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Buy verified badge TikTok account that signifies your authenticity and distinguishes you from other users. While the verification process on TikTok can be difficult and time-consuming, there are options to speed up the process. In the article below, AudienceGain will summarize information about buy TikTok verified account and provide tips on achieving verification fastest. 

1. What is verified badge TikTok account?

The verified badge TikTok indicates the account’s authenticity and legitimacy. It’s a blue check mark that shows up next to the account’s username. TikTok verifies to confirm that the account belongs to a public figure, celebrity, notable organization, or brand. Verified badges help users distinguish between real and fake or fan accounts. 

Buy verified badge TikTok account adds credibility to the account holder, enhances their visibility on the platform, and increases their chances of collaborating with creators. Verified accounts also have access to special features and opportunities offered by TikTok. 

The TikTok account verification process is rigorous and not all accounts are eligible for verification. TikTok determines eligibility based on various factors, including the account’s popularity, influence, external TikTok presence, and compliance with the platform’s community guidelines. 

A verified TikTok account adds credibility to the account holder

2. Benefits verified TikTok account?

How come authentication on TikTok is such a big deal? Here are some justifications for why verified TikTok account is crucial for your brand. 


Buy verified badge TikTok account will help demonstrate your brand authority. Consumers have begun identifying the blue checkmark with reputable and authoritative brands because it has become a social network standard for verified brands. Customers are likely to follow, engage with, listen to, and buy from your competitor’s verified brand if you are not. 

Buy TikTok verified badge will help demonstrate your brand authority

Authenticity & Trustworthiness

Similarly, customers are instantly aware of the legitimacy of your brand when they see the blue check. Since verified on TikTok is challenging, any brand with it is immediately trustworthy. 

It’s very difficult to verify on TikTok so brands that have it are trustworthy


Verification can also contribute to progress. There is a rumor that verified accounts are given preference on TikTok’s “For You” page, albeit this is unsubstantiated. Meaning that when it has been validated, your brand will be seen by even more individuals. This broadens the audience and promotes rapid account growth.

When has been validated, your brand will be seen by even more individuals


The legitimacy of your brand is crucial on TikTok, as we mentioned. Your audience will know your brand is reliable if you provide a TikTok verification. If your brand is not verified, your audience might be unable to tell the difference between your brand’s account and any other TikTok account.

The audience will know that your brand is reliable if you provide a TikTok verification

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3. How to request verified TikTok account

You could still require this option as TikTok made it possible to ask for verification in November 2022. But if you do, starting the TikTok authentication procedure is quite simple. 


Click your Profile in the bottom right corner of the TikTok app, then hit the Menu button in the upper right.

Step 2: 

Tap Privacy and Settings.

Step 3: 

  • Select Manage Account: You can only apply for Business Verification if your account is set up as a Business Account.
  • Select Verification: You can apply for Personal and Institutional Verifications if enrolled as a Personal Account.

Step 4: 


Step 5: 

To submit a verification request, adhere to the instructions in the app.

You’ll need to wait while the TikTok team reviews your application after you’ve submitted it. How long will that delay last? It can take up to 30 days in some circumstances.

You will have to wait while the TikTok team reviews your application after the submission

4. Tips to get verified on TikTok

Buy verified badge TikTok account is the easy part. Making sure your application is approved is trickier. Here are some tips and tricks that will help maximize the chances of a verified account TikTok by the employee who handed the coveted blue check. 

4.1 Find niches and produce content

Posting popular and authentic content daily helps establish brands on social media. At this point, it will be easier to attract and retain as well as develop a following. That’s why we have to start developing the most engaging content.

Besides, it also helps you keep up with challenges on TikTok and hashtags that are very popular. You can do some video analytics on your TikTok verified accounts, creating extremely engaging content that makes your customers know you more. This can measure the impact of your content and let you know when it will work best.

Posting popular and authentic content daily helps establish any brand

4.2 Featured in the media

Appearing in online posts, YouTube clips, and podcasts with other highly rated creators is a great way to spread your message.

Show up with highly rated creators to spread your message

4.3 Verified on another social media platform

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram allow you to apply for verification. And once you’re approved on one platform, you’re more likely to be verified on another. Each one of the platforms has its feature that they are looking for users to meet to be confirmed:

  • Facebook enjoys verifying accounts that serve as credible, authorized brand representatives.
  • Twitter authenticates well-known, active accounts that fit into one of six categories. You can be required to offer evidence of legitimacy or notoriety in some circumstances.
  • Instagram is a challenging target to hit. In essence, it will only confirm accounts likely to be impersonated.

Verification on other social platforms increases your chances of being verified on TikTok. A blue checkmark on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram lets the TikTok team know you’re also a natural internet hitter. With your TikTok account, you can connect those accounts. Verification on some platforms can even help you verify on TikTok without followers.

Verification on several platforms can verify on TikTok without any followers

4.4 Go viral

Most TikTok accounts have had at least one major viral outbreak before verification. Visiting the platform’s “For You” page will likely be a huge motivator for your followers and viewers, and will also put you in the spotlight of TikTok.

