How do I get noticed on Twitch in 2021? (Part 2)


Are you looking to get noticed on Twitch and have not made progress so far? Do you want to know how you could blow up on Twitch overnight? If so, we’re here to provide you with all the answers you need.

This article is the second part of the article series on how to grow on Twitch in 2021. The first part of the article series, How do I grow on Twitch in 2021? (Part 1) outlined the importance of knowing your goals before you create a Twitch account. Moreover, it also highlighted the significance of learning your particular skill set to get noticed and grow fast on Twitch. The first article of the series also dealt with two factors affecting Twitch growth: streaming category and audience interactivity.

This article, however, engages with two facets of audience interactivity and three other factors affecting growth on Twitch. Furthermore, it subsequently provides some crucial tips and tricks you could follow to get noticed on Twitch fast in 2021.

Audience Interactivity

Audience Involvement

The best way to interact with your audience is by involving them in your game. You need to make your audience feel like they’re not merely watching you play a video game! Therefore, you should try to give your audience members an active role while you’re playing. Repeat viewings, new follows, and subscriptions follow for streamers who like to involve their viewers in their games actively. There are several ways you could do this:

#Playing interactive games

Several games, such as Jackbox Party, allow users to log in from their phones or other devices and join your game.

Jackbox Party is an exciting game that allows your viewers to play with you in real-time!

#Letting your audience decide your game strategies and choices

Moreover, you can let your viewers and followers decide your options or strategies during a game. For instance, you can let your audience choose characters. Alternatively, you can also allow your audience to choose your path in adventure games. Likewise, you can let your audience choose your weapons and equipment in first-person shooter games.

#Letting your audience decide what game you play

Letting your audience decide what game you play is perhaps the easiest way to involve your audience in your streams on Twitch. Most streamers prefer letting their audience decide what game to play over other ways to involve the audience. It is a tactic that allows you to involve your viewers and followers without changing your gaming style too much. Moreover, this also prevents you from losing all your decision-making power during a game.

Chat Room Moderators

When your channel grows by a significant amount, you can assign moderators for your chat rooms. Moderators are very useful for keeping the chat room alive while you stream without interruptions. They keep the chat constructive and interaction in the chat room active. Now, you could either assign subscribers or bots as moderators.

#Subscriber Moderators

Subscriber moderators are extremely helpful for enforcing your channel’s rules and welcoming new viewers. They also keep your channel interactivity very high. Moreover, most streamers prefer subscriber moderators because they are people interacting with other people. Remember, you need to distinguish your stream from a YouTube gaming stream video.

Subscriber moderators are very helpful for giving the human touch to your chat room interactions.

Finding good moderators, therefore, is undoubtedly a good idea. Moderators should be friendly, helpful, and well-informed of your channel, its rules, and schedule. Moreover, your moderators should be consistent in viewing your stream and giving viewers important information, for example, rewards or gifts. Twitch recommends having 2-3 moderators, but you’ll need more with the growth of your Twitch channel.

#Bot Moderators

However, you could use bot moderators as well if you can’t find more suitable subscriber moderators. Various such excellent bot moderators are available: Nightbot, StreamElements, Streamlabs Chatbox, and Moobot.

Bot moderators are extremely useful for providing users answers to questions, taking music requests, and filtering inappropriate content. Moreover, you can also schedule welcome, thank you, and goodbye messages to welcome new viewers, thank winners for Channel Points, and farewell leaving users, respectively. In this way, you can focus on your stream while your subscriber moderators can keep the interaction alive. Simultaneously, your bot moderators can handle mundane tasks such as automated responses.

Streaming Quality

Creating a Clickable Stream

Streaming quality regarding creating a clickable stream is the biggest tip you’ll find out there to get noticed fast. In addition, it is imperative to do something exciting and unique. It would help if you integrated exciting things into your content, like puns in the titles of your streams.

Streaming Equipment

Moreover, to grow your Twitch channel to high credibility, your viewers need to interact with you through their eyes and ears! Therefore, use high-quality streaming equipment to grow on Twitch.

Your audience needs to hear you soundly to interpret your commentary. Hence, getting a good microphone should be at the top of your list! Moreover, it would help if you also looked into getting a good camera or a device with a high-quality camera so your viewers can see you clearly.

