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In this article, let’s discuss the video tips and tricks that help you produce engaging videos, thereby earning tons of views and subscribers. Indeed, in addition to content that is key to a successful video, how creators implement the content through the way they present it as well as through lively footage plays a very essential role. And besides, have you ever wondered why videos using the time-lapse technique can reach millions of likes? Let’s check it out!

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10 tips and tricks to produce YouTube videos


10 tips and tricks to produce YouTube videos

To begin with, before embarking on any type of content video production, keep in mind that practice is the most important element for long and effective channel development.

It may take a long time to get used to the camera (even though you’re in a monologue with the camera alone), but with persistent practice, you’ll quickly get used to the fundamental camera settings and from there create more high-quality videos that increase more Youtube watch hours.

Besides, please refer to other YouTube channels to learn about how they set the camera angle, set up the background, how they convey the content. Then from what you learned, you can elaborate the tips specifically on how to produce your videos.

#1: Focus on the main subject

Which is you, not the type of content you are planning to do. Once you have a detailed overview of how you are implementing the video production process, practice the “monologue” in front of a mirror and pay attention to your facial expressions.

Adjust your expression as naturally as possible and you don’t have to over-express or say “ too cringy” sentences to engage your audience. The most important thing is still your honesty and simplicity.

#2: Lighting

Tips-and-tricks-video - Lighting

Tips and tricks video – Lighting

As in photography, lighting for video is a prerequisite for an eye-catching video. No matter how high-quality or expensive the camera you’re using, if you don’t know how to make use of lighting set-up, you won’t be able to create a compelling video.

If you have a separate studio, or sufficiently large area for making Youtube videos, we recommend trying with natural light, for example, your house’s balcony or rooftop.

Furthermore, it would be much better if you sit in front of a window and place the camera near it so that you can get favourable light. Keep in mind that never shoot video with backlit unless you are trying to create a special effect.

For outdoor filming, try your best to record videos during the day to take advantage of the natural light from the sun, especially in the morning since the light is softer. In case you don’t have time in the morning and have to do it in the middle of the day, look for some shady spots to avoid harsh shadows due to the direct midday light from above.

If you shoot with a ring light, you should avoid yellow light. It’s best to use white light, and then position your camera at around 30 degrees above your face, which will prevent you from getting eye shadows or facial dark spots.

#3: Clear audio

Your audio quality is more essential than your professional video quality. The majority of audiences are willing to view a video that may be noisy, grainy, and non-HD quality. But the sound has to be good, or else they will drop off watching in the very first second they hear some “broken-record” audio.

To create a professional background sound, first, use the pop filter to get rid of your breath or crackles while you’re talking closely to the microphone. Be aware of any background noise that your microphone might be recording, too.

If you are using a DSLR camera and are shooting in a quiet environment, the camera’s audio receiver can be used immediately. Usually, DSLRs allow you to set the recording quality, high-end models also allow you to filter and reduce the noise.

#4 Minimal background


Tips and tricks video – Minimal background

Minimalism takes the throne and becomes a new trend in modern life and video-setup background is no exception. Indeed, as the name implies, the minimalist style brings simplicity but is accompanied by sophistication and harmony that captures the viewer’s impression.

You should consider the background you use to film to avoid a lack of unprofessionalism and clutter to keep your audience focused on the main subject of the video.

A simple way to bring out the minimalism in your shooting style is to use a solid/monochrome background. If you cannot build a professional studio, take advantage of the wall of your home or a clean tablecloth. Position the lighting and have a reasonable distance from the subject to the background to avoid creating shadows.

Be careful not to shoot near a glass window or any reflective surface as you may end up capturing the camera image in the reflection.

#5 Timelapse – best tips and tricks for filming techniques

Time-lapse is a popular form of video recording in today’s era and is often used when a photographer wants to record a long process while working on a project. The feature of time-lapse video is its fast speed to maximize the duration, and also see the variation over time of a person, a thing or a phenomenon very clearly.

To be more detailed, time-lapse is a form of stop-motion video, made by combining multiple photos taken in succession and at intervals to form a fast-forward video from a few tens to thousands of times.

In addition to the ability to fast-forward motion, Time-lapse creates excitement and drama, increasing the appeal of the video. Time-lapse also takes advantage of the camera’s exposure to create blurs or light trails at night.

