically produces a Business Profile). You must create a Google My Business account and use that account to authenticate ownership of your Business Profile.

5. How to get more reviews on Google

How to get more reviews on Google? Here are 13 tips to help you motivate your customers to write more reviews.

5.1 Ask Google for a review

The most effective technique to obtain more reviews is to ASK. And not just a few, but each and every one of them.

So, before you’ve finished the task with a client or are in the middle of a project with a customer, ask them to leave you a review.

how to get google reviews up

Asking review questions makes customers more interested in sharing their experience

But remember that requesting a review at the appropriate moment is crucial. And the ideal time is when your consumer is satisfied.

Here are some guidelines for asking Google for a review:

  • Give them detailed instructions on how to submit a review.
  • Provide them with a direct connection to your Google Business Profile.
  • Share samples of your top reviews so they can get a sense of what others have written about your business.
  • If relevant, give your customer a review on their GMB booking or LinkedIn profile to cooperate.

Asking is a simple process, but many companies are reluctant to do so out of concern that they might receive a bad review or that the customer might not want to leave one. You must, nonetheless, make a leap of faith. 

5.2 Provide excellent service

A sure-shot strategy to land more Google reviews is to deliver exceptional customer service, which compels customers to leave you a review freely. One of the most important features of a business is that, depending on how you treat your clients, you can entirely change it.

You win if you create a relationship with them, give outstanding services, and demonstrate thanks for their being your client.

Here are some strategies to satisfy your customers’ requirements:

  • Provide individualized assistance in addition to conventional support.
  • Take regular customer feedback into consideration and make improvements.
  • Identify patterns you can do better for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Motivate your members of the team to be respectful and compassionate.
  • Make it simple for clients to get in contact with you.

Humanize your company by providing personal assistance and great services to your consumers. When this occurs, you will no longer need to solicit feedback.

5.3 Share positive reviews on your business

Any favorable Google reviews for your company should be embraced! Make sure to post favorable evaluations on your company’s website and social media sites to encourage more consumers to write feedback.

how to get google reviews fast

Sharing positive Google reviews will encourage customers to write more reviews

Not only will the above help to show any great Google reviews you get, but it can also incentivize other users to follow suit and give even more comments. Not every new client may make it to your Google listing originally, so boosting your positive reviews across many marketing channels will extend your knowledge of your Google appearance.

5.4 Guide customers how to review on Google

Providing a Google review connection may not accomplish much for a consumer if they don’t know how creating a Google review works. As a result, perform the heavy lifting for them. They will understand the review’s significance and its potential locations better.

Your clients will have to: to leave you a Google review

  • Make sure they’ve logged in with their Gmail account (Google account) (Google account)
  • Search for your business on Google (unless you’ve given them a direct link)
  • Go to the area for Google reviews. These spaces are under your company’s name in the Google search bar and next to star ratings in search results.
  • Click on Write a review
  • Write about their experience, give it a rating, and then share it.
how to get google reviews for my business

The more reviews a business has, the more customers trust it

Let them understand that they can also use their smartphone or Google Maps app. 

With these steps:

  • Search for the business name
  • Click on the name on the banner at the bottom
  • Go to reviews, scroll down to the unpopulated stars, and click on the star you’d like
  • Write about your experience and then share it

It was as simple as that, although they may find it a bit incredible if you demonstrate all of these steps in person…almost like you’re attempting to write the review yourself.

Alternatively, develop a brief instruction on how to write Google reviews for consumers and send it to their email address.

You can even incorporate Google reviews into your website to show visitors how much you value their feedback. A great way to highlight your social proof is to embed Google reviews.

5.5 Thank you customers for leaving a review

It does take time to write a review, particularly if the customer goes into considerable detail. It’s good to respond to the good reviews, and the bad comments – even though it may be just a ‘thank you for taking the time to give a Google review’. Someone will see that you reply with gratitude, encouraging them to send a review.

5.6 Create a review link on Google

Establishing a Google review connection and sharing it on various platforms, including your Google My Business page, is one of the quickest ways to earn more Google reviews.

  • Visit Google Place ID
  • Register your business name in the ‘enter a location’ section
  • Press on your business name in the drop-down list
  • Take note of the Place ID that appears
  • Paste the ID number after the ‘=’ sign at the end of this link https://search.google.com/local/writereview?
how to get google reviews for my website

Share business reviews across various platforms by establishing affiliate links

You are not required to share the lengthy Google review link, particularly on social media or on your website. Shorten it with tools like bit.ly to make it more digestible for out-of-state consumers and those looking for local companies.

Remember to add the website link and establish a review button to make things easy to see it and find on your webpage. A summary connection is a direct connection so it’s not convenient for users to contact their team business and leave more reviews.

Another approach is to employ a Google reviews widget on your website – this will automatically solicit reviews from your customers and take them to your review page. It’s entirely autonomous, as any excellent tech should be, providing you a rest.