Additionally, you would also require a stable internet connection to interact with your viewers without time lags in your streams or chatbox. Most famous Twitch channels recommend using good streaming software as well.

#Streaming Software

Streaming software is a great tool to customize your channel and get noticed on Twitch.

Open Broadcast Software is one such free tool that has various sound mixers, customization options, filters, and transitions. However, Streamlabs is another free customization tool that is also a complete broadcasting tool. The great thing about this tool is that it can set up donations and customize your chat box in addition to essential customizing streaming software.

Using good streaming software is recommended to avoid any technical difficulties.

However, if you already make revenue from your Twitch channel, we recommend the following other streaming software options available and their relevant prices.

  1. Gameshow: $29
  2. Wirecast: $500


Additionally, you should test all your equipment after you’ve set it up and before you start streaming every session. This helps avoid technical issues during live broadcasting, which maintains a professional standard for your Twitch channel. A professional channel grows fast on Twitch. You can monitor the technical performance of your streams using the Twitch Inspector, which is an excellent tool for assessing internet or encoder problems.

Streaming Consistency

You also need to have people returning to your streams if you want to get noticed on Twitch. Remember that a follower is not a viewer, and viewers are not community members. You need followers to come back for more views to become community members. Only when you have an interactive community, big or small, you will get noticed on Twitch.

Providing a fixed schedule is a great tip to get noticed on Twitch as a professional streamer.

Therefore, a consistent schedule and routine are crucial elements of your channel. It would help if you created a fixed program to let your community members know when you’ll stream live. A fixed schedule is also helpful for engaging new viewers and followers. Moreover, it gives your channel a professional outlook which is what you should aim for.

Audience value

The top tip to monetize your Twitch channel and get noticed fast on Twitch is to give your audience value with your content. You should treat your Twitch channel like a business. Your viewers are essentially your customers, while your streams are the products you’re selling on Twitch.

Product reviews

Many gamers out there love watching their favorite streamers playing a new game and trust their feedback. One of the two main reasons people watch Twitch streams is deciding whether they should purchase a game. Product reviews and trailers are top of the list when Twitch users and gamers have to make purchase decisions.

Most Twitch users watch streams to figure out whether they should buy a new game or not.

Therefore, you could give your audience constructive reviews of the new games you play. Game reviews will significantly help your viewers decide if they want to purchase a new game or not. If you’re a professional gamer, a mere playthrough of a new game would be sufficient to garner many unique views on Twitch. These steps are crucial for building a loyal fan following on Twitch as a credible channel.

Gaming knowledge and advice

The second main reason why people watch Twitch streams is to improve their gaming skills by learning from Twitch streamers. Therefore, you must be open to sharing your gaming knowledge and skills with your audience. This not only gives your content value but is also the most essential tip for getting noticed on Twitch fast that you’ll find here! Thousands of Twitch users view streamers who are professionals to learn from their unique opinions, strategies, gaming knowledge, and advice.

In addition to sharing your strategies and knowledge, you could also give tips to your users on improving their skills and performance. Most Twitch viewers watch streams to get advice, learn about in-game secrets, and figure out how to get through challenging levels in a game. Moreover, viewers generally adore new tactics, which get them to notice your channel on Twitch.

Gamer’s persona

Moreover, the gamer’s personality is also a significant factor in determining a channel’s engagement rate. Many people watch Twitch streams for entertainment by the gamer’s unique personality and humor. Therefore, it is also important that you channel your best energies when you’re streaming! Remember to be light and humorous, but also give your audience valuable information simultaneously.

Several famous streamers such as PewDiePie rose to fame because of their loud and distinct personalities. Above all, make your streams entertaining experiences to get noticed on Twitch. Moreover, optimize your content to the types of value people seek on Twitch.


However, simultaneously remember to create new and distinguished content to reach as many people as possible. A great trick regarding being unique on Twitch is using an exciting and distinct persona while streaming. This could be you, a likable or popular personality, or a fictional character. If you consider yourself creative, then you might as well create your fictitious persona! Your channel might blow up depending on how attractive and distinct your created character is!

Creating a fictional character for your channel persona is a great way to get noticed on Twitch for your creativity.

