How Do I Grow on Twitch in 2021? (Part 1)


Do you want to know how you could grow on Twitch in 2021? Are you tired of your slow growth and want some quick tips for fast growth on Twitch? Well, you’ll love these top tricks for development on Twitch that we have in store for you!

This article outlines some significant factors affecting growth on Twitch for your knowledge. This information will help you assess what you could do on Twitch and elsewhere to increase your Twitch growth and credibility. In addition, we also provide several relevant tips and tricks to grow on Twitch in 2021. These tricks are bound to help you increase your growth rate on Twitch in no time!

What can you do?

You’re probably wondering what you could do to get more followers and viewers on Twitch fast. However, you might also be aware of the need for viewers to return to your streams.

Well, to get started on Twitch, firstly, you must decide what you could do based on your interests and skill set. So here are the top four things you can do to grow fast on Twitch in 2021.

Knowing your goals

The first significant thing you should consider when looking to grow on Twitch in 2021 is your goals for your channel. Knowing the plans you have in mind is very important to grow your Twitch channel.

It would help if you had clear aims about what you want your channel to be and how you want audiences to perceive you.

Additionally, you should also be sure of the type of content you want to post or the games you want to play. Finally, your goals should also ideally include the kind of audience you want to pursue.

Picking your skillset

Secondly, picking your particular skill set is also crucial in learning how to grow on Twitch. Skillset implies what you might be good at. Are you good at Twitch streaming? Are you good at other channels such as YouTube, Reddit, or Pinterest? What channels are you more skilled at?

Are you better able to garner views on YouTube or Twitch?

These are vital questions that you should be asking yourself before you post on Twitch. In addition, of course, knowing the category or niche of your streaming content is also a critical step in this process outlined later in this article.

Twitch streaming

However, if you’re looking to grow on Twitch, then you should ideally first consider how you can expand on Twitch using the application and its features. There are several ways to improve your Twitch streaming content and garner more views and followers.

You will find many exciting tips and tricks for fast Twitch growth using Twitch in this article. Almost all of these tips are based on various factors that affect growth on Twitch in the first place. The second section of this article will outline two of the factors affecting twitch growth and subsequent tricks.

Other channels to grow on Twitch

However, suppose you feel like your Twitch growth is too slow or inconsistent. Or, consider that your skills are not aligned with Twitch streaming and various features that you can assess on the application. Alternatively, suppose your skillset lies more in blog writing or running a YouTube channel.

You can very quickly grow on Twitch using several other channels simultaneously in all the cases mentioned above. In addition, you can use these channels in conjunction with Twitch to increase your credibility as a Twitch streamer effectively. There are four main channels you can use in this way to grow fast on Twitch, outlined as follows.

The best way to grow on Twitch is through the application and its features.

Additionally, the third part of this article series provides detailed tips for using other forums and platforms. These platforms are essential ways to grow fast on Twitch in 2021, elsewhere.


The first significant channel that you can use together with your Twitch account is YouTube. YouTube is a great platform to make video content on almost anything. This includes gaming content and Twitch streams. Many Twitch streamers have become famous due to their Twitch streams posted to their YouTube channel.

Alternatively, Twitch streamers have also blown up on Twitch because they create videos on tips and tricks to grow fast on Twitch. These videos have a high activity rate on YouTube when it comes to Twitch-specific content on YouTube.

This can even earn you revenue if you are eligible for monetization on YouTube. Whereas only posting your Twitch streams on YouTube would not get you as many views on YouTube. Therefore, the impact on your Twitch growth rate would also be slower.


Moreover, Reddit is another great platform that you can use together with your Twitch account. This will help you create a community on Twitch and increase the number of your followers and viewers on Twitch.

Many Twitch streamers apply a unique trick in posting fun or interesting screenshots from their streams or games. Alternatively, you can create a story from your streams and use a bit of creative writing to develop something riveting to post on Reddit.

Develop a creative story from your stream for Reddit to engage more gamers!

This way, your Twitch audience can witness another side to your creativity while still being engaged with your Twitch streams. Basing stories off of your Twitch streams to post on Reddit is, therefore, a great idea.


