Why are Google reviews important? 8 Reasons & Guide for 2024


Why are Google reviews important to many businesses’ online success? According to a study, businesses that rank high on Google reviews are 5 times more likely to be viewed by users as reputable.

These statistics prove that Google reviews are important to a local business’s marketing. In this article, let’s take a deeper look at the importance of Google reviews with Audiencegain.

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Why are Google reviews important?

Google Reviews signal that your business is real, functioning and, if they’re positive, trustworthy. This can help influence your ranking by showing to Google that other people are interacting with your business.

When more people interact with your business and click on your website, it signals to Google that you are relevant to the customers who see you in search. This can help increase your rankings – so the better your reviews, the more people are likely to click through to your website.

Reviews also help rankings by providing Google with more content to analyse. For example, if your business offers a particular service that you’re trying to rank in search for, positive reviews that mention that service can make a positive impact on your ranking.

why are Google reviews important

Online reviews of your company are important, and content is king

Why do Google reviews matter?

More and more consumers turn to online search when making purchasing decisions. By having high quality and positive reviews, potential customers can get a glimpse into what it’s like to deal with your business. Think: would you purchase something you saw online without reading the reviews first?

Glowing feedback from satisfied customers that highlight your reliability, quality and level of customer service will help generate a sense of trust and familiarity between you and potential customers.

Not only do Google Reviews act as an advocate for your business, but they can also have a positive impact on local SEO. This is because according to Google, “high-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.”.

8 reasons Google reviews are important

Why are Google reviews important to businesses? What do businesses get when Google reviews are positive? So let’s find out 8 reasons Google reviews are important.

Google review Improve ranking on search

The effectiveness of the evaluation strategy has directly reflected the business’s ranking on Google. Why are Google reviews important? Because, when the business has many reviews on Google, the business will have a better ranking than the competitors. Receiving positive reviews by answering searches will increase your business’s rankings. The more reviews you have, the more Google will reward you.

Google reviews important

Google review increase search ranking

Convert more customers

Customers must be drawn to something from your business when they click on your page. While a user-friendly site experience and smart design are vitally important, Google reviews can convert more efficiently.

This is why most businesses with a high ranking on Google have advertised that rating against their entire website. This rating will increase customers’ trust even if they have not read the business’s online reviews.

why Google reviews are important

Google reviews can do the conversion more efficiently

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Increase online visibility and local SEO

Google’s search algorithms are very complex. However, one thing is for sure: Google reviews greatly impact Google’s local searches. According to research by Moz, about 9% of the entire Google search algorithm is powered by review signals like the ones you would find in Google reviews of a business. These rating cues typically focus on the speed, quantity, and variety of reviews.

An even combination of these three review signals can put your local business at the top of Google’s local search results. This helps your business get found faster and easier than traditional SEO activities like blogging or keyword research. While it’s still important, as a local business, you shouldn’t rely on traditional methods but ignore other means like Google reviews.

importance of Google reviews

Boost local SEO and presence online

When done properly, Google business reviews can be one of your most successful marketing tactics. This is partly because Google business reviews have allowed your business to appear in “Map Packs”.

The Maps package includes a group of businesses close to the location you’re looking for. The map pack will show the name and link to the business, address, phone number, and the total number of Google reviews in addition to the average rating.

Increase brand trust

Transparency is becoming more and more important to consumers. Relevancy is based on transparency and can largely be attributed to the ability to access huge amounts of information about any given business.

Today, it is common for consumers to research a business before deciding to purchase a product or service. Nearly 88% of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Much of this research is usually done by Google reviews.

how important are Google reviews

The importance of Google reviews in building brand trust

So why are Google reviews important in business? More amazingly, a survey reported that around 72% of consumers say that positive reviews give them more trust in a local business than they might otherwise have.

This provides a great opportunity for local businesses to gain a competitive edge over others by collecting Google reviews. On the contrary, it will create a sense of urgency about responding to negative reviews, which continues to build customer trust.

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Feedback and provide information to customers

How important are Google reviews among the valuable advantages of feedback loops and customer information you can gain. Any Google business reviews you collect can serve as customer survey responses for you and your employees. Besides, each Google review will tell you a few things:

  • Does your company deliver positive customer experiences?
  • Where your company did a not so great or great job
  • What product or service did they receive from your business?

Reading negative reviews on Google, you can quickly see where you need to improve and which areas to praise. At Podium, we’ve developed a simple process for all businesses to use when they want to get the most out of their feedback loop.

importance of google reviews

Customer feedback and information provision

The first step is to track and see why are Google reviews important matters after the transaction has happened. You can use the online reputation management platform Podium, to track reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, or you can monitor these sites manually. The main advantage of using the platform is that the reviews will not jeopardize this process. Instead, a good platform can notify you every time a review is available and allow you to respond immediately from the platform.

The second step is to respond to Google reviews. You should always leave feedback to resolve any issues if a Google review is negative. In general, it’s wise to apologize and offer a way to correct any mistakes they believe your business has made.

Finally, it’s the process change. This is where you can fix faulty processes or send praise to areas that are doing well. To change these processes, you’re theoretically testing new processes that make your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

For many customers, this is a huge added value and provides a major competitive advantage over the next business in their industry. Given the importance of Google reviews and other review sites, they can optimize different areas of their business to provide a better customer experience and easier to find. more on Google.