Otherwise, you can always uniquely play a game to get noticed on Twitch fast and attract new viewers. For instance, you could play with a blindfold or play a stealth game without killing a single enemy character!

Furthermore, another great way to blow up on Twitch through uniqueness is playing games that nobody else seems to be playing. For instance, playing indie games or early access games could help you stand out from many streamers on Twitch playing trendy games.

Channel’s Visual Appeal

Additionally, the organization and appeal of your channel is also a crucial factor in determining the growth rate of your Twitch channel. Contrary to popular opinion, you can go far on Twitch with a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing channel. Sure, the outlook of your channel might not directly impact user engagement. However, it is still a significant factor, especially when it comes to new viewers. Most viewers visit channels where they can find exactly what they were looking for. Therefore, you should also optimize your channel with relevant keywords and other vital information. Furthermore, you can expand your description, revamp your channel art, add colors, use images instead of texts on titles and add visually appealing graphic images to make your channel look artsy and exciting.

The right games?

If you want to get noticed on Twitch, then you’d want to know what games you could play to garner a large number of views and attract new people. However, this is often a rugged terrain to navigate. You must find a balance between the games you love, the games you’re very good at, games that nobody else is playing, and Twitch users’ favorite games.

What you’re passionate about

It is imperative to play games that you enjoy and are passionate about. Otherwise, you would be putting a lot of effort and energy into something that does not even excite you. Why would you do that? Choosing the wrong game can make you lose interest, making it less enjoyable for your viewers. The chances are that your viewers will be able to see through your misery and start leaving your stream. Therefore, playing games you like helps in generating views and blowing up on Twitch. Most Twitch users prefer watching streams of gamers who are passionate about what they’re playing. However, remember to keep interacting with your viewers during streaming to make an impact.

What you’re the best at

Although it’s completely human to make mistakes and not end up winning every game you play, you should still stick to streaming games you excel at. This is a vital tip to increase your Twitch growth because most streamers end up playing games they’re passionate about. However, often these very games are not the ones they are very good at. This is because, generally, viewers prefer seeing their favorite streamers win games.

Moreover, if you play games that you are good at, you’ll showcase your expertise. You can show your viewers your skills and gaming knowledge. Furthermore, excelling at games unequivocally makes an entertaining and informative stream. And this way, you can attract new viewers to your Twitch channel.

Playing games, you have mastery in also puts you at a certain standard of professionalism as a gamer. This also opens new avenues for you, such as extra-challenging playthroughs, walkthroughs, or speed runs in the game. These features allow you to qualify as a credible streamer with sufficient gaming knowledge and skills.

Non-saturated Games

Finally, if you only play trendy games on Twitch, then you will have slow growth. Therefore, also try playing games that have fewer category followers. The reason for this is that if you end up playing a game that nobody plays and stick to it, you could be the reason that game blows up. If that happens, you will unequivocally attract new viewers. Most users stick to small communities to avoid non-saturated games. An example of such a game is Stardew Valley that; has an excellent small community of around +800,000 followers. Moreover, this is an active community that makes it to the top 3 rows on Twitch now and then. You could learn a lot from streamers playing this game.

Try to play games that nobody plays every once in a while to mix it up.

In a nutshell

Conclusively, to get noticed fast on Twitch, consider various factors that determine and affect the growth of your Twitch channel. The last article from this series highlighted the significance of the streaming category and audience interactivity. This article concluded audience interactivity by outlining the relevance of audience involvement and chat room moderators in affecting Twitch growth.

Additionally, we have also explained the importance of streaming quality, pouring consistency, and giving value to your audience regarding product reviews, gaming knowledge and advice, your persona, uniqueness, and your channel’s visual appeal. Finally, the article also engages with the imperative of choosing the aptest games to play from games you’re passionate about, games you excel at, and non-saturated games.

The third article from this series will cover the remnant factors affecting Twitch growth: networking, contests, branding, and research. Moreover, it outlines ways to get noticed on Twitch through other third-party forums, channels, and platforms.

However, if you have any queries related to the factors affecting Twitch growth, you can sign up for our Twitch experts’ opinions and valuable advice on growing your Twitch channel.

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