How To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts Free 2024


In this article, Mid-Man will explore effective strategies that can help you know how to get more views on YouTube Shorts free, ultimately contributing to increased or buy YouTube watch time for your content.

how to get views on youtube shorts

1. Choose a topic and direction

Choosing a topic and direction is a critical first step in any creative or research endeavor in how to get more views on YouTube shorts. The process of selecting a subject requires careful consideration of personal interests and current trends. 

1.1 Entertainment theme

One of the most effective ways to create great YouTube Shorts is to engage your audience. There’s a chance that viewers will stay for the next thirty (give or take) seconds if you can capture their attention with something engaging, humorous, or action-packed in the first three seconds.

Asking some simple questions is a good place to start if you’re not sure what amuses your audience. Which of your videos now have the most views on your channel? Why are they so fascinating, and what stories do they tell? Lastly, how to get more views on shorts, and can those components be crammed into a YouTube short?

For example, look at this Short from Jesse Heffels called “How Many Flips Was That?” Three things make this video entertaining:

  • It moves right along to the action
  • The plot continues to develop
  • The action and the music are synced

1.2 Creative theme

Another strategy for how to increase views on YouTube shorts is to reveal something unexpected or shocking. This works because we are occasionally subjected to daily exposure to the same things. That could include our places of employment, residence, local eateries, etc.

For example, when watch Dylan Anderson’s “These 3D Billboards Stop Everyone on the Street” video, you will astound at what they look like. You’re surely not the only one amazed by this Short – it has received 70 million views and counting. 

1.3 Topics that appeal to emotions

You may have seen that viewers of emotive videos stay longer than they simply watch them. Because the films evoke strong emotions in them, they take the time to like the content, share it with friends and family, and leave comments so from there you will know how to get more views on YouTube shorts

Here’s a great example from LeoNata Family. In the song “Dad Will Do Everything for His Daughter to Win,” the father allows his daughter to triumph in each contest. You get to watch her dad cheat (in the cutest way possible) as the daughter grins after every “win,” which makes it a touching experience. 

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2. Effective tips on get more views on YouTube shorts

How to get more views on YouTube shorts requires a strategy to capture and maintain audience attention in the short-form video format. So let’s learn effective tips to get more views on short videos on YouTube.

2.1 Optimize short video content

Without a doubt, the content of your shorts, particularly the first few seconds of content, is what will keep viewers interested. If you don’t catch their interest right away, they’ll probably turn away from your shorts. Here are some pointers for creating visually appealing material in how to get more views on YouTube shorts:

  • Avoid making too many introductions and just dive right into your YouTube Shorts video. If you overfill your Shorts with content, viewers will become disinterested and find other shorts instead.
  • Make your description, title, and thumbnail catchy. When determining whether or not viewers will click on your Shorts, the thumbnail is essential. Additionally, whether or not visitors will be interested in watching your Shorts depends on the title and description.
  • Aim to record something fresh and be aware of popular subjects and viral video fads. Shorts featuring novelty material are known to pique viewers’ interest more than others.
  • To connect with the audience, your Shorts should convey your ideas or emotions about something. Your viewers would prefer to leave if you did that. 

2.2 Use popular music

It’s easy to think of popular additions like network jargon and spectacular effects on how to get views on YouTube Shorts. It does work, to be honest. Think about including popular music in your Shorts to increase the likelihood that they will go viral. In addition, you should make sure that the music complements the video and won’t lead to claims of copyright infringement against it.

2.3 Use appropriate Hashtags

Inappropriate hashtag usage can also completely ruin your Shorts. Check that your hashtags are spelled correctly and that they relate to the content of your Shorts. Additionally, try utilizing some popular hashtags to increase the likelihood that others will see and get more views on YouTube Shorts.

2.4 Choose the best time to post videos

In how to get more views on YouTube shorts, your video will be more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on if you publish them at the appropriate times. Posting your Shorts in the evening is often advised, even if there isn’t a definitive answer to tell you when it’s best.

This is due to the widespread practice of perusing through Shorts before dozing off. And for those who have worked all day, perusing Shorts at night is a great way to decompress.

2.5 Use YouTube Analytics to track video performance

To observe do YouTube shorts get more views, be sure to frequently check the stats. All YouTubers have access to a comprehensive set of free analytics tools called YouTube Analytics. It allows you to monitor your Shorts’ total earnings and the number of views, viewing time, subscribers, and other metrics. 

Additionally, YouTube Analytics will highlight the most popular videos on your channel and offer tips on improving your material. Using it will make it simpler to figure out how to get views on YouTube Shorts.

How to get more views on YouTube shorts involves a combination of strategic content creation, audience engagement, and staying attuned to platform dynamics. Content creators can enhance their videos’ visibility by creating visually compelling and relevant short-form videos, incorporating trending topics. Hopefully, through the above article from AudienceGain, you can understand how to increase views on short videos on YouTube to attract more audiences. 

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