Improve click through rates to your website

Any business knows it’s important to get customers to click on your link when it appears in a search engine buy good Google reviews. You can spend all your time and money on your SEO strategy, but if people don’t click on your business, all the efforts are in vain. So you now understand why are Google reviews important.

Besides, Google reviews are a great way to increase your click-through rate when you appear in the search engine. Your Google review rating will be displayed next to the business name on Google. Therefore, a collection of good reviews with positive ratings will increase the number of clicks to your website.

why are my google reviews not showing

Increase website clickthrough rates

People are looking for “business name + reviews”

As such, how important Google reviews are for local businesses and have become an important factor in the online search process. People are now searching using specific search strings like “business name + reviews” or “local services + near me”.

For example, if someone wants to see a local Italian restaurant, they’ve heard of Tony’s, they’ll most likely search for something like “Tony’s Italian Restaurant Reviews”. If they don’t know the name of the restaurant yet but are interested in Italian food, they can search, “Italian Restaurants in [city name]” or “Italian Restaurants near me”.

In all cases, any search string on Google will produce a Google Maps listing of local businesses. For all to see, Google will display your average rating, derived from all your reviews.

are google reviews important

Search terms include “company name + reviews”

This means your reviews will be better if you want to continue promoting your business through online searches. A search like the ones described above explains why are Google reviews important. And, they won’t contact the business if they don’t see good reviews.

I recently used this same search string type when I needed a haircut and didn’t know which salon to go to. What did I start with? Of course, with reviews from local barbers and me, it only took a few minutes to decide who to schedule an appointment with. This barber would never have seen my business if they hadn’t had a lot of positive reviews on Google.

Defeat your opponent

You will lose your business every day without good reviews online. Furthermore, many potential customers won’t even contact your business if you don’t have at least 4 out of 5 stars.

There are two ways to lose in the online review game. First, if your reviews aren’t good, you won’t get as much contact as you would if you had a good review. Second, if you don’t have enough reviews, especially when your competitor has more, your competitor will get a call instead. So we’ve realized why are Google reviews important to businesses.

why are google reviews so important

The importance of Google reviews has always had a great impact on businesses

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How many reviews are needed?

This depends on the industry you are in. For example, the local post office will have fewer reviews than restaurants because the experience of visiting a restaurant is more enjoyable than sending a package. for someone.

Since individual reviews are only visible to your customer’s subconscious if you have at least five, that should be your minimum goal. However, you should try to stay ahead of your competition. You should check how many reviews your competitors have on Google.

To do this, type into Google a phrase that you think your customers frequently use to find your business (e.g. “plumber in charlotte nc”) and notice how each how many reviews the business will show on the map.

what are the benefits of google reviews

Enter a search term into Google that your consumers use regularly to find business

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Easy ways to get more Google reviews

Once your Google Business account becomes active, you can start getting more reviews on Google. While some competitors may purchase Google reviews, you can upgrade your 5-star reviews instantly by following the tips below.

Provide an outstanding service

Some consumers will leave a review on Google if they like your product or service. The best way to engage these reviewers is to strive to provide the highest quality engagement possible.

why are google reviews not posting

Make every effort to provide high-quality engagement

Ask for Google reviews

The best way to get your customers to leave that review is to ask Google for a review directly. The review request may contain a link to a Google review or a video on “how to leave a review on Google”.

why are google reviews important for business

Firmly request a Google review as soon as a consumer purchases

Show your customers how to write a Google review

Sharing a Google review link will only help a customer if they know how important are Google reviews. So do the heavy lifting for them and they’ll better understand what the review means and where it should appear.

why is google reviews important

Sharing the review link on Google helps customers understand more meaning

Thank your customers for leaving a Google review

Leaving a review takes time, especially if a customer goes into detail. This is even more helpful for your potential customers and business. It’s good to respond to negative and positive reviews even if it’s just “thank you for taking the time to write a review on Google”.

what do google reviews do

Please write thank you for customer feedback who wrote a review on Google

Please write thank you for customer feedback who wrote a review on Google

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Create a Google review link

Creating a Google review link and sharing it across different platforms is one of the shortest ways to earn more Google reviews, including your Google Business page. Tools like bit.ly can be used to shorten content to make it easier for out-of-state users and those looking for local businesses.

why google reviews

Create a review link on Google and share it to earn more reviews


What are Google reviews?

Google reviews are reviews of many businesses by customers on the Google platform. When people search for a business on Google or seek an address on Google Maps, they first see reviews.

To rate articles, people need to have a Google account and it’s a completely free service. The Google search engine is growing in popularity these days, and reviews on Google Maps will be much more widely read than reviews on other sites like Trustpilot.

How important are Google Reviews for SEO?

Google Reviews are highly important for SEO (search engine optimization). They influence your local search rankings, making your business more visible in search results. Positive reviews can increase your SEO, helping you stand out from competitors and attract more potential customers.

How much difference do Google Reviews make?

Google Reviews can make a huge difference to your small business. They provide social proof, building trust with potential customers. Positive reviews lead to increased trust, which, in turn, can impact purchasing decisions and the overall success of your business.

The more positive reviews you have, the better your chances of attracting new customers and establishing a strong online presence.

So you understand why are Google reviews important to your business. Not only do they have a big impact on rankings, but they also improve your online reputation.

If you need help optimizing your Google listing or managing your Business profile account, contact Audiencegain immediately to learn more about the Manage Google My Business services.

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