Bans, Verifications and Multiple Accounts on TikTok in 2021


Have you ever been permanently banned on TikTok due to community guideline violations and do not know how to recover your account? Or have you had content removed on TikTok and do not know how to get it back? Or are you looking to get verified quickly or use multiple accounts on TikTok? If so, this article covers all necessary information on TikTok’s latest Community Guidelines, as well as new tricks and tips for recovering banned accounts, getting verified quickly without a large following, and using multiple accounts at ease. 

In order to thrive as a successful content creator or business on TikTok, it is imperative to thoroughly understand TikTok’s Community Guidelines to avoid bans and content removal and be informed of TikTok’s policies on verifications and multiple accounts. However, sometimes your content might be taken down or your account banned due to other reasons, or you may want to get verified quickly without a lot of followers or use multiple accounts without the looming threat of getting shadowbanned. This article elucidates all aspects of bans, account verification, and using multiple accounts on TikTok.

What are TikTok’s Community Guidelines and policies?

As of December 2020, TikTok has some very serious community guidelines and policies which are crucial to understand for thriving on TikTok as a content creator or business. After all, who would want to get their account temporarily suspended or permanently banned by violating TikTok’s community guidelines, losing out on hundreds or thousands of followers, sponsors and similar fellow content creators? The latest version of TikTok’s community guidelines can be found in the link below:


Strictly adhering to TikTok’s Community Guidelines is key to running a successful TikTok account.

However, for your convenience, this article also covers some key community guidelines, violations of which usually end up in video bans, account suspensions, or permanent bans. Moreover, whilst it is best to always keep the community guidelines in mind when creating and posting content on TikTok, if you do find yourself in quicksand with a suspended video, live stream, or account or permanent account ban, this article also covers some essential ways you could get your suspension(s) or ban(s) appealed. It also highlights key tricks for working your way around bans and suspensions and provides useful information and tips for getting verifications and having multiple accounts on TikTok.

TikTok Bans

Categories and types of bans on TikTok

It is imperative that you understand the categories of bans on TikTok and the types of bans administered by TikTok, in order to be able to navigate your way towards getting your account back or your content reinstated.

There are three main categories of bans on TikTok. These include:

  1. Account bans
  2. Post/video bans
  3. Livestream bans

The following are the types of bans administered by TikTok:

#Temporary bans

Temporary bans can be instituted against accounts, posts, or videos as well as live streams. They are usually for 7 days when it comes to accounts or posts. In the case of Livestream bans, you may be banned from live-streaming for around 24 hours to 1 week.  

#Permanent bans

Permanent bans are extended to accounts in extreme cases and may also extend to posts or content that is banned despite (multiple) appeals by the content creator or account that created and shared the content in question, due to the unacceptable nature of the content.

#Shadow bans

Shadow bans are very common and are the trickiest to identify because you are usually not informed that your content or account is shadow-banned. Shadow bans occur when the TikTok algorithm pulls your content from the For You Page, and/or suppresses likes, comments, and views on your content. In many cases, content analysts may also decide to shadow ban accounts. There are multiple reasons for shadow banning which range from multiple community guideline violations by the account in question to the use of multiple accounts or fake metrics to grow your TikTok following, which shall be covered soon.

Bans due to community guideline violations


Violating TikTok’s Community Guidelines often results in content removal followed by permanent account bans

Accounts or videos that violate TikTok’s community guidelines may be permanently banned by the TikTok algorithm. The most common community guideline violations that may result in bans include:

  1. Using profane language and/or displaying content including songs that use swear words or other profane language is the number one violation that most content creators often forget, resulting in bans or account suspensions. In today’s world, how many non-explicit songs can we find in contemporary pop, indie or rock anyway? But be careful to avoid using any explicit songs in your videos or live streams!
  2. Mentioning or showing tobacco products (including vapes and e-cigarettes), any drugs (including marijuana and marijuana-based products), or alcoholic drinks (and other alcoholic products), and/or displaying content including songs referencing any of the aforementioned products is also a primary reason for bans on TikTok.
  1. Cyber-bullying, discrimination of any kind, threats (including threats of violence or death threats), attacks and/or harassment (including sexual harassment and harassment of minors) of individuals or accounts on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion (and sect), caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, serious disease (including AIDS, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Lupus and Parkinson’s), disability (including mental disabilities, disorders, illnesses, and Autism), immigration status and age may also get your account(s) or your content banned.