Pinterest is also a great way to grow fast on Twitch without using your Twitch account! Many Twitch streamers create exciting content for Pinterest based on their Twitch streams. This is a constructive way to get your Twitch audience to get your unique opinions still and witness your creativity elsewhere. In addition, this would allow your Twitch audience to interact with you when you’re offline on Twitch, which is excellent for interactivity with your audience on Twitch.


Additionally, Discord is an ideal platform for creating communities online. Many Twitch users want to focus on creating a small community of people. This community could consist of users playing a particular, similar game that unites them. Otherwise, the community could also consist of an audience that prefers a specific Twitch category, niche, or content type.

Using Discord in conjunction with your Twitch account helps create a wholesome community of people who will support you on Twitch. Using Discord to unite the audience from your small Twitch community gives your audience a platform to interact with each other when you’re offline on Twitch. It is also great for you in terms of interacting with your audience off of Twitch. It allows you to create a community that fosters meaningful user engagement on your Twitch account.

What can you do on Twitch itself to grow on Twitch?

Above all, the fastest way to grow on Twitch is to use the features on the application to improve the qualities of your channel and streaming content. We have listed two crucial ways to grow fast on Twitch in 2021 in this article, as follows. You can find other tips in the second part of this article series.

These essential tips stem from the most significant factors that affect Twitch growth. So, carefully consider these tips because they can help you quickly increase your credibility on Twitch.

Streaming Category

Streaming categories on Twitch are various games. Every category has a certain number of followers. These category-specific followers clicked follow on a category because they wanted to view content from that particular streaming category. Your job should be to assess which streaming categories are generally more popular. This implies looking at the number of followers per category or category followers. Some categories have more followers than others because that particular game is new or trending. Some games are trendy, such as War Zone, the League of Legends, Valorant, and Fortnite.

Choosing trendy categories on Twitch such as Valorant will not help you grow fast on Twitch.

#Small Communities on Twitch

However, you are not discovered quickly in these categories. It is a known fact that most people prefer smaller communities on Twitch. This is because it is easier to have meaningful interactions with people in smaller Twitch communities. Therefore, if you want to grow fast on Twitch in 2021, you should aim at getting onto the top streams in the Recommended Small Communities tab.

Getting on the Small Communities Tab is ideal for the growth of small Twitch channels.

Many Twitch users consider creating streaming content for new games or the top 20 games at a particular time. Most people also consider this a brilliant thing to do. However, we’re here to warn you that this is not a good idea at all!

Categories for new games and the top 20 trending games are already heavily saturated with Twitch’s streaming content. Therefore, it would be careless and pointless to try to make it in these categories. You can not grow fast on Twitch if you choose the most popular categories, so be careful with what category you choose for your streams!


One of the primary ways to grow fast on Twitch is audience interaction. Therefore, it would help if you were interacting with your audience during your streams. Most people use Twitch because they want to interact with gamers and streamers in real-time and with ease. Therefore, audience interaction on Twitch is critical because it differentiates your Twitch streams from gaming streams posted on YouTube or elsewhere.

#Chat Room

You can increase your audience’s interactivity by keeping a close eye on the chat room. First, the chat room is crucial for knowing what your audience is saying. Only if you understand what your audience is saying will you be able to interact with them meaningfully.

Keeping a tab on your chat room while streaming is easy if you are a small streamer. Therefore, in that case, you should be effectively interacting with viewers in the chat room. You can answer their questions, greet them, and acknowledge their comments and opinions. In addition, you can also pick up general conversational topics from the chat room or answer some particular words that catch your eye.

Glance at the chat room on your second monitor to get a rough conversational idea while you play.

However, we realize that keeping an eye on your chat room might be annoying and difficult while playing a game or streaming with care. Therefore, we recommend getting a second monitor where you only open up the chat room. This way, you can simultaneously glance at the chat room while playing and pick up on some exciting topics or comments from the chat room.

