How do I get more viewers on Twitch in 2021? (Part 3)


Do you want to get more viewers on Twitch, and nothing seems to be working for you? Or, are you looking for some quick tips on increasing your Twitch growth? Well, worry no more!

This article lays out how you could get more viewers on Twitch by following these simple tricks. It is the third and final article in the article series on how you can grow on Twitch.

The first article from this series, How do I grow on Twitch in 2021? (Part 1), outlined the significance of knowing your goals and skills before creating a Twitch channel. Moreover, it also highlighted what you could do to get more viewers on Twitch: the application itself and via other platforms. Furthermore, the article also highlighted two imperative factors that affect growth on Twitch: the streaming category and audience interactivity.

In addition, the second article from this series covered the relevance of the following factors affecting the growth of your Twitch channel: audience interactivity, streaming quality, streaming consistency, audience value, and choosing what games to play. Furthermore, the article also provided subsequent tricks and tips to get more viewers fast on Twitch.

This article, however, engages with the remaining factors that affect growth on Twitch: networking, contests, branding of your channel, and research on Twitch. Moreover, the article also outlines what you can do on other forums and platforms to get more viewers on Twitch. These third-party platforms include the leading social media platforms, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other online forums. Finally, the article also highlights various Twitch contest applications and gives tips on advertising your streams.


Forming connections and alliances with other renowned Twitch streamers are perhaps one of the most incredible tips on getting more viewers on Twitch. For this reason, networking is crucial for growing your Twitch channel. It helps you leverage the followers of your co-streamers and form meaningful alliances with streamers and organizations. However, we are aware that this unequivocally requires a lot of effort, energy, and time. But, networking helps you gain exposure and connect with other streamers like you. Above all, it enables you to establish high credibility for your channel and get more viewers on Twitch.

Twitch Events and Conventions

Cross-streaming Twitch events and conventions are an excellent opportunity to network and build meaningful relationships and acquaintances. The Twitch Con, Community Face-Off, and Cooperative Adventuring are three renowned Twitch conventions that you should consider attending. Alternatively, you can also participate in gaming conventions such as PAX.

Twitch Con is a real-life party that happens twice a year in North America and in Europe.

Twitch events and gaming conventions are the ideal places to connect with other streamers, as well as audiences and fans. The first advantage of such events is that you can showcase your gaming knowledge, skills, and expertise to your fans and other small streamers. Secondly, Twitch conventions are an excellent chance for socializing with other streamers. However, remember to connect with fellow streamers as people first before you talk to them about business deals or partnerships. This is because authentic communication is imperative for forming friendships with other streamers to get more viewers on Twitch.

Connecting on Social Media

Moreover, another great tip for networking to get more viewers on Twitch is connecting with other streamers on social media. Twitter is the most commonly used social media platform by Twitch users. Therefore, you could share other streamers’ content with your followers, give them shoutouts and carry out other cross-promotional activities. There are high chances that the other streamers will also reciprocate and share your channel and content with their fans and followers. This is very helpful in building symbiotic relationships with other streamers that are mutually beneficial for you both and help you both get more viewers on Twitch.

Building mutually beneficial relationships with other streamers greatly increases the size of your audience.

Activity within Twitch Community

Furthermore, you must remain active within the Twitch community if you want to build your channel and grow fast on Twitch. You can easily do this by visiting other user’s streams and checking out what they’re playing. Meanwhile, you could interact with users in chat rooms and form connections. However, remember to bring up your channel naturally in conversation to engage in authentic interaction with other users.

However, remember to watch and visit streams in the same streaming category as yours or a very similar category or game. This helps you engage with a relevant audience that will likely follow you and watch your streams because of a similar streaming niche.

Furthermore, another vital trick to remember in this regard is only visiting streams with low view counts. This enables you to stand out and form genuine connections with other users and streamers in a small community or gaming environment. Alternatively, if you send messages to a busy chat room, there’s a high chance that your messages will get lost somewhere in the chat or go unresponded.

Hosting other streamers

After forming several meaningful connections with other streamers, it is a good idea to host other streamers on your channel. Twitch allows you to display another streamer’s live feed on your channel, essentially letting another streamer host your channel when you’re offline. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your audience with your channel when you’re busy or offline.

