Complete Guide On How To Optimize Your TikTok Bio


If you have the intention, are doing business, or building a brand on TikTok, then optimizing TikTok bio is an essential factor. Like Instagram or any other social networking site, bio helps viewers understand who you are and what you are doing. So, check out this article to understand how to optimize your TikTok bio!

How To Optimize Your TikTok Bio?

Many people often have difficulty writing bio because they do not know what to write and have limited capacity. However, there are a few tips you can use to create the most engaging bio. Follow the steps below to know How To Optimize Your TikTok Bio!

Make your username short and easy to remember

TikTok bio

Shorten your TikTok username

An easy-to-remember name will help users find accounts better. If you think of beautiful names with deep meaning but long and special characters, you should reconsider the feasibility.

The best username should be your brand name along with the product you are selling. For example, if your name is Lia and you sell accessories, you could put something like @lia.accessories or something reminiscent of the product you make.

Including the category name in the username will help increase your visibility, which is also not a bad idea. For example, if a user searches for pages related to jewelry, your account will quickly show up in the suggestions section.

The username will also follow and be associated with your activities on TikTok. When you post a video, what viewers see is this username.

One trick that you can apply is to make your username consistent across social networking applications. Your followers will easily find you on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook. That way, you can save half the time to attract and attract followers.

Add impressive avatars

Try to get an impressive avatar

An impressive profile picture will account for 50% of interest and memory for customers. A good profile will make it easier for you to connect with potential customers.

According to many surveys and studies, it has been shown that humans remember images better than text. Basically, the displayed image will be the first thing people see when searching or clicking on your account. So make sure it accurately describes who you are or your brand.

If you are building a personal brand on TikTok, you should choose a clear face photo so that viewers can remember you better. On the contrary, if you are running a TikTok channel for business, a prominent company or product logo is also a good choice for viewers to recognize the brand instantly.

Briefly describe your personal or business brand

This description will help visitors who come across the page you visit know who you are and what you are doing. You can briefly review the main content as you usually do.

  • For example, if you often make videos of your daily life, it might be titled “diary vlog.”
  • If you are a business, put in this bio the featured products you are selling.
  • Or in case you sell food, you should also specify a few typical dishes of the restaurant. In particular, for some products that do not support long-distance delivery, it is necessary to note the delivery range for customers to understand better.

Use emoticons

Cute emoticons

Popular TikTok users are between 10-29 years old. In this generation, people are used to using icons to increase expressive value. Emojis in bio make your bio look more concise and colorful. Not only that, but emoticons also work to emphasize the personality of products of your brand.

Emojis are also a way to navigate users without using words. If you want only viewers to click on the link, you attached below, and you can use the arrow or pointer icon instead.

Add calls to action

CTA is necessary

If your bio includes only a description, viewers won’t know what to do next. You can add CTA sentences so that viewers can go to or find other information related to you. A common way TickTokers often use is to direct viewers to a purchase funnel or another aggregator website.

If you don’t use other social networks or sell products, you can call your viewers to take action right on TikTok. For example, a reminder to viewers to follow or leave comments on your videos is also a form of CTA. This method will help viewers know exactly what to do next right after viewing your content.

The description within allowable limits

One point that you must adhere to is the word limit on the bio. Basically, TikTok allows you to describe your brand in up to 80 characters, including icons and spaces. So, you may find it difficult, but if you know-how, your bio will be more optimized and still be able to express what you intend to say.

This limited number of characters will show you the power of emojis. Instead of taking many characters to write “clothes,” you can save a lot with 1 or 2 characters with icons to describe. Or a long CTA like “click the link below” sometimes just needs an arrow icon instead.

Add links to bio

Fortunately, TikTok allows you to link to another website or application right on your platform. So take advantage of this opportunity to promote your brand better. For example, if you are an actor, you can link to your movies to increase viewership. Or, as you sell goods, you can lead viewers to the store’s website or eCommerce site.

The interesting point is that even if you do not sell, you can still make money with this affiliate feature, which is affiliate marketing. Specifically, you can leave a link to summarize the products you are introducing to your followers in the video and earn commissions from the conversions.

There are 2 ways you can add a link to your profile:

Use URL link

The URL option is for you to put the link directly in your profile description. Of course, it will also count as part of the bio and be within the character limit. So you can use link shorteners to optimize bio.

Have links in bio

Accessing the link in bio will be another section next to the follow button on your account. However, this feature is not available to everyone. To check if your account is available for use and settings, go to edit your profile.

In this section, you can optionally add a website to your profile. Usually, people use this feature to navigate to other personal accounts like Instagram or Facebook.

Use hashtags

Use related #hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of the growth of the TikTok community. You can easily create your hashtags to make them easier for viewers to follow. For example, if your account is about many contents, you can use hashtags to categorize that content. Some topics that people often use hashtags like #username + review, #username + fashion, #username + lifestyle, et.

In addition, a business with multiple branch accounts can use the company’s common hashtag.

Hashtags are also helpful if you hold contests or campaigns for a specific time. Therefore, try to put it right on the bio so that viewers can follow it easily.


Don’t know what to write on TikTok description when the number of characters is limited? Don’t know what information to mention or what to cut out on TikTok bio? In this article, we have answered all of those questions, and show some tips about how to optimize your TikTok bio to bring great results.

TikTok bio is the first part users see when accessing your account. An impressive bio will help you score and stand out more, increasing your chances of converting into customers. Hopefully, with the information we provide, you can write a bio correctly.

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