Understand the TikTok shadowban 2021


If your channel is not getting TikTok shadowban right now, then congratulations because you are thriving in your account. However, you may still be doing something wrong without any realization that immediately limits your TikTok growth.


TikTok shadowban limits your TikTok developing progress

What is TikTok shadowban?

A brief overview of TikTok shadowban

Many creators have put forward lots of information on this topic. In short, shadowbanning is the idea of TikTok placing some unnatural limitation on the actual reach of content. In other words, TikTok videos are being filtered from hitting the For You page, and the viewers are not able to locate them when searching them on the Discovery page via the hashtags. 

How valuable your influence to the TikTok platform is based on a myriad of things, such as the actual video performance, engagement ratios, how often you are manually removing content from your existing feed, etc. Therefore, TikTok shadowban can be imagined as the figurative handcuffs that TikTok places on your account. It is the way of preventing any spam, threats or reducing the amount of bad influence on the platform for better or worse.


TikTok shadowban will not remove your videos but hides them from reaching the audience

Shadowban doesn’t put a stop period on your TikTok channel

TikTok shadowban does not entirely block the exposure of your profile, but it works as a limitation. Whether your content is not seen as unique enough, not good in engagement, or not performing well, shadowban is a way of encouraging healthy competition between TikTok creators. 

As a platform with hundreds of million users, it would not make sense to push out every single creator’s video. Regardless of quality, creators need to prove that they can create the demand for their content. If the number of followers grows and the video views decrease, TikTok might probably want to remind you to restructure some of your content.

How long does a TikTok shadowban last?

It usually lasts between 2-5 weeks. After that time, TikTok will introduce a little more exposure to your content. It can be seen as a test about whether you now can increase the view to prove your uniqueness on the platform.  

TikTok shadowban test

The account owner will not receive any confirmed shadowban information. To know whether your TikTok is shadowbanned or not, you should take a look at the ten most recent videos on your profile. Check the analytics for those videos. If you do not see any For You page ratio in the traffic sources, maybe it is still not confirmed, but perhaps it is possible to have a TikTok shadowban. 


Checking For You page ratios to know whether your video gets TikTok shadowban.

One particular way to check whether you have been shadowbanned or not is to find one of your recent videos with a specific unique hashtag. First, you need to log out of the account that you think might get shadowbanned. Then, you search that hashtag on the Discovery page and try to locate your video. Keep in mind here that videos will be ranked based on popularity which most likely is based on the view count. 

So, the more precise the hashtag is, the easier your video will be to find. If it shows up, you are not shadowbanned since your content can still be found organically on the platform.  

The cause of TikTok shadowban

TikTok guideline violation

In most cases, a vast majority of shadowbans might come by a consistent violation of community guidelines. It can be similar to YouTube’s three copyright strike systems in which your account is temporarily suspended.

For example, your content includes off-limits words relating to mental health, particular swear words, dangerous or bullying content, etc. And these harmful words appear consistently in your videos. You might be in danger of being shadowbanned. 


Some sensitive content will violate TikTok community guidelines.

Every creator should get familiar with TikTok’s terms of service and the guidelines for this platform. Because the TikTok algorithm has gotten meticulous and conscientious, TikToker should prepare an evergreen awareness of what to do and what is not allowed.

Artificially manipulating video metrics

Many people want to stay relevant on the platform because seeing other TikTokers rapidly having success might make them frustrated. And after

After analyzing the data, creators find it hard to get any visible fraction on your videos. Therefore, buying TikTok followers is no longer a strange thing, it is even prevalent and safe if you get it from trustworthy suppliers. Pay attention to the number of fans and views you get. Make sure it’s legit and comes from real people, without using hacking software, to avoid TikTok shadowban.

Another thing you should stop doing is manipulating your videos with different accounts (including liking your videos). TikTok gives you the ability to have up to three accounts on one device, but it wouldn’t yield any positive results if you like, comment, or share your videos with other accounts.

Instead, you can encourage your friends, families, and close social circles to engage with your content actively. 

Log into a TikTok account with multiple devices simultaneously

Another consistent potential shadowban trigger is multiple devices logged into one account simultaneously. TikTok can find out that users are trying to optimize the platform better for brands and businesses. 

But your TikTok might get shadowban when your one account has multiple logins from different devices. It can get worse if the logins are from different countries. The TikTok algorithm may find this action suspicious enough to question the account: Was it hacked? Was it a legitimate login sanctioned by the brand or business?  

If you own one TikTok account for business purposes, one recommendation for you to approach these scenarios has one account manager who uploads all content from one device.

You should consider the multiple login activity if you want to avoid the zero For You page ratio. 

The solutions for shadowban TikTok

What can we do to resolve this issue as quickly as possible without taking the last resort of starting a new account?

Avoid haphazardly deleting your content 


Deleting many TikTok videos at the same time is not recommended.

To be more specific, you should refrain from deleting your content consistently and avoid edgy content that deals with subject matter against the guidelines on TikTok.

One or two times is not doing much damage to your channel, but mass deleting your content, more than ten plus videos in the past couple weeks, does have side effects. It may or may not include shadowbanning.

Remove or delete any currently banned videos

If one video is shadowbanned due to a community violation, you can delete it. TikTok can restrict that video for some banned words or objectionable content. Completely removing it lifted the limitation of exposure.

There is one note that creators need to understand. If the platform does not push your content to the For You page and your video is not related to any community violation, you should think about some changes. When TikTok does not see your personality and creativity, this platform might refuse to push up your content. Variety often leads to virality on TikTok. 

Optimize for better watch time

In this section, the critical point is you should focus on using more video structures that optimize for better user experience, leading to good engagement ratios. If you get shadowban, it would be better if you give it some time to erase the ban. 


Increase watch time from the users

In the meantime, there’s nothing you can do to affect For You ratios, but you can spend time preparing for the following videos or planning to correct the violations that you have made.

After removing the shadowban, you will have a chance to get a small test from TikTok. If you practice well, attracting a large audience and enhancing your engagement, you can increase the chances of being featured by TikTok.

Question: Should I create a new account if I get TikTok shadowban?

This solution will start from scratch, and it depends on many factors. In case if you have less than 2500 followers and do not feel that you have invested enough time into growing your account (less than 100 videos), you can go ahead and start over. It is only a suggestion if you want to develop ideas without any video limitations.

In short

After going through the main points of TikTok shadowban, you will be able to recognize some of the early potential signs of this restriction on TikTok and implement some of these tips to prevent it from happening. 

If you’re still concerned about potential risks to your channel, visit AudienceGain right now. We do not have any magic formula to help you reverse that shadowban. Still, we can provide valuable advice and trustworthy services to help you avoid getting into these limited situations beforehand.

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