Hosting another stream allows other live streamers to keep your channel alive when you’re offline.

Moreover, the streamers that host your channel are likely to let you host their channel as well. Thus, hosting another streamer’s channel is a golden opportunity to connect with a new audience and get more viewers on Twitch.

Stream Raiding

Stream raiding is another trick to get more viewers on Twitch, which is akin to hosting other streamers. This is when you redirect your audience to another stream towards the end of your stream. All you have to do is type “/raid” followed by the other streamer’s username in your chatbox. Like hosting, stream raiding is an excellent opportunity to give shout-outs to other streamers. This helps you form genuine alliances with other streamers who are also likely to return the favor.

#Small Channels only!

However, remember only to stream raid small channels. This is because big channels have an influx of messages in their chat box during streams. Therefore, your message is likely to get lost in the chatbox. Moreover, big famous streamers are less likely to return the favor and stream raid you.


Furthermore, you must have permission from another streamer to redirect your viewers to their stream. This is because stream raiding is often used to harass other streamers. In addition, an influx of spam messages is very distracting and annoying for streamers. Hence, you need to ensure you’ve communicated with another streamer beforehand, and they are happy to receive your audience.

Too many spam messages in the chatbox can mess up a streamer’s game so ask them for permission first.

#Stream Raiding Category

Additionally, it would help if you ensured that the channel you’re stream raiding is either in the same streaming category or has very similar content to your channel. This is to ensure your followers don’t end up in a completely irrelevant or uninteresting stream. This would not only cause them to leave the streams you’ve raided but also to lose trust in your judgment and opinion. You could lose your followers this way!

Therefore, before stream raiding a channel, it is crucial to ask yourself what your viewers would like to see. If it’s content that’s very similar to yours, your viewers get to enjoy another channel’s content while you’re offline. If it works out, this would unequivocally increase your audience’s satisfaction level with you.

Moreover, other streamers are also likely to return the favor and get more viewers on your Twitch channel. If you get stream raided, remember to greet new viewers. If you find yourself with many new viewers, you can introduce yourself, channel, category, schedule, and niche to your new audience.

Playing with other streamers

In addition to hosting other streamers and stream raiding, another great way to network and get more viewers on Twitch is through playing games with other streamers. This is a golden opportunity for cross-promoting your channel and engaging with new viewers and audiences. One such game on Twitch is Jackbox Party that lets you play live with other streamers. Playing with other streamers is also highly beneficial in boosting your awareness and the visibility of your channel on Twitch. Moreover, remember to introduce yourself to the new viewers and followers you engage with and promote your cross-promotional game on Twitch and social media.


Additionally, contests are single-handedly the best way to get more viewers on Twitch and garner a loyal fan following. Therefore, running contests is ideal for increasing your audience, solidifying your relationship with your current audience, and becoming a credible channel on Twitch. However, your content should be well-designed and intricate. If so, it has the potential to reward your audience, create fan loyalty amongst your followers and share your content with many new individuals on Twitch.

Contests are excellent for advertising your channel to fresh audiences.

When do I have contests?

Now, you’re probably wondering when you could carry out contests on your channel. Well, there are two main reasons why streamers have contests on Twitch:

#Reaching a subscription milestone

This implies reaching a certain number of subscribers on your channel. That number of subscribers could either be a general milestone or a target you set for yourself. Running a contest is an excellent way to thank your subscribers for their followings and views and reward them. Moreover, it gives you a public audience that helps you get more viewers on Twitch fast.

#Launch of a new game

The second reason why most Twitch users carry out contests is to celebrate the launch of a new game. Now, you’re probably aware that the launch of new games is a whole thing in Twitch communities, especially for small communities and trendy games.

If you run a contest to mark the release of a new game or a new version of a game, you can get new viewers on Twitch who want to check the game out. Do you remember what we told you? One of the top reasons people watch Twitch streams is to check out new games and decide whether they want to buy them or not. Therefore, running a contest at this time could be beneficial for you in terms of increasing your Twitch growth.