#Talking on your stream

Furthermore, talking during your streams is also a crucial tip for having good audience interactivity. If you remain silent during your stream, there would not be too much of a difference between your stream on Twitch and a gaming video or stream posted to YouTube! Therefore, always talking during streaming is very important. You should ideally be talking on your stream, even if it has no viewers.

Talking on your stream also carries the advantage of bringing new viewers to your stream. Talking during streaming keeps you in rhythm and allows new viewers to start watching content that creates meaningful engagement in real-time.

You can welcome new viewers to your stream if they start chatting or let new viewers know of your schedule. Alternatively, you can thank new followers and viewers, answer any questions asked or reply to comments. In addition, you can also farewell viewers who leave your stream.

However, you may sometimes find it difficult to glance at the chat room when you’re playing a game with concentration. In that case, we recommend talking about your strategies in the game or your thoughts as you play. This would give your viewers not just strategizing tips but also entertaining commentary. If you’re funny or make occasional puns, you can also incorporate humor into your commentary as you play a particular game.

#Channel Points

Channel Points on Twitch are also another great way to interact with your audience. This feature is available to streamers that allows them to reward their audiences for their viewership and support. Such rewards are typically reserved for subscribers and include letting your viewers set your background music. Channel Point rewards are automatic built-in rewards. However, an excellent feature on Twitch allows you to customize your rewards as well! Customized rewards carry the potential of being interesting in their own right. Therefore, you can garner a large viewership with unique personalized rewards and grow fast on Twitch in no time!

Channel Points are also great for encouraging loyal viewership because the viewers that you reward are bound to return to your channel. Additionally, Channel Points are also a great tool to strengthen fan relationships to grow fast on Twitch.

If you enable Channel Points for your Twitch channel, users will accumulate Channel Points for you as long as they keep viewing and interacting with your stream. Therefore, you can offer exciting rewards to users who earn a large sum of points for your Twitch channel. Rewards help you grow on Twitch very fast once you get a specific, consistent audience. Remember that your community members want your rewards as badly as you want your Channel Points!


Moreover, asking your audience questions is a great way to keep your audience involved and grow fast on Twitch. When you ask your audience questions, they feel included and are more likely to stay in your stream. It is also an excellent way to prompt conversations with your audience yourself. Furthermore, asking questions shows your viewers that you value them and their time and opinions. This dramatically increases your audience interactivity and makes users more active in your chat room.

You can start by asking basic questions related to general greetings and niceties. Such questions include asking viewers how their day went or how they are doing in general. Moreover, you could also ask your audience where they are viewing from or their thoughts on the game you’re streaming.

Alternatively, you can also have in-depth conversations with your viewers on topics such as future games you or they’re looking forward to. You could also ask them what game they’d want you to play.

Additionally, many Twitch channels ask users for suggestions to improve their streams. This is a crucial tactic to get your audience involved. It shows your viewers that you respect their opinions and value their recommendations to your stream. Plus, people love giving suggestions anyway!

Asking viewers for help when encountering any in-game choices is also a fairly common practice amongst renowned Twitch users. Otherwise, you can ask your viewers for their support during character-creation processes. You will find that most users are usually intrigued by character creation and have several suggestions to give. Therefore, asking your audience questions is a great tool to grow fast on Twitch in 2021 by increasing your audience interactivity.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, this article has laid out various tricks to grow fast on Twitch in 2021:

It emphasizes setting your Twitch goals and choosing your skillset as practical tips to succeed on Twitch.

The article also differentiates between increasing your Twitch growth via Twitch and other platforms such as YouTube and Discord.

The article highlights two crucial ways to grow on Twitch, using only the application itself. Choosing an apt streaming category and increasing your audience interactivity are critical mechanisms to improve your Twitch growth fast in 2021.

However, the second section of this article series will also outline several other ways to increase your Twitch growth this year. Finally, the third article of the series will elaborate on growing your Twitch channel through different platforms and online forums such as YouTube, Tumblr, and Gleam. So be sure to follow up!

In addition, if you have any questions about audience interactivity or the streaming category, we are happy to help. AudienceGain is committed to helping you grow your Twitch account in no time. So, feel free to get in touch with our Twitch experts to learn more about increasing your Twitch growth.

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