How to make money on Twitch in 2021?


Do you want to learn how you can make money on Twitch fast in 2021? Are you wondering how much Twitch streamers are earning these days? If your questions are exact, this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about making money on Twitch this year. The article firstly outlines how much Twitch pays to streamers these days. Followed by this, it lists all the possible ways that you can make money on Twitch in 2021. This includes Twitch ads and Channel Subscriptions or emotes. Channel Subscriptions are divided into three types, including Twitch Prime, which this article also covers. Moreover, we also elucidate how you could make money on Twitch using Twitch bits, Game sales, Extensions, Bounties and sponsorships, merchandise, and donations.

How much does Twitch pay?

Now you’re probably wondering how much streamers can make on Twitch in 2021. There is no doubt that if you learn to make money on Twitch and become eligible for it, you can earn a lot on Twitch compared to YouTube or other streaming platforms. This is because you can monetize on Twitch even without crossing the threshold for the Twitch monetization eligibility criteria. Of course, this is also possible on other streaming platforms, including YouTube. However, it is much easier to monetize using the same methods on Twitch. Therefore, you can make money on Twitch faster than other streaming platforms in 2021.

In terms of pay, a recent study estimated that Twitch streamers could make around $2000 to $6000 on Twitch if they keep playing games for at least 40-45 hours for a total of 30 days. This is how much you can earn through streaming. However, suppose you have a credible channel and are also eligible for the Twitch monetization eligibility. In that case, you can make an additional amount through channel subscriptions. That could add up to around twice as much for every 30 days if you get channel subscriptions frequently. The next section of the article highlights how you can make money on Twitch in 2021 through various monetization methods.

How to make money on Twitch in 2021?

To start making money on Twitch in 2021, you must be aware of the Twitch legal sphere, which includes the Terms of Service and rules for streamers in addition to various other essential regulations. We have listed them as follows with relevant links for your reference. It is lengthy reading, but it is crucial to make money on Twitch. Remember, just playing games is not the same as earning on Twitch!

In addition, you should know the Twitch monetization eligibility as well. We have outlined the Twitch monetization eligibility in detail below for your convenience.

Twitch monetization eligibility

It is unequivocally not easy to earn on the second-biggest streaming platform in the world after YouTube. However, Twitch is available globally, just like YouTube, and it is also the top streaming platform for gamers globally. Therefore, making money on Twitch solicits monetization eligibility criteria. These are a set of rules for becoming eligible for two main programs on Twitch: the Twitch Affiliate Program and the Twitch Partner Program. Both the programs enable you to monetize your channel and make money on Twitch. We have outlined the eligibility criteria for both programs as follows.

The Twitch monetization eligibility includes the Twitch Affiliate Program Eligibility.

#Twitch Affiliate Program Eligibility

The Twitch Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity to become a market affiliate on Twitch and start making money. The program enables you to make money through channel subscriptions, bits, and game sales. In addition, you get access to Channel Points for your subscribers. This program is also available globally.

However, to become eligible for the Twitch Affiliate Program, you must meet the following conditions as a streamer on Twitch:

  1. You must have at least 500 total minutes of broadcasts in the last 30 days.
  2. Moreover, you require at least seven unique broadcast days in the previous 30 days.
  3. It would help if you also had an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days.
  4. Finally, your channel should have at least 50 Followers to become eligible for the Twitch Affiliate Program.

#Twitch Partner Program Eligibility

Moreover, the Twitch Partner Program is a step further from the Affiliate Program. This program gives you a series of extra benefits: ads, Twitch Prime, more bits, and 50 channel emotes.This article outlines all you need to know about the program.

However, becoming eligible for the Twitch Partner Program entails meeting the following sets of conditions:

  1. Your content must comply with the Twitch Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Guidelines. Relevant links for these are provided above.
  2. Moreover, you must have at least 50 followers.
  3. You should also stream for 8 hours.
  4. Furthermore, you need to stream on seven different days.
  5. Finally, you also require an average of 3 viewers (concurrent viewership including hosts and raids) to become eligible for the Twitch Partner Program.