Cyberbullying and harassment can get you banned on TikTok easily so be very careful about what you post!

  1. Copyright violations could also get your content or account banned. For example, using your own version of a popular song in a video instead of using it from TikTok’s music library could get your content banned.
  2. If you have not verified your age, or are under 13 and are illegally using TikTok, or you post content depicting or featuring children under 13 your account could get permanently banned or your content removed. This is why parent content creators that feature their children in their videos are sometimes temporarily or permanently banned, or their videos are banned by the TikTok algorithm.
  1. Doxxing people could also get your account banned. Why do it anyway?
  1. Sharing confidential information about other people, parties, organizations, etc. could also get your account temporarily or permanently banned.
  1. Referencing or directly or indirectly promoting self-harm and/or suicide could also get your account banned. This is a common cause for permanent account bans.
  1. Any form of terrorism could get your account permanently banned.
  1. Impersonation is also a common cause for permanent account bans, especially if you are trying to impersonate someone famous without their consent in a video or live stream, or through your account.
  1. Showing, referencing, or promoting animal abuse and cruelty also results in content removal and immediate permanent bans.
  1. Showing, referencing, or promoting any kind of violence results in permanent account bans.
  1. And finally, showing or referencing human or animal remains of any form also results in permanent account bans.

Bans due to other reasons

If your account was banned or content removed or banned due to any other reason than the ones listed above, however, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. Mass user reports are the next key reason for bans. This implies that a large number of users on TikTok reported your content or account which would cause TikTok to remove your content and/or ban your account.
  1. Another key reason that content and accounts are banned that most users are unaware of is sharing or using restricted or controversial hashtags. Controversial hashtags refer to hashtags that are triggered by one video that goes viral and makes negative headlines. This could be due to political reasons (including election-related), gender, sexual orientation, religion, or caste, e.g. hashtags triggered by homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, sexist, or xenophobic content.
  1. Removing many videos within a short time frame puts you on the TikTok algorithm’s radar and may get you potentially shadow banned or even permanently banned.
  1. Using more than five accounts from the same device could get all your TikTok accounts permanently banned.
  1. Using fake metrics such as buying likes, views, comments, followers, and/or verifications illegally is also another common reason for permanent account bans.
  1. Liking or following too many people or spam liking may get your account shadowbanned, temporarily banned, or even permanently banned if you go on a liking and/or following frenzy!
  1. Having inadequate video descriptions and poor content would push your videos off the For You Page and could get you potentially shadow-banned.
  1. Using multiple locations or using a VPN for your account on TikTok puts you on the algorithm’s radar and could get you shadowbanned, temporarily banned, or even permanently banned.

What are TikTok’s policies on bans?

When your account or content is banned on TikTok you will usually receive a notification explaining the reasons for your content being removed or account being banned and be given the option to appeal the decision. However, this may not always be the case. In the latter situation, there are various ways you could contact the content analysts at TikTok to appeal the bans, especially if you feel a mistake has been made. This is because the TikTok algorithm is responsible for banning and removing content that violates the community guidelines or banning accounts that do so, and this often ends up in unsolicited bans and removals of content. The content analysts at TikTok, however, are responsible for reviewing any appeals you may submit in responses to bans, and making decisions on the status of your account or content in question.

FAQs on Bans on TikTok

How to appeal video bans


Have you ever had your video banned or removed and want to get it reinstated?

When your video is banned on TikTok you will usually get a notification that would allow you to appeal the decision. Your appeal is then reviewed manually by content analysts, and if you have been wronged your video would be reinstated in 3 mins – 24 hrs.

However, remember to give a solid reason in the textbox as to why the banned video is appropriate and should not be removed or banned when submitting an appeal.

Although, if your appeal is rejected and your video is not unbanned it would be better for your account health to delete those banned videos!

How to appeal live stream bans

Livestream bans are usually temporary and are mostly initiated due to community guideline violations. Livestream restrictions could last from 24 hours to 1 week, however, they do not impact views on your posts.

