What happens when you report a Review on Google? What do i do now?


What happens when you report a Google review? This is a question many people ask when reporting for a Google review. When should we report the review? How an article is called violates Google standards.

To understand more details, please follow the article “What happens when you report a Review on Google?” with AudienceGain below.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

Negative reviews on Google greatly affect the business performance of businesses

What happens when you report a Review on Google?

When you report a Google review, the following things may happen: Google will review the reported review to determine if it violates its policies. You will receive an email update about your verdict. If the review is violating guidelines, it will be removed from Google Maps and Search. If the review is not found to be in violation, it will remain on Google Maps and Search and be marked as ‘escalated’.

Check the status of your review removal request using the Reviews Management Tool.

Why is it a good idea to flag inappropriate Google Reviews?

Do you run a small, neighborhood business? If this is the case, you most likely rely heavily on online reviews to market your business and attract new customers.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of someone leaving a false or negative review of your company on Google. As a result, your company may suffer greatly as potential clients may decide not to use your services after reading the negative review.

This is why reporting offensive Google reviews is critical. By reporting a review, you can alert Google that it may be false or inaccurate. If Google determines that the flagged review is bogus or incorrect after reviewing it, they may choose to remove it from your listing.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

Making a suitable survey form for customers

What exactly is an Inappropriate Google Review?

If something you see online doesn’t seem right, you might want to report it. Likewise with Google reviews. If a review is offensive to you, you can flag it for deletion.

When flagging a review, there are a few factors to consider. Verify first if the review is against Google’s rules. Typical offenses include:

  • Reviews that use foul language or are sexually explicit or obscene
  • Promotional reviews
  • Reviews that are irrelevant or off-topic
  • Personal information in reviews ( phone, email)
  • It probably won’t be taken down if the review does not contravene any of these rules. You can still report it and explain in a comment why you believe it needs to be taken down.

You can report it by clicking the “Flag as inappropriate” link after concluding that the review is unsuitable. By the time it was written, this connection was under review.

After you’ve flagged it, Google will look into the review and take relevant action. This can entail deleting the review from the listing for your company.

Do not be afraid to flag an offensive Google review if you encounter one. By doing this, you can maintain the accuracy and transparency of Google listings for all users.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

You set a flag to report that review as inappropriate

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When Should You Flag a Google Review?

According to Google, the following themes are prohibited by Google’s user terms and conditions. Therefore, you can ask for the content to be removed on behalf of your team if you come across a review that falls under one of these headings.

Irrelevant Comments

Google wants to make sure that the information its users receive about your company is correct. Therefore, you should flag reviews that don’t relate to your company or a customer’s experience and ask Google to delete them.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

You should flag review if the comment is wrong

Illegal Content

Some businesses sell products or provide services that are illegal in some jurisdictions buy reviews for Google. To combat this, Google prohibits users from writing evaluations containing links to websites or email addresses that sell illegal goods. This also applies to pictures that advertise goods or special deals.

Conflicts of Interest

Google aims to be as impartial as possible while reviewing products. Thus, you are not permitted to publish a review of a business you are affiliated with or own. Additionally, posting a review of a rival is prohibited because doing so would let you influence their rating in your favor.


Google places a high importance on accurate reviews. It doesn’t want to give its users misleading information or misrepresent a company. Therefore, the reviewer of any Google product is required to make the review public. You cannot claim to be someone else while submitting your review or publish it on their behalf.

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How long does it take to remove a Google review?

Google may take up to 30 days to remove a review that has been highlighted, but you can ask for it to be removed if you think it is against the rules that apply to your company. Before removing the review, Google must look into it to see if it contravenes their policies.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

It takes 30 days to delete a Google review

How to remove Google review comment

Next, if you flag a review, but the verdict is that it does not violate Google guidelines, you can report the review for a one-time appeal.

Here is how to do this.

  • Locate your company on Google Maps by opening it
  • On the Google reviews page, you may find the review
  • To the right of the review, click the trio of vertical dots
  • Choose Report Review from the menu.
  • For the question “What’s wrong with this review?,” pick an answer
  • Inform Google about the review
What happens when you report a Review on Google

Pick an answer you want

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5 Tips on how to flag inappropriate reviews on Google

At first, your heart rate may increase and you may instinctually want to get angry and defensive, it’s important to maintain a professional tone. We recommend responding to the review rather than ignoring it.

