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Benefits from buying TikTok Accs

  • ✅ Helps your shorten time for building your brand on TikTok from scratch. Also, it’s easy to attract new followers by the account’s existing followers.
  • ✅ Quickly increase the brand’s awareness and credibility with the account’s existing followers.
  • ✅ TikTok Account with High Followers, Viewed and Liked will bring new videos a higher chance to go viral.  Also, Views on old videos are still increasing daily.
  • ✅ Increase conversion rates when making sales or promotions.
  • ✅ Niche: The account’s niche and content language is changeable. TikTok will automatically lead your video to your new target audience after uploading new videos. So it doesn’t matter to choose an account with a specific topic.
  • ✅ 100% Followers, Views are real and from worldwide.

With growing popularity, TikTok accounts for sale are not so strange anymore. TikTok is gradually becoming a platform that allows people to express themselves and offers many growth opportunities for businesses and influencers. Therefore, in the article below, AudienceGain will aggregate information about this social network for you to decide.

1. Tiktok Accounts For Sale

With its massive user base and potential for viral fame, individuals and businesses are constantly seeking ways to gain a foothold on the platform. One intriguing avenue that has gained popularity is the purchase of famous TikTok accounts for sale. Below, we will explore the benefits of TikTok account purchase packages. 

  • 10000 TikTok followers

 Save the time it takes to create your brand from the start on TikTok. Additionally, the account’s current followers make it simple to draw in new ones. The price to buy followers on Tiktok is around $140 from 10000 to 20000 real followers. 

  • 30000 TikTok followers

This number of followers will help you increase the brand’s trust and visibility among the followers of the account right away. The price to buy followers on Tiktok is around $280 from 30000 to 50000 real followers. 

  • 60000 TikTok followers

TikTok accounts with high followers, likes and views will bring new videos a higher chance to go viral. Besides, views on old videos are still increasing daily. The price to buy followers on Tiktok is around $355 from 30000 to 50000 followers.

  • Buy aged TikTok accounts

These aged accounts are typically pre-existing profiles with a history on TikTok, which can be advantageous for those seeking an established presence. 

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2. Where can you buy and sell TikTok accounts?

Whether you’re an individual looking to jumpstart your TikTok journey or a business seeking to leverage an existing audience, purchasing a TikTok account with an established following can be a viable option. In this section, we will explore some of the platforms that can provide TikTok accounts for sale to you with a starting point to navigate this evolving landscape. 

2.1 Audiencegain

If you’re looking to fast-track your TikTok presence and tap into an existing audience, AudienceGain is a service that offers a solution. With their specialized expertise in social media growth, They provide a platform where users can buy TikTok accounts with established followings and engagement. 

By purchasing a TikTok account through AudienceGain, you gain immediate access to an audience that has already shown interest in the platform. Their tailored solutions ensure that you can find the right TikTok account that aligns with your goals and target audience. Here, you can kickstart your TikTok journey and take advantage of the growth potential that comes with an established account, saving you time and effort in building a following from scratch.

✅ PROS: 

  • Save time to create your brand from the start on TikTok. 
  • Quickly raise the credibility and recognition of the brand.
  • Raise conversion rates when doing sales or promotions.
  • 100% real followers and views worldwide. 
  • 24/7 support 


  • No free trial

Score: 9.5/10

2.2 Mid-Man

With their expertise in the social media landscape, Mid-Man offers a trusted service where individuals and businesses can buy TikTok accounts with confidence. Their platform ensures a secure and seamless transaction process, connecting buyers with verified sellers who have established TikTok accounts. 

Whether you’re looking for a specific niche, follower count, or engagement level, they provide a diverse selection of TikTok accounts for sale to choose from. By leveraging Mid Man’s services, you can quickly acquire an established TikTok account, gaining access to an existing audience and accelerating your TikTok growth.

✅ PROS: 

  • Increasing visibility 
  • Saves time and effort to grow TikTok account
  • Increase brand credibility 
  • Good support customers 


  • Don’t support payment Bitcoin

Score: 9/10

2.3 Fameswap 

Fameswap is not only the oldest platform but also the best place for TikTok accounts to sale cheap. They are pioneers in the industry and have earned themselves a pretty good reputation. They always offer the opportunity to buy TikTok accounts with the different numbers of followers and have reasonable pricing.

✅ PROS: 

  • Buy and sell accounts on TikTok
  • Trading accounts on TikTok
  • Numerous favorable Trustpilot reviews
  • Secure HTTPS site
  • The website has a good track record and is reliable
  • Reasonable prices
  • May support a variety of sectors and niches


  • Some prices may be seen as high

Score: 9/10

2.4 123accs

The next reputable platform on this list is 123accs with a source of high-quality social media accounts, this place will be a great choice to buy a TikTok account. They can help you grow your business on today’s most popular social network. Through it, you can save time, develop and automate with special features. 

