Where to Find a Verified TikTok Account For Sale?


Do you wish to know where you could find a verified TikTok account for sale in 2021? Or do you want to learn how buying a verified TikTok account is a better idea than purchasing an unverified one? If so, don’t worry; you can find all your answers here!

This article highlights the advantages of a verified TikTok account compared to an unverified one. This will help you choose whether you wish to buy a verified TikTok account for sale. It also mentions where you could find verified TikTok accounts at reasonable prices from credible sellers in 2021.


A verified TikTok account has high credibility and increases the chances of delayed video explosions for your videos!

A verified account versus an unverified account 

Having a verified TikTok account gives you a certain degree of credibility in various respects. However, it also puts you in the public eye. Here are some pros and cons of a verified TikTok account versus an unverified account, elaborated below:


#Credibility to fans 

A verification on a TikTok account demonstrates your ability to evolve as a business or content creator on TikTok. A verification proves that your account has reached a certain level of credibility, visibility, and popularity. 

A verified account is more likely to have content that goes viral. This means that your fans, new and old, would also be more likely to buy anything you’re selling! Therefore, your fans would be able to realize your unparalleled credibility with a verified on TikTok.

#Visibility for SEO

A second significant benefit of buying a verified TikTok account more credibility leading to greater visibility. This implies visibility on TikTok, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Optimizing your content for SEO on TikTok further increases the chances of your content showing up on search engines such as YouTube and Google, which increases your overall views and user engagement rates.

Since your account is verified, your TikTok videos would be viewed by a much larger audience because they would be more visible to people. This is because content posted by verified accounts is more likely to show up on the top of searches for relevant keywords. Additionally, you could optimize your videos for SEO to be visible on search engines. 


Perhaps the best advantage of a verified TikTok account is the increased chances to monetize your TikTok videos better. Verification on TikTok significantly increases your monetization ability on TikTok. The monetization eligibility for the TikTok Creator Fund requires you have around 100,000 followers and 100,000 views on your videos in the last month. 

Nonetheless, having a verification on TikTok increases your monetization capacity if you’re already eligible to monetize or helps you cross the threshold mentioned above for the TikTok Creator Fund’s eligibility. This is because of the increase in views, followers, and overall user engagement when your TikTok account is verified. 



There are a number of ways to monetize your TikTok account ranging from ads to sponsored content and merchandise!

#Credibility for the TikTok algorithm 

Moreover, the TikTok algorithm also tends to rotate videos of verified accounts onto the For You Page. This implies that the TikTok algorithm also regards your account as more credible due to your verification. This means it is more likely for the TikTok algorithm to present your videos to TikTok users at random on the application. 

#Greater chances of your content going viral 

Finally, having a verified TikTok account undoubtedly increases the chances of your content going viral. Therefore, we guarantee that you would have more videos going viral if you buy a verified TikTok account compared to your original unverified one! The increased credibility and visibility that results when your TikTok account gets verified increases the chances of delayed video explosion for your content.


There are not many cons of a verified TikTok account. This is because having a verified account on any social media platform is beneficial! Can you think of any disadvantages of verification on TikTok?

Well, one of the only and most apparent disadvantages of a verified TikTok account is that you would have to be extremely careful about what you post on your account. This is because your account and content are now more in the public eye than it ever was. 

Therefore, if you post something that violates the TikTok Community Guidelines and policies, you could lose many followers and views. So be extra careful about what you post to avoid any bans on TikTok or getting canceled by people in contemporary culture at large!

We suggest that you go through TikTok’s Community Guidelines and information on all kinds of bans on TikTok before posting as a business or content creator on TikTok, especially if you are verified.  

Where to buy verified TikTok accounts?

The next thing you’re most probably wondering is where you could buy a verified TikTok account to increase your overall credibility, visibility, and user engagements as a verified content creator or business on TikTok.

You could purchase an already monetized TikTok account with 100,000+ followers and 100,000+ views in the last thirty days. 

Our TikTok accounts for sale here at AudienceGain are quality-assured, and we guarantee to get a fast verification on TikTok by using our monetized TikTok accounts. We also provide 24-hour assistance to aid you in optimizing and personalizing your newly bought TikTok account. Moreover, you do not require a password for this process, so no worries if you forget it!

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, having a verified account on TikTok is a great way to increase your following growth and account credibility and visibility. This also provides greater chances to monetize through the TikTok Creator Fund by using sponsored content, ads, etc. Moreover, the chances of delayed video explosions for your content also increase when you buy a verified TikTok account or verification on TikTok.

We would suggest buying a monetized TikTok account for only $470 to increase your overall chances of verification on TikTok. If you may have any additional questions, you could sign up for our TikTok experts’ opinions here at AudienceGain. So, why wait? 


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