That is also the reason why time-lapse videos on Youtube receive a huge number of views and subscribers. No one can resist the temptation to watch the panoramic view of the mesmerizing starry sky captured in footage just a few minutes long or the image of traffic moving in long trails of light at night.

#6 Variety of angles


Tips and tricks video – Variety of angles

One of the important factors that adds more emotion to the footage, apart from the main subject and context, is the camera’s movement to create different perspectives and feelings to better convey the idea. The meaning of the video is something that every filmmaker needs to understand.

Each different movement of the camera will help the creators to express many different meanings and emotions. Therefore, a professional video will be a combination of many camera movements to convey the full message in the most attractive and approachable way.

Therefore, as for YouTube video creators, you need to have a quick overview of the basic shooting angles. From there, you can combine them and deploy the content you want to show to the audiences. The most basic angles that you can find and learn by yourself are pan, whip, tilt, zoom, dolly and trackshot.

#7 Simplify the editing process

There is a wide range of free/paid video editing software out there for you to find the most suitable one to serve your purposes. Afterwards, you can piece together the footage for the most attractive and compelling video.

Adobe offers a 7-day free trial of Premiere Pro. A full year’s subscription paid upfront costs $ 239.88, which works out to $ 19.99 per month.

One obvious benefit of using an Adobe package is a smoother workflow. You can easily move your videos between Premiere Pro video editing software and audition audio editing software. When you’re using free software for video and audio editing, you may need to take an extra step to convert the file.

Trying out different effects can be fun during the video editing process, but don’t go too crazy. A simple, clean editing style generally looks most professional. A few things you should be sure to do during the editing stage include.

#8: The rule of thirds


Tips and tricks video – The rule of thirds

Film composition is an extremely important element of any photograph or video, although we often mistakenly believe that beautiful photos are created from random moments. Having a firm grasp of the meaning of the film composition and how to use it will make it easy to capture great frames and easily reach the viewer.

One of the basic rules about film composition is the rule of third, also known as the “golden cut line”.

This ⅓ ratio is the first basic rule for the person holding the camera to aim for the frame. As a rule of thumb, the image is divided into a grid in a 3 x 3 structure and based on the same lines in the frame as the main subjects.

As a result, many experts point out that the details along the frame make the photo more comprehensive and soulful than the subject-centred shots. The visual impressions also feel attractive when the viewer is led by the arrangement of details in the image.

#9: Reduce the shakiness

A standard video will lack professionalism if viewers feel uncomfortable because the angles are not stable. It can be difficult to hold the camera steady to shoot, so instead, you should use a tripod or place the camera on an even surface.

Well, be productive! Don’t use solely your hands to hold the camera and do all the shooting by moving the camera’s angles. On the other hand, if you use your smartphone to record a video (such as a vlog), please use a gimbal or selfie stick to maintain a sturdy angle.

If you have to move a lot from different angles, use other supportive equipment. The current tripods on the market also have a variety of designs that can be foldable to hold by hand, but using a gimbal will be more effective.

If your footage shakes even though you try your best, video stabilization software can tackle that issue later. Some cameras also have built-in stabilization that you can use when recording movies. Slowing down your footage can also help decrease the instability.

#10: Tips and tricks video for smartphone users

A good smartphone can replace many other filming equipment in terms of its convenience and compactness. Maybe not less than once you think why are so many people filming a very shimmering scene on the phone instead of using an expensive camera?


Tips and tricks video for smartphone users

Well, you can also do that if you apply some of the tips and tricks down below:

  • Slow down: This tip is not well known, but it makes your video look different. Just move the phone slowly and smoothly
  • Don’t use automatic zoom mode: Unlike optical zoom, digital zoom only enlarges pixels and degrades video quality. So if you want to make close shots, get closer to your subject, not zoom on the screen.
  • Hold/place the camera horizontally: Horizontal video not only helps you watch it better but also makes it easier for post-production. Try to find a horizontal line (from window, horizon,…) and keep it fixed in the frame as a reference that maintains the angle.
  • Clean the lens frequently: This is deadly important. Your phone’s camera lens is constantly exposed to dust and fingerprints, so remember to regularly clean both the front and rear lenses. The blurry and dirty lens will make your video look very blurry.

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Above are 10 extremely useful tips and tricks for video recording, applicable to both professional cameras and smartphones. We hope you enjoy this article and share it.

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