5.7 Update business profile regularly

You don’t want clients to feel as if they’ve arrived at the wrong location when they visit your Google Business Profile to submit a review. Maintain brand consistency across your profile to ensure your clients know they’ve landed on your organization’s proper and most up-to-date listing.

This implies that your profile should include high-quality images, a detailed business description, up-to-date operation hours, and Google Business Profile Posts to highlight the most recent news from your company.

how to get google reviews for my website

Businesses should regularly update information about images and information

5.8 Add review links to your website or thank you email

Add a review link to your website or send a personalized link through email to make it easier for your consumers to submit you a Google review. It simplifies the procedure because the customer only needs to fill in the details without completing any hard work.

how to make a google review account

Send a review link via email to customers to make it easier for them to evaluate

To make a custom Google review link, follow these steps:

  • Access your Google Business Profile
  • Choose the location or business to administer
  • Choose the option Get more reviews
  • By clicking the pencil to modify, you may create a unique short URL.
  • Distribute to your consumers
how to get access to google reviews for my business

Sharing the review link via social platforms is also a way to get more reviews

Use this link as a pop-up on your website or in a targeted email while thanking the customer or mailing the invoice. The goal is to make it easy for them to follow along so they can post a Google review for your business.

5.9 Invest in review generation software

Don’t worry if you’ve tried multiple methods of getting reviews from your customers online and still haven’t gotten a higher number. Another, more straightforward option is to use a review generation tool.

These applications automate the process of soliciting reviews from verified consumers or clients.

Review creation tools provide templates for using your brand’s voice, colors, and style to construct campaigns that solicit feedback from your consumers. Simply enter your customer information once, and it will send out review requests and follow up with them.

It’s an excellent technique to automate review generation and ensure that every consumer leaves a review.

5.10 Create a Google review on your website

While the strategy described above is effective, an even better way is to designate an entire Accessible from your main navigation menu, a website page dedicated to Google reviews (or reviews in general). The website should feature both a CTA to create a review and current reviews. These not only entice prospects to become customers, but also provide additional motivation for a current client to post a review.

You can load your reviews page with screenshots, but they should ideally be in text form. Because reviews are frequently keyword-rich, displaying them on your website in a form that Google’s crawlers can “read” makes for an excellent small company SEO approach.

That being said, you may wish to create a template to copy and paste the text. There are additional systems and plug-ins that allow you to automatically gather your Google reviews into your website.

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5.11 Put Google review CTA in footer

You may include it in your website footer in addition to or instead of having a separate page on your website for Google reviews (or reviews in general). You won’t have to worry about determining where and when to add the CTA. The sample below has photos, but anchor text will suffice.

how to get reviews on google ads

You can put a CTA at the bottom of your website’s footer to invite customers to review

5.12 Use Google’s review email ads

Email marketing is another efficient strategy to increase Google business ratings, whether through tailored messaging or a bigger blanket effort. Simply state your need clearly—don’t try to sugarcoat it, beat about the bush, or pressure consumers into posting a review. There’s nothing wrong with asking them to do something to assist other potential consumers in making educated selections.

Furthermore, you’d be amazed at how ready delighted customers are to submit a review. You’re more likely to obtain positive replies to your request if the procedure is straightforward and easy to follow.

5.13 Google review link on social media

Conversational marketing and openness are ideal for social media platforms. Post a snapshot of your best review and invite your customers to provide feedback (including your clean and simple Google review shortcut link). Remind your followers that this is an opportunity for them to introduce someone similar to them to the benefits of working with your company. Platforms like Facebook have their own review system, so bear that when contacting them.

how to get a link for google reviews

Provide an image of the business and call for customer reviews

6. How to deal with spam reviews

Requesting additional reviews exposes you to the possibility of receiving more negative feedback. It’s a truth of business that even if you go above and above for your consumers, someone will have a negative experience.

But don’t let the possibility of a negative review dampen your attempts to gain additional reviews. A few poor reviews handled appropriately seem better than a lack of reviews overall. Customers are more likely to believe review rankings that aren’t perfect, because a perfect score might appear phony.

how to get a lot of google reviews

Negative reviews are not always detrimental to your business

You may utilize negative reviews to show potential consumers that you are a responsible shop who works hard to make things right. Remember that replying to reviews makes you appear good, and the manner in which you answer to them is important. 

Have a plan in place to deal with negative Google reviews if they appear on your Google Business profile:

  • Respond to unfavorable feedback as soon as possible. Try to respond to bad reviews within a week of them being posted. It appears good to future consumers and offers you the opportunity to win back the disgruntled client as quickly as feasible.
  • Keep your responses to a minimal. Recognize their issue and promise to make things right in a few phrases.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and refrain from defending yourself, even if you believe the customer is incorrect.

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Above is how to get Google reviews from customers aggregated and shared by Audiencegain. Google reviews not only affect your reputation, but also determine your rankings. Try applying the tips above to your business to see how the change!

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