Advertising your contest

However, also remember to advertise your contest heavily. This is imperative to get as many people to play the contest as possible. This will increase your Twitch channel’s engagement rate and unequivocally get you more viewers. Remember to advertise your contest both on Twitch and on other social media applications.

You can give fellow streamers shoutouts on Twitter to get more viewers to follow you on Twitch.

Branding your channel

Additionally, it is imperative to brand and personalize your channel in a distinct manner to get more viewers on Twitch and stand out from other streamers. Especially if you play trendy games, this would be an excellent idea for you to be unique in some way. Most Twitch streamers call personalizing the outlook of your channel two-dimensional branding. This implies branding your channel as user-friendly, welcoming, unique and exciting so that new viewers can get a taste of your channel. This way, Twitch users instantly get to know about your community, and they may join for a whole three-dimensional experience if they like it. In addition, it is essential to make people feel included in your channel and let your audience know that it’s encouraged to talk in your community.


Finally, researching Twitch is another crucial tip if you want to get more viewers fast. Analyzing other streamers, especially ones in the same streaming category as your channel, is beneficial. This is because you can not only see what other streamers in the same niche as you are doing, but you can also learn from them. You can then apply your knowledge to your channel and think critically about what you could improve. Moreover, it would help to converse with other streamers without spamming them. Instead, chat with them and get to know them better. You can exchange ideas with them as well.

What can you do elsewhere to get noticed on Twitch?

In the first article from this series, we told you about five major third-party platforms or applications that you can use to promote your channel and get more viewers on Twitch. We highlighted the use of a YouTube channel to post streams and commentary and promote your Twitch channel and blog posting on Reddit with creative stories, snippets, or any content based on your streams. Moreover, we also outlined the use of Discord to give your community members space where they can interact with each other when you’re offline. Additionally, we also told you how you could use Pinterest to promote your Twitch channel by posting pictures of snippets or exciting scenes from your streams there.

This article, however, engages with other third-party online forums and platforms that you can utilize to advertise your channel and get more viewers on Twitch.

Social Media presence and credibility

Firstly, you can use the most popular social media platforms to promote your Twitch streams and contests. We outlined above that most Twitch streamers prefer using Twitter for promoting their channels and engaging with their audience and other streamers off of Twitch. However, you can also use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or Houseparty. These applications are prevalent amongst both Millenials and Gen-Z. Ideally, you should have public accounts on at least the first four applications if you are a big streamer. This gives you credibility and visibility outside the Twitch community that could potentially get you more viewers on Twitch as new people enter the realm of gaming!

Using your own Instagram and Facebook accounts to post important information such as your streaming schedule helps you get more viewers on Twitch.


Another great platform is Tumblr, where you can post stories and pictures from your streams. Tumblr is especially beneficial for photos and is popular amongst millennials. Moreover, it is also becoming trendy amongst the Gen-Z. You can find many gamers creating #TumblrArt from their games on Tumblr as well!

You can use graphic designing skills to create art pieces from your streams and post them on Tumblr for clout.

Applications for Twitch Contests

Moreover, there are various applications that you can use for carrying out contests on Twitch. This is because most streamers often find it very difficult to create a contest and set it up. However, several applications such as Gleam exist to help you customize and set up a contest very easily and save you precious energy and time.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, to get more viewers on Twitch, you should always keep in mind the various factors that affect growth on Twitch. This article has outlined four final factors on Twitch that affect your growth: networking, running contests, branding your channel, and researching. Together with the first two articles, this concludes the factors on Twitch that affect your growth and subsequent tips.

The rest of this article highlights what you can do elsewhere to get more viewers on Twitch and how this affects your channel’s growth: Other social media platforms, Tumblr, and applications for running contests. Together with the first article from this series that explains what you can do on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, and Pinterest, this concludes what affects Twitch growth elsewhere and following tips on what you can do to increase your channel’s growth.

Additionally, if you may have any questions or queries related to getting more viewers on Twitch, do not hesitate to sign up for our services. Our Twitch experts here at AudienceGain recommend following all the tips from this article series to increase your channel growth. Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks very soon!

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