Google Reviews Not Showing Up? How To Fix In 2024


What if your Google reviews not showing up? Perhaps one of your five-star Google reviews has disappeared or gone missing, causing your star rating to drop. This article, Audiencegain discusses Google’s review policies and provides an overview of some of the typical reasons why Google reviews may not appear as expected.

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1. What is the review policy at Google?

Google will have strict policies for including customer reviews on its platform. Two guidelines affecting missing Google reviews are “prohibited restricted content” and “format-specific criteria for reviews text annotations“.

  • Prohibited and restricted content

Google has a set of “Prohibited and Restricted Content” policies that apply to reviews. Google analyzes all reviews and determines which may be removed for reasons such as: offensive language, fake reviews, spam, or conflicts of interest.

There are several Prohibited and Restricted Content regulations on Google

  • Format-specific criteria for text reviews and captions

Google has set “Format-Specific Criteria”, including: location information, experience, ratings, detailed insights, useful information.

For example:

“I’ve been using [App Name] version 4.0 for a week. It’s a great app for [specific purpose], and I’d rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The interface is user-friendly, but I’d love to see a dark mode option in the next update.”


– Business Name: Start by mentioning the business name.

– Photo Description: Provide a brief but informative description of the photo.

– Relevance: Ensure that the photo is relevant to the business and its offerings.

– Engagement: Encourage engagement by asking a question or prompting viewers to visit the business.

Google has set Format-Specific Criteria and determines the eligibility of a review

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2. 9 Reasons why are Google reviews not showing up?

When Google reviews not showing up, it means you’ve made a mistake that needs to be fixed, or the reviewer itself violated policy. Here are some common reasons why Google business reviews not showing up:

2.1 Links in embedded Google reviews

When adding URLs and links to reviews, Google has strict guidelines. Reviews with URLs are deleted almost immediately. Because Google considers reviews with URLs in them to be spam.

If you see a review that uses the link and hasn’t been removed, try to contact the customer and ask them to edit their review to remove the link before it is removed by Google.

2.2 Review on Google marked as spam

Google’s top priority is quality, so they are very strict about removing any spam reviews. For a review to not be considered spam, it must comply with Google’s review policies on Prohibited and Restricted content. Additionally, Google also flags reviews flagged as spam by others.

2.3 Fake reviews on Google

Reviews created from profiles without names, photos, and other important details have been flagged as fake reviews by Google because Google wants to maintain transparency and authenticity.

In many cases, fake reviews are sent when a business purchases Google reviews. In such cases, most of these reviews were generated by bots that used fake profiles.

As a result, buying Google business review not showing up can lead to serious problems with your business’s appearance on Google. Those reviews can even get your Google Business Profile removed.

2.4 Reviews on Google are momentarily disabled

In the past when traffic was too high and Google limited its team members, they had to temporarily disable Google Business Profile reviews for a period of time. This comes at the start of an ongoing global health pandemic where Google has temporarily disabled reviews.

In such times, missing reviews is a common occurrence. Furthermore, customers won’t be able to leave new reviews and you won’t be able to reply to any existing reviews.

why google review is not showing up

Google has temporarily disabled reviews

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2.5 Your business has just been added to Google

If your business is new to Google, customers may need to learn more about your Google Business Profile because it may not yet be ranked highly and is difficult to find.

Therefore, increasing marketing efforts to attract more customers is essential now. The more customers you attract, the more reviews you get.

2.6 Google business page is down

If you haven’t been able to update your Google Business Profile for a long time and customers are no longer interacting with it, the verified business is not showing on Google search.

Furthermore, Google will disable Business Profiles that lose their eligibility status. Unverified businesses will need help to rank on Google Maps or Google Search. As a result, existing or new reviews left by your customers will not be publicly visible.

google reviews not showing up for my business

The profile won’t show up when not updated for a long time

2.7 Reviewer’s account disabled

Sometimes, past reviews will be lost if the customer who wrote the review has had their personal Google account disabled. This can happen if they have violated Google’s policies or even intentionally.

For security reasons, people can deactivate their previous accounts through Google’s Inactive Account Manager. All user data, including their reviews, will be deleted when this happens.

my google business reviews are not showing up

The account of the Reviewer is inactive

2.8 Duplicate Google business profile

When there are duplicate listings, including those accidentally or intentionally, Google will remove one of them. So if your Google Business Profile shows up as duplicates, your business’s reviews may appear on a different listing instead of the active one.

To check if your business is duplicated, search for your business through Google and if found, you can fix it by reporting it as a duplicate.

2.9 Businesses change location

In most cases, when Google moves all reviews to a new location on Google Maps your business has been moved, but sometimes this may not happen.

For businesses like restaurants and hotels with strong local connections, it’s possible that Google will only automatically transfer reviews.

In such cases, contact Google for assistance with this issue. While it may take a while for them to process the change, transferring your business’s reviews is worth your time and effort.

To avoid any problems, if your business has changed locations, proactively update your business’s address on your Google Business Profile. This may require your business to re-verify its business.

google my business review not showing up

When Google moves all reviews to a new location on Google Maps your business has been moved

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3. 4 Case to fix Google reviews not showing up

If your business reviews on Google aren’t showing up, you can fix the problem by doing the following:

  • Case 1: Collect all evidence that new Google business reviews are not showing (this includes screenshots of reviews not showing up)
  • Case 2: If you recently restored your Google Business Profile, contact support and provide them with your profile number and recovery details to request a review transfer.
  • Case 3: For Google Business Profiles that have not been paused recently, you’ll need to contact Google Support for assistance with your missing reviews.
  • Case 4: If you are not satisfied with Google’s help, you can post your issue to the Google Business Pages Community to try to get the attention of Googlers.

4. FAQ verified business not showing on Google search

How long does Google take to appear?

Google reviews are a valuable way for businesses to gather feedback and track customer satisfaction in detail. How long does it take for a Google reviews not showing up?

The answer depends on many factors, including the number of recent reviews and whether the verified business not showing on Google search. Generally, most businesses should see their review appear within a few days.

Of course, there will always be exceptions, and some businesses may have to wait longer for their reviews to appear. But as long as businesses are patient, they can rest assured that their Google reviews will eventually show up.

Google review: Do they last forever?

The answer is both yes and no. Once a customer leaves their review, it won’t be possible to change or delete it. However, Google has allowed customers to edit their reviews if their opinion changes or they make a mistake.

In addition, if a review is found to be in violation of Google’s policies, it may be removed immediately. While businesses may have little control over their Google reviews once posted, there’s still some opportunity for reviews to be modified or deleted over time.

Why do local businesses need Google reviews?

They provide valuable feedback about local businesses. Google uses this feedback to improve its search algorithm and deliver more relevant results to users.

Making businesses more visible in search results through Google reviews also helps promote local businesses. Plus, Google reviews can improve your business’s ranking on Google Maps, giving potential customers a better chance of finding your business when searching for related services or products.

Google business reviews not showing up will cost businesses more opportunities to interact with their customers and build strong relationships.

Google reviews not showing up, and many companies run into this regularly. However, simply perform the procedures outlined in the article to fix the problem. Always collect additional Google reviews to maintain your star rating and outperform your local competitors.

This will ensure you always have reviews, even if some disappear. Follow Audiencegain for more interesting updates.

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