This is because it will still be displayed on your profile in the meantime while the flag or report is being reviewed by Google.

Here are some tips to help you craft an effective response:

  1. Before responding, make an effort to do it professionally and nicely. This demonstrates to potential clients that you are open to feedback, positive or unfavorable. You can also use it to fix any errors in the review.
  2. You can flag a review for Google’s attention if you cannot work out the problem with the reviewer or if you think the review is false or inaccurate.
  3. To flag a review, click the “flag as inappropriate” link below the review.
  4. You will then be prompted to choose a justification for flagging the review. Make your choice from the available options, then send your request.
  5. Afterward, Google will examine the flagged review and take the necessary action.

It is a good idea to flag incorrect Google reviews because it might assist shield your company from untrue or false testimonials. Additionally, it demonstrates to potential clients that you are open to receiving criticism and acting on it to make your company better.

What happens when you report a Review on Google

Click “Flag as inappropriate” to report a wrong review

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10 Way get more Google Reviews

Below are 10 Ways to increase Google Review compiled by AudienceGain:

  1. Put the focus on your reviews. Consider including a couple of reviews on your homepage. If you have product reviews, provide them on each product page. You can create a new page with links in your top navigation that houses awesome testimonials. Just make sure you include them on your site in a way that is appropriate for your product.
  2. Join the sites where your customers are. Being social and approachable is the best way to obtain candid feedback. Make your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts accessible from your store so customers can comment and ask questions.
  3. Buyers ought to be approached once again. Consider sending an email to customers following a purchase. When the purchase is still fresh in your mind, you’re more likely to get a review. Remove as much as possible of the friction between your request and their ability to submit a review.
  4. Ask the appropriate questions. To do so, you must first decide what kind of answers you want before asking for them. What are your intended audience’s interests? What are their primary concerns when shopping? What are your industry’s pain points? By aligning with these questions, you can obtain meaningful and relevant testimonials.
  5. Contact those who have given you positive feedback. Thank you if you see a positive Yelp review or a lovely Instagram tagged photo! Man Crates does an excellent job of following up on and socializing positive feedback. You can also request permission to post their shoutout on your website or social media channels.
  6. Contact those who have left you negative feedback. Neglecting these will not make them disappear. Respond to negative reviews as soon as possible, especially if you believe the reviewer is justified in their complaint or if other customers have complained about the same issue. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your customers and improve your business.
  7. Hold a contest. With a little help from your current customers, this is an effective way to market your business. In our recent post on social promotions that can impact your bottom line, we shared some social contest ideas, but keeping things simple is always a good idea. Customers should be asked to post a brief comment on your Facebook page or use a hashtag on Instagram. Lensbaby holds Facebook contests regularly, asking fans to submit photos, such as the heart bokeh image at the top of this post, demonstrating what their unique lenses can do.
  8. Reward reviewers with benefits. For example, you could offer a 10% discount to every client who leaves a review. You don’t even have to tell them this is coming their way. The element of surprise will add an extra “wow” factor to their experience.
  9. When you post the testimonial, include the customer’s name and photo. This is a nice way to thank your customers while also adding credibility to their review. Consider including the review’s source, such as Yelp, to encourage other customers to provide feedback.
  10. Give your clients an incentive to leave reviews. It could be as simple as writing a personalized thank you note, but it will go a long way toward making your customers feel warm and fuzzy. Delush Polish goes above and beyond, so much so that customers share the packaging on Instagram.
What happens when you report a Review on Google

Leave rewards to encourage customers to write more reviews


To conclude, it is important to note that reporting a review does not guarantee its removal. Google has specific policies in place for what constitutes a violation. Occasionally, it can be difficult to tell which reviews are ligament.

Here are ways to report inappropriate reviews and details about what happens when you report a Google review shared by Audiencegain. Bad reviews on Google are something any business has. Bad reviews are lessons for each business to improve the quality of products and services.

However, for reviews with inappropriate or objectionable content, we can report them to Google for Google to remove those articles.


Maximize the impact of positive endorsements to enhance your business today! Obtain genuine Google Reviews from our trustworthy platform at AudienceGain and watch your reputation ascend.


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