How To Create The Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy 2022


Several discussions have been about whether a solid TikTok hashtag strategy can get you more reach and exposure on TikTok. The truth is, it does, but you have to find the one to suit your channel niche and target audience. Luckily, we have conducted a list of hashtag strategies, so you won’t have to. Without further ado, let’s get started on today’s article.

TikTok Hashtag Strategy 2022

Contrary to what most creators think, hashtags on TikTok do not operate the same way as they do on other platforms. TikTok has been very clear that hashtags are known as categorization metrics that differ in who your content is distributed to on the For You Page.

It is in the platform’s best interest to keep consumers on the app for as long as possible. It only makes sense that TikTok would give us, as creators, some ways to classify the ideas in our videos to help the algorithm distribute such videos to audiences who have engaged with similar content.

The whole idea of this hashtag is to primarily give the algorithm a general sense of who might be intrigued by your videos and offer us creators a chance to participate in the TikTok culture.

Below are some of the TikTok hashtag strategies to help conquer your journey as a TikTok creator.

Use Relevant Hashtags

First, make sure the hashtags used are relevant to the videos you post. For example, if you run a TikTok channel for your Golden Retriever canine, it makes perfect sense to use #dog and #goldenretriever as one of your hashtags.

Otherwise, there are hashtags generator tools that automatically find related tags for you. You can also look at other creators and competitors to see which tags they’re using on the videos that get the most likes and views.

Though it has yet to be confirmed by TikTok, high traffic tags like #ForYou or #FYP are believed to help your videos get noticed more on For You pages as these tags easily get around trillions of views combined. However, you wouldn’t want to rely on them too much.

Use A Combination Of Popular Tags And Less Competitive Ones

While trending hashtags are great for engagement reaching, your videos tend to be saturated with thousands, if not millions of videos that use the same competitive tags.

To get the best of both worlds, it is wise to use a mix of popular tags with niche ones as more people search the popular hashtags, which means enhanced exposure, and the less popular ones help narrow down your content within a smaller group.

Once you have reached a certain level of popularity in smaller tags (usually branded hashtags), your content is more likely to climb up the feed in the larger ones.

Follow Trends

Keeping up with current trends is your best bet when it comes to generating new leads and growing brand awareness on TikTok in the fastest way possible. Remember the #icebucketchallenge or #eyesofheaven trends? There are multiple creators who followed such trends and succeeded in going viral in just one night with millions of views.

The thing is, these trends rise and fall. The tags that were once trending today also have a chance to fall on a downward spiral the next day. So you should keep an eye on them to ensure the ones you’re using are still current. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, utilize tools to find the latest trending hashtags.

How To CreateA TikTok Hashtag

When coming up with TikTok hashtags for your brand, follow these practices to improve your chances of success.

  • Ensure the hashtag is in accordance with your marketing campaign, content, or challenge.
  • Don’t add too many tags at once, as it can be confusing for viewers. Centralize on crafting one or two big hashtags at a time; they should be instantly noticeable and easy to share.
  • Keep the tag as simple as possible, memorable, and easy to type down.

Benefits Of Using TikTok Hashtags


With the right hashtags, especially high-traffic ones, your videos are likely to get more exposure, increasing your chance to find potential audiences who are into your content.

Community Bonding

As mentioned, branded hashtags are a great way to connect people with people, creating a community around your business. With brand-specific hashtags, you could encourage TikTok users to watch videos and thus, build a strong connection with people who are on the lookout for brands that not only understand and also entertain them.

Keeping Up With The Trends

TikTok trends come and go, but capitalizing on some of them aids in building a massive following for your channel’s viral levels of engagement.

Finding Relevant Content

With the right tags, you can get ideas from creators with similar content to you. Even better, this is a great way to look for influencers who advertise the service or product your brand is selling (if any). By partnering up with these people, your business will not only get more exposure, but the sales are also likely to increase.


And that’s the end of our article on the TikTok hashtag strategy. It doesn’t matter how many tags you use; what matters is how you use them.

A person could be using up to 20 different tags, but their videos still wouldn’t get as much exposure as one who used only 3-4 hashtags. Use these strategies wisely, and watch your channel thrive!

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