Two primary metrics TikTok looks for regarding verification are high engagement and activity. The propagation will check those boxes nicely. While there’s no scientific formula for going viral on TikTok, a few ways might help your case. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Give the video a compelling opening. If your video doesn’t catch viewers’ interest within the first few seconds, they’ll just scroll past it. The opening of this TikTok user’s video about how friends react to your ex is quite catchy.
  • Narrate a tale. For example, nobody is a natural dancer. Those who can make their message emotional or humorously are at an advantage. But…
  • Videos should be as brief as feasible. TikTok considers average viewing time when assessing quality. An 8 to 10 second segment is more likely to be fully watched than a 1-minute video. Only 12 seconds long, this excellent film by Mayim Bialik features a sugar glider. 
  • Answer any remarks. This will increase the number of people who see your video and help you interact with potential fans. With each post, you should strive to build a community.

High engagement and activity are key metrics TikTok looks for when verifying

4.5 Buy verified badge Tiktok account

Like any other social media network, TikTok will only validate accounts that abide by its terms of service and community rules. TikTok’s moderators will flag your account if you break those guidelines. A flag, unfortunately, is likely to make it more difficult for you to be verified.

TikTok only validates accounts that abide by its terms of service and community rules

4.6 Use the service at Audiencegain 

AudienceGain is well known in the industry for helping its customers buy verified badge TikTok account. They provide their clients with the best solutions for monetization on the major social networks available.

Here, one of the best things is communicating very well with the customers, meaning they have an email address you can use to contact them and a phone number. They also have a support chat box. Aside from being able to get you a TikTok account, they can also help you buy other social media channels, so overall, they’re popular when it comes to digital marketing awards.

So how to buy verified TikTok accounts on AudienceGain? Find out below: 

  • Step 1: Choose your package

Choosing a package or service and adding products to your shopping cart are prerequisites. 

Choosing a package or service and adding products to your shopping cart

  • Step 2: Access to the package selection panel

You will get access to the dashboard as soon as the order is confirmed. You can rate the material and provide the link to the Tiktok account here.

You will get access to the dashboard as soon as the order is confirmed

  • Step 3: Wait for delivery

Finally, our team will start running a marketing campaign to help your TikTok page so you can get legitimate verification on TikTok.

Wait for the service team to notify when the TikTok account is verified

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5. Things to note when buy TikTok verified badge

If you’re thinking about buy verified badge TikTok account, there are a few things that you need to remember before you hand over the money.

  • Stay within your niche: If your TikTok niche is exclusively hip hop, you won’t want to find an existing ballet-focused TikTok account. You risk losing your audience before you’ve even had a chance to establish a meaningful connection with them because they just won’t be ready to engage with hip-hop material. You stand a good chance of maintaining that current audience if you stay true to your niche.
  • Get the appropriate email and password: There is a good probability that your seller won’t be up-forward and honest about them. Nothing would prevent them from reporting that their account had been hacked if they weren’t, in which case you would forfeit your money and your new account.
  • Change email and password: As soon as you have the real deal, be careful to update both the email and password. The last thing you want is for the former vendor to have access to the account still, this can only lead to bad things.
  • Use PayPal only for purchases and services: If something goes wrong, you can use this tool to request a refund. We advise ordering the vendor to use this feature when you exchange the money if you don’t want to lose your money to fraud.

Some things to remember before handing over money when buying a verified TikTok

6. FAQs verified badge TikTok account

TikTok is emerging as a platform that allows individuals to showcase their creativity, share their talents, and connect with a global audience. One significant aspect of TikTok is buy verified badge TikTok account, a symbol of authenticity and credibility. Below, we will address some frequently asked questions about what is a verified TikTok account

6.1 Is it legal to buy a verified tiktok account?

You may have noticed that going out isn’t strictly permitted if you read TikTok’s terms and conditions and buy TikTok verified badge.

Since no rules still prohibit the purchase and sale of social property, the situation is still somewhat hazy. This implies that you can buy TikTok accounts without running afoul of the general rules if you play your cards right. 

It is possible to buy a TikTok account without breaking the general rules

6.2 How many followers does it take to get TikTok verified accounts?

How to get the verified badge on TikTok? There is no magic number of views or followers you must get to be verified. TikTok doesn’t automatically verify massive accounts. Some well-known creators have tens of thousands, if not millions, of fans yet no blue tick.  

TikTok doesn’t automatically verify massive accounts

6.3 Does TikTok pay verified accounts?

That’s a little more difficult when verified TikTokers are less likely to overlook by companies seeking new content partners even if they are not compensated by the site (unless they opt to participate in TikTok’s Creator Fund). 

That’s a little more difficult when verified TikTokers are less likely to overlook

Above is the information about buy verified badge TikTok account that Audiencegain has compiled through the article. Focusing on producing high-quality content, building a strong following, and engaging with the TikTok community can increase your chances of getting noticed by the platform. Remember that the verified badge is not the sole measure of success on TikTok, and building an engaged and supportive community should always remain a priority.