Twitch ads

It is a known fact that Twitch ads are more advantageous than any other monetization method on Twitch. Twitch ads are a feature that is a part of the Twitch Partner Program. This exciting feature enables you to add ads to your streams and make money on Twitch from advertisers.

There are many ways to make money on Twitch in 2021. However, Twitch ads remain the best channel.

There are two main types of ads:

#Pre-Roll ads

Pre-roll ads are ads at the beginning of your stream. They are less beneficial than mid-roll ads, based on data collected by Twitch itself.

#Mid-roll Ads

Mid-roll ads are another type of ad on Twitch that are better than pre-roll ads in terms of making money. This is because viewers are more likely to view mid-roll ads when they are already watching a stream. Pre-roll ads may cause some users not to view the stream at all!

Channel Emotes

Channel emotes a great way to monetize and personalize your channel to make money on Twitch. They are emoticons that you can design yourself. They can be used by your viewers and subscribers in the chatbox during your streams.

Channel emotes become Twitch lingo in 2021 due to how widespread they are on the platform. They are an exciting way for users to connect on the platform based on their favorite streamers. Moreover, they also enable you to build a brand for your channel by selling customized emotes. You can design these based on your content for greater relevance. This will unequivocally make them more popular amongst your community members.

However, to access channel emotes, your viewers will have to buy subscriptions for your channel. This is how emotes enable you to monetize your streams. You can sell subscriptions in three tiers based on the number of emotes or types of emotes available to subscribers. The following section outlines channel subscriptions and subscriber tiers in detail.

Channel Subscriptions

In addition, channel subscriptions are another monetization feature on Twitch that allows you to make money from your channel as a streamer. Channel subscriptions become available to Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners. They allow your fans to buy special subscriptions to your channel. This gives them access to some exciting features such as extra content, stream bloopers, unique stickers, chat room badges and privileges, more interaction with the streamer, etc. There are three main categories of Twitch subscribers that have different prices. These are paid subscribers, gifted subscribers, and Twitch prime subscribers. We elucidate these as follows.

#Paid Subscribers (regular)

Paid subscribers are the regular subscribers on Twitch who buy your channel’s subscription based on three tiers and their price differences. The tiers are divided based on access to channel emotes, provided you have added them.

  1. Tier 1 Subscriptions

Firstly, Tier 1 subscriptions cost $4.99.

  1. Tier 2 Subscriptions

Moreover, Tier 2 subscriptions cost $9.99.

  1. Tier 3 Subscriptions

However, Tier 3 subscriptions cost $24.99.

#Gifted Subscribers

Gifted subscriptions are simply subscriptions that one user gifts to another user on Twitch. Gifted subscriptions are otherwise the same as regular subscriptions. They provide access to the same features, such as channel emotes and chat on the stream.

Gifted subscriptions are a great way for viewers to support their favorite streamers. They get to use emotes that you have designed. Moreover, they are crucial for building community support on Twitch. Most streamers prefer community support over random viewers on Twitch.

Moreover, gifted subscriptions are better than donations because they provide you with a community of subscribers. This is great for your motivation and morale as a streamer and builds your channel’s credibility and visibility.

#Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is another excellent opportunity to make money on Twitch in 2021. However, you require Amazon Prime to access Twitch Prime. Prime gaming enables various features such as free games for viewers and streamers and free channel subscriptions every 30 days for Prime members’ favorite broadcasters. The Prime subscription for Twitch costs $12.99 per month in 2021.

Twitch Prime is a great way to make money because it allows streamers to access Twitch Prime members who pay more per view.

Twitch bits

Moreover, bits are an exciting virtual good that allows you to make money on Twitch. These are unique animated emotes that are enhanced in the chat to make more impact. You can use bits to Cheer your favorite streamers.


Cheers are essentially a way to appreciate Twitch Affiliates and Partners in the chat boxes during their streams. Each Cheer earns your favorite streamer around $0.010. They also cost $0.014 per bit and can be bought by clicking the Bits icon at the bottom of the chat window.

Moreover, users’ accounts have an inventory limit of 250,000 bits simultaneously, and users can buy 50,000 bits per day.