✅ PROS: 

  • Is a platform that provides a reputable TikTok account
  • Ready to help if any problem occurs
  • Provide resources with real users


  • No variety of payment methods

Score: 8.7/10 

2.5 Social Tradia

If you are planning to buy a TikTok account, then Social Tradia is a great choice because of the safety and reliability they have created. They review TikTok accounts for sale to you to make sure you’re getting followers that care. You will be refunded the amount paid if you do not receive the account within 5 days. They are one of the easiest options out there and they are also one of the safest.

✅ PROS: 

  • Safe to buy a TikTok account
  • Make sure followers are real
  • Refund if not received within 5 days


  • No free trial 

Score: 8.7/10

2.6 UseViral 

The last website on this list is UseViral, where you can safely buy a TikTok account with high engagement and can improve your viewer ratings. As soon as you buy an invoice, they will ship it to you within a few hours. In addition, they have a large number of verified TikTok accounts for sale and will take care of any problems if you need help making a purchase.

✅ PROS: 

  • Quickly purchase TikTok accounts
  • Simple to use
  • Friendly and affordable price 
  • Email confirmed


  • No live chat support

Score: 8.5/10 

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3. Should I buy TikTok accounts for sale?

As TikTok continues to dominate the social media landscape, the temptation to buy a pre-established TikTok account with a significant following may seem enticing. Below, we will provide insights to help you determine whether buying TikTok accounts for sale is the right choice for you. 

Save time

Purchasing a TikTok account with a large following will boost the likelihood of going viral on the platform. The TikTok algorithm frequently presents content from well-known creators at random on the “For your page”. Therefore, your content has a better possibility of being well-known regardless of its quality, specialization, or subject. Then, in only a few days, you can have millions of video views.

Saving time is the main advantage of purchasing a TikTok account. You won’t have to spend time doing research, producing content, acquiring followers, etc. if you purchase a legitimate TikTok account from a reputable marketplace. Once you have a loyal following, you can begin marketing your business and earning money.

You can choose the account you want

There are several things to consider if you want to purchase a TikTok account for sale. Principal factors include: 

  • The number of followers: An account is not worth considering if it has many followers but few likes and comments.
  • Account activeness: Check the activity of your account to see how active it is. Purchasing a bill that hasn’t been used in several months or years won’t benefit you in any way.
  • Account email and password: As soon as you have access to your account, you should change your email and password.
  • Payment methods: It’s crucial to have traceable payment methods.

Selling quality TikTok accounts

After purchasing a legitimate TikTok account, you could experience the following rapid and advantageous effects:

  • Real viewers and followers grow extremely fast: As views rise, the likelihood that your work will appear on the fyp increases noticeably, and real viewers and following grow incredibly quickly. Following that, you’ll notice a sudden increase in user engagement as a whole.
  • By using TikTok, accounts may be readily verified: Your account must have a minimum number of followers and a particular amount of views on your content to get a verified blue tick on TikTok.
  • This raises the likelihood of monetization: There will be more chances for you to sign up for the TikTok Creators Fund.

You must keep in mind that the account you purchase must have real page visits and attention, or it may be challenging to get the required result.

4. FAQs Tiktok accounts for sale

The trend of buying and selling TikTok accounts has gained traction in recent years, offering individuals and businesses an opportunity to tap into an existing audience and fast-track their TikTok journey. We will address some frequently asked questions to provide clarity and insights about TikTok accounts for sale

4.1 Is it legal to sell TikTok accounts?

Many people still wonder if is it legal to sell TikTok accounts. The answer is yes, when you know the information related to the account and meet your needs, it is safe and legal to buy a TikTok account. 

4.2 Why do I need a TikTok account for sale?

The short and sweet answer is huge money. For instance, a person with 50,000 followers on TikTok might earn between $400 and $900 daily.

4.3 How much does it cost to buy a TikTok account?

The exact revenue for the account is unknown. As indicated before, we may gauge an account’s cost by looking at its quality, engagement measure, and number of followers.

4.4 Where can you buy and sell TikTok accounts?

AudienceGain is a service that specializes in social media growth and provides targeted audience acquisition for various platforms, including TikTok. They offer tailored solutions to help users increase their follower count, engagement, and visibility on TikTok, allowing individuals and businesses to jumpstart their journey and reach a wider audience. 

Users can find opportunities to buy and sell TikTok accounts, gain insights and advice on account management, and explore discussions related to TikTok growth strategies. In addition, they also provide eBay service, there are protection and feedback systems to ensure a reliable and trustworthy experience.

While TikTok accounts for sale can offer advantages in terms of audience reach and save time, it is crucial to carefully assess the authenticity, engagement, and cost factors. Make an informed decision that aligns with your goals, values, and long-term strategies. Hopefully, the useful information about buying a TikTok account that AudienceGain has compiled above will help you make the right decision and develop your brand better.