You may even get a notification allowing you to appeal the restrictions. However, usually, the ban is removed after the aforementioned timeframe without any notifications to appeal the ban so do not worry too much. If you consider the need, however, you could contact the content analysts at TikTok

How to contact TikTok in case of bans

If you are not given a chance to appeal a ban on your post, Livestream or account, however, you could contact TikTok. The easiest way is their support website:

Otherwise, you could contact TikTok via email. These are the four emails you could contact:


The second email address has the highest response rate. However, remember to not spam the email addresses! You should consistently be sending out an email to one or two of the aforementioned email addresses every 24 – 48 hours. Also, use the same content for all of your emails.

Alternatively, you could also contact TikTok on Twitter on the following two accounts:



How to recover a permanently banned account

If you find your account permanently banned and you have <50 followers, then according to most TikTok experts, it would be a better idea to delete your account and start over rather than trying to recover your account. This is because even if you manage to recover it, it would be in the ‘bad books’ of the TikTok algorithm and could be potentially shadowbanned.


You can now easily recover your account if it was permanently banned!

However, if your account had more followers than that, you would definitely want to recover your permanently banned account and you may be able to appeal on the application or via email to TikTok.There are various ways to recover a permanently banned account:

  1. The primary and best way is through TikTok. If already logged in, go to your profile and then go to the three dots on the upper corner (…). Then go to Review Profile and go to Privacy and Settings. Then go to Report a Problem. This would lead you to the TikTok support team chatbox and you can appeal the permanent ban on your account. Additionally, if there are more options available, you could go to Account Issue and add your email address (if not already added) to send an email to TikTok appealing the ban.  
  1. Another way to recover your permanently banned account is by pretending your account was hacked! You could go to Account and Hacks and report that your account was hacked. You would be required to enter your old password and once you submit there is a high chance for your account to get unbanned.
  1. A third useful way to recover your account is by creating a new account with the same email and details and using your former (now banned) account’s password to log in. After logging in a notification will inform you that your account was permanently banned but it would also allow you to appeal if you were not provided this option earlier. You could appeal the ban and if your appeal is accepted, TikTok will send a response via email and unban your account.
  1. However, if none of the ways listed above work for you, there is a cheat code you could try, but at your own risk, as there is a slight chance that this could backfire on you and get your device banned from creating any TikTok accounts in the future! This cheat code is an application called TikTok++. After downloading the application, login with your banned account’s login details. This restores your account on TikTok. This cheat code has worked for a number of users in the past.

How to get shadow unbanned

If you suspect that your account has been shadowbanned because you are not receiving the same number of likes, comments, and/or views on your content, here is how you could get your account shadow unbanned! However, remember that if your content is not being shown on the For You Page that is when you could be potentially shadowbanned so check for For You views, likes, and comments on your content.


Checking for your For You Views is perhaps the only way to know if you are shadowbanned on TikTok.

 However, since there is no definite way to tell if your account has been shadow-banned for sure, the most important thing to remember is consistently putting out good content and not taking time off from posting content. Also, do not get discouraged and completely stop posting content on your account!

Another trick recommended by our experts at AudienceGain is reposting your best posts for 7-14 days. This allows for your content to be pushed onto the For You Page by the TikTok algorithm and could get your account to be shadow unbanned.

Number of Accounts


Ever wanted to use multiple accounts on TikTok

What are TikTok policies on the number of accounts?

Even though it is possible to use around five accounts on TikTok from the same device, it is recommended by experts at TikTok that you use a maximum of only 2 accounts on the platform from the same device. Moreover, do not frequently change your location or use a VPN while using your multiple accounts on TikTok from the same device. Using more than two accounts or various locations, as aforementioned, increases the chances of bans on your account(s).

Tips for using 5 simultaneous accounts

However, if you still wish to use more than two accounts, you could use five accounts on TikTok. However, while making the other accounts do not use the same email address, phone number, Apple Account or social media platform login details for the same two (or more) accounts. Use a different login method every time or use a different email address and/or phone number every time. This would allow you to have up to 5 simultaneous accounts like on Instagram however this is not recommended as it could get your accounts shadow banned.