Game Sales

Game sales are another excellent method to make money on Twitch in 2021. They allow streamers to advertise new games on their channels, with the option to buy them off their page. This enables streamers to earn 5% off of every game sale through their channel. Therefore, game sales are a superior feature that allows streamers to connect with various gaming companies to advertise their products and earn revenue.

Moreover, buying games also have monetary benefits for buyers. Every game that you buy results in you receiving a Twitch Crate.

#Twitch Crate

A Twitch crate is an exciting virtual crate that consists of various surprises such as badges, free bits, free emotes, or any combination of the three.

Twitch crates became available in 2017.


In addition, another excellent monetization method on Twitch is extensions. These are unique features that viewers can access during live streaming to interact with streamers. These are very advantageous for gamers, both streamers, and subscribers alike. Twitch extensions enable you to create various live applications that can interact with your broadcast, such as mini-games, leaderboards, live gear information, etc.

Extensions are straightforward to activate. All you need to do is go to the Extensions Manager from the My Extensions tab. Then you must click the Activate Drop Down menu for your desired extension and assign your extension to the desired slot. An extension slot looks like, e.g. (Overlay 1, Panel 1). Remember that extensions only show up on your channel if you activate them.

Extensions allow you to make money on Twitch as a streamer when streamers use bits for Cheers in your extensions. When your subscribers use your emotes or give you Cheers in the chatbox in your created extensions.

Bounties and Paid Sponsorships

Bounties are a great way to earn money on Twitch from paid sponsorships. You do not require to be eligible for the Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner programs to access sponsorships. However, having a big credible channel with a handful of viewers and subscribers certainly helps. Moreover, you do need to be a Twitch affiliate or partner to access bounties on Twitch.

Bounties are a way for streamers to look for paid sponsorships on Twitch itself. The Bounty Board on Twitch allows streamers to browse and accept paid sponsorships on Twitch. However, it is an invite-only feature for superior streamers that have credible channels with sufficient user engagement. Therefore, the bounty Board is a marketplace on Twitch that allows advertisers and streamers to connect and interact.

The Bounty Board is an exciting marketplace on Twitch that enables faster interaction between streamers and advertisers than ever before!

Although there are no fixed eligibility criteria for accessing the Bounty Board because it is an invite-only feature, you must be a Twitch Affiliate or partner. Moreover, Twitch provides streamers with specific tips that make it easier to become eligible for the Twitch Bounty Board. You can find these tips here.


Furthermore, another great way to make money on Twitch is through selling your customized merchandise. To access Twitch merchandise, users can either go to the Twitch Amazon Store or the Twitch Store. However, a merch store channel extension allows users to buy your merchandise on Twitch without leaving your stream.

The Twitch Amazon Store is the best place to find a high variety of merchandise from your favorite streamers!

You can sell various products as merchandise ranging from mugs and T-shirts to notepads, caps, and other accessories. Moreover, it is crucial to integrate any customized emotes or icons you have used on your channel into your merchandise products. This allows your community members to identify your products and brand quickly.


In addition, as a streamer, you can ask your viewers to give you direct donations by using the email address associated with your PayPal account. However, setting up a donation button or panel would unequivocally be a better idea because it makes it easier for your users to donate. Many streamers use various third-party apps to add donation boxes and panels to their channels.

You can find the Donation Settings Panel on the left side of your main page settings.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, to make money on Twitch in 2021, you must first be aware of the Terms of Service for Twitch and other pertinent information that we outlined above. Moreover, you must also know the monetization eligibility criteria for Twitch which consist of eligibility for the Twitch Affiliate Program and eligibility for the Twitch Partner Program. Furthermore, this article has also outlined various ways to monetize your Twitch channel and make money.

You can use merchandise, paid sponsorships, and donations to make money on Twitch even if you are not eligible for any of the two programs mentioned above. However, if you qualify for the Affiliate program, you can access channel subscriptions and Twitch bits and make money through Twitch’s game sales. Moreover, becoming a Twitch partner enables you to access in-stream ads, and channel emotes, as well as Twitch Prime. However, one can also make money on Twitch through extensions and the Bounty Board. Additionally, you can consider affiliate marketing and crowdfunded subscriptions.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about making money on Twitch in 2021, you can consult our Twitch experts at AudienceGain. All you need to do is sign up for our services.

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