TikTok Trends 2021 – Tips to flow with viral TikTok trends


The trending content is constantly changing to every social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Maybe this week’s trend might not work, but next week, that trend is going to take off. Among those dynamic platforms, TikTok trends 2021 are growing extremely fast and potential. 

6 Different types of TikTok trends 2021

Getting on the For You page not only requires you to follow the trend, but you also need to have a long-term plan to maintain your spot. That is why you should understand what kind of trends will be on TikTok.

Style Trends

It is primarily based on relevant effects or features that usually are found in the TikTok effects library. For example, at the previous time, the “I am a ghost” trend was extremely popular on the Discovery page. It uses the innovative out-of-body feature and comes with a hashtag associated.

You can realize that there usually is a name, phrase, or hashtag related to that trend. 

Keyword trends

It is basically based on a certain phrase or a certain word. Most of these can be found on the Discovery page. In addition, specific brands sponsor many people following this trend.

Or some keyword trends are created to promote a particular app or a song that is debuting. 

Generally, many efforts have been made to make them as share-worthy, as memorable as possible. 

Here are some examples that impacted TikTok culture:#Pepsicanbalance of Pepsi, #inmydenim, #MakeMomSmile, #OOTD, etc. They are not limited to brands or sponsors. The keyword can be a phrase, a common idea, an abbreviation, or an acronym. And the keyword trend represents a lot more than what we see.

Classic trends

This stereotypical trend is recommended to be simple to emphasize. It is rooted in songs and dance routines as TikTok is still a music-centric platform. Music still plays a crucial role in the development of TikTok culture. 


Dancing is common for TikTok trends 2021

Although being saturated and over-utilized the most on TikTok, classic trends are proven to be the freshest stream of new ideas. 

Social/News Trends

This trend has a concise shelf life as it might last for a couple of days. But the news scales quickly and can be viral easily if you capitalize on them early. The social trend can be controversial because it tends to deal with politics, emotional circumstances, world events, etc. So, remember to be cautious with your participation and interpretation.

A couple of notable examples of social or news trends can be the Beirut explosion, the US presidential elections, the great Twitter scandal, the Covid-19 pandemic, etc.   

Compound trends

When you take an element of someone else’s video and add it in some creative ways, you follow the compound trends. This trend includes duets, reactions, stitches, or utilizing someone else’s original audio, etc. And we have to admit that duets are the best expression of compound trends on TikTok. It is the core part when giving someone else the chance to deliver the punchline.

Culture trends

This type of trend also has another name as Power Trend or Challenges, based on competitive performance. One interesting Culture trend is the “bottle cap challenge.” It gained a lot of attention and created a popular trend worldwide. 

Everyone, in some ways, can form a challenge, which does not need to be rooted with any particular songs or sounds. That independent action is easy to be replicated by others, then becomes more advanced from person to person. Culture trends typically are massive, prevalent, and widespread on TikTok.

How to find the TikTok trends in your area?

If you’ve been using TikTok accounts for a while, you know that regional audiences are interested in different content. Therefore, the trend orientation of each place is also different. Then, creators have to keep up with the latest trends on TikTok while checking out the location. Also, you do not have to pay for anything; instead, watching TikTok can help you to get the results of the hottest TikTok trends 2021. 

Here are simple steps to find trends in your area.

  • Go to ads.tiktok.com or tiktok.com/business to enter the TikTok page for Business.
  • Select the top right button, choose the Resources tab, then click Creative Center.
  • When the Creative Center page appears, you scroll down for Inspiration and click on the Popular Trends tab.
  • Find the Region tab below, click Find More to choose your country. 
  • The trends can be arranged by time, region, or be sorted by likes, shares, comments, etc. 

This free feature of TikTok does not require any third-party tools to handle. It gives you a clearer view of famous trends these days, such as fashion, beauty, music, e-commerce, etc. You can consume some of these relevant trends to apply in your content. 

Tips to Catch Up with Up-to-date TikTok flow

A question on TikTok, which is always on the nerve, is: “What is popular right now?” This question makes almost every TikTok creator get anxious about pushing up their content to the For You page. However, there are some tips to overcome this problem.

TikTok features revealing TikTok trends 2021

The first way to find trends is by looking at the suggestions of TikTok itself. Obviously, everyone knows, TikTok requires speed, and it is also the place where all trends develop. It is undeniable that the popularity of many songs comes from remixing music on TikTok. 


The Discover page offers many sounds following TikTok trends 2021.

The Discover page on TikTok provides the popular sounds and the common trends at that time. If you pay more attention, you can see how people exploit that trend and then analyze and apply it. This TikTok feature gives you the kind of content you can create without coming up with any ideas yourself.

Spot the Hashtag to find TikTok Trends 2021

There are usually two to four trending hashtags every single day on TikTok. All you need to do is typing in a hashtag (#) and looking at the results. If the words come up in red, that is the top trend. The ones in blue are trending and sponsored, which means people pay for them. 

You can use those hashtags in your posts and make content similar to whatever those hashtags are. 

Accounts to Follow for Ideas

Content creators should pay attention to the accounts that they follow precisely on other social media for ideas. You can know what influencers are doing and maybe their actions. Their styles can become the next trend. Sometimes, the trends that other people follow can be the perfect examples for you to learn.

Some quick, easy, and fun TikTok trends 2021

You can have some excellent trending content in no time

These universal trends require no editing outside the app with simple effects that you can learn. There will be some viral trends throughout TikTok, whether you are in the niche of dancing, gaming, pet, etc. You can try it out right now.

Album cover


Music is an excellent source of TikTok trends 2021.

Following this trend, you can start with a question, a riddle, or something that needs to be solved or answered in a text on the screen. The song’s name with a picture of the album appearing after is the answer to the posed question. The preparation is effortless, but the result depends on which song or album you pick.

The scarf challenge

Basically, you would wrap a scarf around your face or your head. Then, you are going to have it tucked into your shirt and start pulling it slowly from the underside. Once you finish the video, you can flip it in reverse by using the effects. And the final clip would show a scarf taking over your face.

Slow-motion effect

Currently, Tik Tok is a multitasking application that many young people love to use because of its features and special effects such as slow motion. For example, you can choose the music first and then record or record and add music later. In addition, you can apply a slow-motion effect on any video, such as dancing, reaction, movement, cooking, etc. 

Suggest some useful articles for the development of your tiktok channel

In conclusion

Shortly, TikTok trends 2021 seem to have more changes and breakthroughs, leading to many unique ideas from creators. TikTokers constantly have to brainstorm and reasonably use creativity to find trends, catch up with trends, and create trends.

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