How to avoid shadow bans due to multiple accounts?

If you have more than two accounts on TikTok, our experts at AudienceGain recommend that you do not engage between your multiple accounts. You must realize that you can not manipulate TikTok’s algorithm with fake engagement from your own multiple accounts as this would only lead to your account(s) being shadow banned and your engagement levels falling drastically. In that case, you should log off, delete all your other accounts and never log into them again. Just use the one!

Account Verification


Is getting verified on TikTok easy?

What are TikTok’s policies on verification of accounts?

TikTok does not have fixed policies for verification but the Creator Launch team is responsible for verifying accounts on Tiktok and here’s when you get verified instantly on TikTok:

  1. You had a crown on Musically which means you were verified there.
  2. You are verified on other social media platforms as well.
  3. You are a celebrity, musician, public figure, politician, and/or entrepreneur.

Tips for getting verified on TikTok without many followers

If you are not verified on TikTok here are some factors that impact account verifications and relevant tips recommended by our experts to increase your chances of verification:

  1. Consistent following growth

Firstly, you should have a consistent following growth which implies that your followers should be growing every day at a consistent rate of 500 – 2000 followers per day. When you reach the tipping point, remember to engage a lot with your followers.

  1. Growing watch time

Secondly, you should have a growing watch time that is continually trending upwards.

  1. Using PR or Press

Additionally, you could use PR or press to boost your credibility online. If people are able to find you in major publications if they search for you such as The Today Show, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Washington Post, etc. then the chances of them following you on TikTok increases as it proves that you are not just another mere person trying to make it on TikTok. Rather, it shows that you are establishing a credible reputation for yourself online in general, via the articles, podcasts or videos on you or by you on these other platforms.

  1. Viral content

Having content that goes viral frequently such as 1 or 2 virals per month (or more) could potentially get you verified without a lot of followers!

  1. Frequency of posts

If you are looking to get verified fast on TikTok, you should unequivocally and fearlessly post 5-10 times every day. Moreover, do not randomly stop posting as this tells the TikTok algorithm that you are not a consistent content creator and it pulls your content off of the For You Page, potentially shadow-banning you.

  1. Time of posting

The best times to post are 6 pm – 12 am on the weekdays and all day on the weekends to go viral. In fact, the weekend is ideal for going viral if you post all day long. The greater the chances of your content going viral, the higher are the chances of your account getting verified.

  1. Hashtags

Using relevant hashtag strategies to go viral is crucial to getting verified fast on TikTok. You could contact Audience Gain to figure out the best hashtag strategy for you. Moreover, remember to post videos without any hashtags every once in a while.

  1. Duets

Doing duets with famous Tiktokkers gives you a lot of clouts and increases your following. Therefore, duets are highly recommended to get verified quickly on TikTok.

  1. Research

Researching your niche is also highly significant if you are looking to get verified. Make lists of similar accounts with the same niche and audience as yours and look at the hashtags and hashtag strategies they are utilising.  

What to avoid when potentially looking to get verified

Here is what you should be avoiding when you are looking to get verified on TikTok:

Do not spam users’ inboxes or their posts with comments asking them to like and follow you! This gets your account shadow banned and often will not get you verified at all.

Do not buy verifications. This will inherently get your account permanently banned.

Do not log into TikTok on another website (avoid using TikTok++ to recover a permanently banned account).

In conclusion

 This is primarily all you need to know about working your way around TikTok’s strict community guidelines as well as pertaining to bans, verifications, and using multiple accounts on TikTok. It is imperative to not break any community guidelines in order to avoid bans and content removal on the application and also if you are looking to get verified. Moreover, remember to avoid using multiple accounts to prevent shadow bans on your account(s) and stick to a maximum of two accounts.

If however, you are facing any issues related to content removal(s) and/or account bans or want more tips on how to get verified fast on TikTok without many followers, sign up for AudienceGain’s marketing services now! We are committed to resolving any issues you may have related to bans on TikTok. Our marketing specialists and content analysts also provide specialized services such as specific research and tips and tricks on how to get your account verified quickly.

For more information, please contact us via:

Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666



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