Understanding The TikTok Algorithm 2021


There’s no denying that the TikTok algorithm is changing and growing day by day. The purpose of these changes is to improve the user experience and create a worthy playground for creators. The valuable, relevant information below will help you stay up to date with this dynamic platform.


TikTok algorithm never stops changing

What should content creators know about the TikTok algorithm?

TikTok has recently made some significant moves for the betterment of TikTok culture. But first, let’s get into the basics of the TikTok algorithm.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

After content creators post videos, TikTok will evaluate their quality by some specific machine. Like other social platforms like Instagram or YouTube, the algorithm and search engines of TikTok remain secure. That means the specifics are not published. But some aspects have been proved by the experts.


The way TikTok works is quite simple

Here are the steps showing how TikTok works.

  • After you successfully uploaded a video on your page, TikTok will test its value by showing it to a small number of users, among other popular videos. It is a wise experiment when skillfully bringing the product to the viewer in the most natural way. Viewers will also not get bored if the testing video has no value in attracting attention.
  • Then, the algorithm measures the time people spend watching your video, how many comments, likes, shares, and downloads you receive. 
  • The velocity of engagement triggers the TikTok algorithm. If one of your videos suddenly receives 20% in a day, it will be pushed out to more people. 

According to recent reports, many users say that they have good results from their previous content. In addition, their video views are increasing, and that is good news for the whole TikTok community.

TikTok algorithm factors that you should remember

TikTok may not be as strict as YouTube. But to follow TikTok’s algorithms and still go viral, you need to keep a few things in mind.


For You Page, like Explore on Instagram, is the place where Tiktoker can reach the audience most easily. But with a vast and constantly increasing number of users, to be favored by TikTok to appear on For You Page is also a tough battle.

The important thing you need to remember in this fight is to use the right hashtags. #ForYou, #ForYouPage, and #FYP are frequently used, but that is not enough. They cannot guarantee any spot on For You Page for any users.


Hashtag is crucial on TikTok

One way to find out a particular hashtag is using the Discover Tab. It provides information about the current TikTok hashtag’s performance and the hashtag you are looking for. But it would help if you were cautious enough before jumping into any trending hashtag. Make sure that it is entirely related to your content.


TikTok does not require a long, descriptive, or academic caption like Instagram and Facebook. A short text with suitable hashtags is the ideal caption for TikTok. If you want to raise engagement, you can ask a question, use a joke, or state something that makes the audience “wait for.”

Trending songs and sound


Viral songs can affect the TikTok algorithm.

Because this is a platform system powered by videos, songs, and sound play an important role in the number of views and likes. Investing time to find out the trending songs to combine with your content would help you greatly in the video’s discoverability. Likewise, you should pay attention to the sounds in the Video Editor, the sounds that your followers listen to, and your favorite ones too.

Video content and editing

TikTok is a trend that happens in a row, and the video style it pursues is always unique and constantly changing. It also provides an opportunity for content creators to adapt and create the work in their way. However, TikTokers have to bear in mind that the goal of the videos is to be concise, and editing requires to get the message across to the audience.

When your audience is most active

If you have prepared your video very carefully but then upload it when your potential audience is not active, it would ultimately waste. In this case, TikTok’s Pro Accounts are beneficial. You can get detailed analytics of your followers: how many of them, their gender, their area, etc. Based on that useful information, you can figure out the best time to post your video on TikTok.

The Updates of TikTok algorithm 2021

In 2021, while TikTok is still the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide, its algorithm update is loaded with lots of new and intriguing information. So, pay attention to the below updates that every content creator needs to know.


TikTok updates 2021

Beta-testing new features

The “Just Watched” feature has already been available for some users, but now it is officially accessible for everyone. When you scroll on the For You Page and check out a user’s profile by swiping right, the video that brought you there is now labeled “Just Watched.” 

Another feature is the Q&A, which allows creators to respond to questions on their profile with text, video, or during a live stream. But it is only available for three days. Also, since it belongs to the Beta-testing program, you must sign up to be part of that program to try this feature.

Creator portal introduction

Creator portal is a new subsection of the TikTok website. You can access it on your profile by going to the Account Settings, scroll down to the Creator Portal tab. It is an online hub field with educational resources for creators. If you are a newbie struggling with getting started on TikTok, this new feature is the right source for you to learn the basics.

Upgraded Analytics


Overview of TikTok analytics

As many TikTokers have already realized, the TikTok algorithm recently rolled out a few analytical features that show you the daily increase or decrease in specific video metrics. For example, it can support users to know how many followers came to them from particular videos and track the conversion ratio. This new feature is an excellent insight into the pacing and overall content.

You can learn more through here: https://audiencegain.net/tiktok-analytics/

Immersive music effects

It’s generally common sense that music and sound are deeply woven into the fabric of TikTok culture. This platform started with the former name Musical.ly, and now TikTok is still pushing for music. 

Recent music visual effects have broken down some of the old stereotypes to appeal to more educators, businesses, professionals, etc. This change can completely abandon the idea that TikTok is a music-centered platform and a social media market.

One distinctive feature is the music visualizer, a green screen background that moves in beat to whichever track you have selected as the audio. 

Pinned videos

This TikTok algorithm update seems to have been asked by hundreds of creators for a long time, and now it has its way. It can highlight a certain video that you posted by pinning it at the top of your grid. Then, when browsing your content, people can see your favorite video first.

At the beginning of May 2021, this feature was only available in Japan, the Philippines, and a few other selected non-English speaking territories. But TikTok firmly has plans to expand the pinned videos globally in the coming weeks. Its main target is giving creators the ability to emphasize the three best videos of their work.

Internal video donations

Creators will soon have the ability to add donation options inside their videos, which is close to adding links. TikTok realizes that the general reception perspective of Creator Fund is underwhelming. This change can be revolutionary for the Tiktok algorithm as an incredible next level of monetization for creators. So, without having 5 million followers, the small average creators can still monetize easily.

Auto caption


Example of the auto caption on TikTok

It allows you to generate subtitles for your content automatically. It is only available for English and Japanese-speaking audiences currently, but it can be expanded worldwide soon. Your viewers can turn this feature on and off.

Live events

TikTok has taken steps to help content creators level up our utilization of the live stream feature. It gives you the ability to schedule and register your followers for live events. This more advanced version of the live stream supports you to plan ahead of time.

TikTok also provides the chance to sell tickets in-app to the virtual TikTok events, send out notifications to your audience before your live events start. Overall, these improvements can encourage creators to be more intentional about how we engage with our community.

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In a nutshell

After wrapping up some different updates of the TikTok algorithm in 2021, Tiktok is gradually expanding its scope of activities and bringing many forms of experience to users. Instead of providing only song and dance routines, this platform brings many new features that are handy for content creators.

If you want to know more about how to monetize with the TikTok algorithm, visit AudienceGain right now. We can support the creators with a bunch of wise advice and committed services for long-term channel development. So sign up at our website immediately for more details.


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