8 TikTok Video Ideas That You Cannot Miss


Whether you have just joined TikTok or have been on this platform for a while, TikTok video ideas are always important and necessary for every content creator. 


Ideas for TikTok

The Cliche TikTok Video Ideas

As we already know, here are some video ideas that help your TikTok go viral in recent years:

  • Dancing: TikTok has become popular for its variety of dance videos. There are many ways to explore this topic: Either you have an exceptional and professional dancing talent, or you can transform dances into laughter for the audience. 
  • Lip-syncing: TikTok is famous for its short lip-sync function, based on available music. To make a lip-sync video that matches every note, you have to remember that piece of music well.

However, those above ideas have become saturated, so let’s consider some hot-off-the-press options below when creating your TikTok videos.

8 Unique Viral TikTok Video Ideas

Starting with “Here is how I did….”

This video statement doesn’t sound like anything special, but it can create a significant response from the audience. For example, a 45-second video can begin with “Here is how I tied my shoes with one hand,” or a 30-second clip with “Here is my bottle flipping result.


TikTok video ideas about how you can do daily tasks in life.

These are short videos talking about the real experience of TikTok users. It can be humorous when describing an ordinary action with unusual results. But, on the other hand, it can be a challenge to get viewers involved. So even the most mundane things that can be accidentally overlooked daily can become the hottest topic in a month.

It is recommended that after showing the key point on-screen or after you present it by yourself, you should jump into the question right away. The time between 18 and 22 seconds works well with this topic.

Music list

Having the music playing in the background or listing out your favorite artists in a specific order is one of the most wonderful TikTok video ideas. If you have good taste in music, it would be perfect for you to create this video format and add your own opinion on it.


TikTok top songs

The question is why it can be expanding very quickly. Firstly, it takes advantage of the popular sound. Secondly and most importantly, it gets high watch time since that list makes people watch till the end. Then, the comment section can quickly go crazy on these types of videos.

One tip for this idea is putting the order on the screen; then, people might want to join the debate about your ranking and strongly give their comments. 

For example, if you put Kendrick over Kanye as a better rapper, Kanye’s fan base would go into your comment sections and express displeasure. But that’s just the attitude of a group of audience. You won’t have to worry about negative comments if you know how to handle them properly.

Overall, becoming a topic of decision is a good factor for your channel to be known by more people.


Specifically, one of the TikTok video ideas is unboxing new tech products and showing how they look when used. So, for example, you can show the process of unboxing a famous book delivered by Amazon. And you add on some comments on external aspects of the book and Amazon’s warranty shipping service.


Unboxing is simple to record on TikTok.

When making these videos, you should have sharp, quick cuts at different camera angles. It keeps the viewer watch until the end. Thus, you are hooking the viewers again and again. 

Lifestyle as TikTok video ideas

Another TikTok idea is posting relatable lifestyles. It is about sharing thoughts, opinions, and situations in real life. Here are two popular topics to discuss.

Talking about a day at work

This idea mentions what it is like when working at your job. Maybe one specific job is popular with many people, but each person’s feelings are different. So don’t hesitate to share your views.

For example, as a real estate agent, you can share what it is like to work at the subway and its bad sides during quarantine. Or, as a salesman, you can share your own experience about how to deal with mean customers.

Talking about high school/college life

You know that students occupy the most significant demographic on TikTok, and they are incredibly loyal to each other. That means they are dedicated in the sense of engagement, comments, likes, and shares. 


Student life gives interesting TikTok video ideas.

For example, if you post a video where you get caught sneaking out by your parents. The youngsters in this age group would completely understand this feeling when being with the helicopter parents. 

Other relatable situations could be about “How you get distracted when being on zoom calls?” or “What makes you nervous when being on these zoom calls?

One notable trick for this TikTok video idea is posting short clips in the time frame from 7 PM until night. Students are primarily at school during the day, and they tend to sleep very late at midnight. If they are not hanging out with friends, they might be busy scrolling down their news feeds. 


Gaming TikTok channels perform well, and this niche is promising in the future. The new Xbox and the new PlayStation, which are still pretty new to the public, provide a growing potential TikTok video idea.


TikTok game time

One thing that makes a big difference in the gaming niche on TikTok: you should use vertical videos and show your face on the screen. 

Let’s imagine your viewers see your video pop up on your pages. They are going to remember you. If you refuse to appear on the Internet, you can have something specific such as the logo in the top left part of the screen or using the same shade in every video. It would help much in building relationships with your audience.

Tutorials “How to”

This type of video is becoming more popular on TikTok. There are many exciting examples: 

  • How to invest in the stock market for dummies.
  • How to edit my YouTube video.
  • How to prepare a week’s meal.
  • How to have a perfect presentation, etc.

Teaching your viewers something entertainingly and shortly, with a straightforward method, always receives good feedback. 


Transformation seems to be a fresh idea to create videos on TikTok. As humans, we love subconsciously seeing progress as individuals, also witnessing the outcomes of the hard work of others. If there is a project that you are working on, or if there is an obstacle you are attempting to overcome, you should consider documenting that progress in a TikTok video.

Let’s say in the beauty or cosmetic landscape, showing the face before and after make-up could be an art. Or starting with a blank canvas, you establish a time-lapse of your hands, creating a beautiful artistic design. Another suggestion could be showing how you learn a specific hip-hop dance. It begins with you at the dancing space on the first day, and gradually the second, the third day. It gives the most favorable view of your perseverance.


Timelapse is an excellent choice to show dramatic progress.

Time-lapse can be the niche that viewers get addicted to. It showed when you started and what you have completed so far. Transformations truly are some of the most powerful structures of content for increasing watch time.

Movies and TV niche

Here is another resource that gives you many views of content. People usually have opinions on these topics. For example, many viewers post clips about the movies and talk about how overrated the motif can be. Then, the comment section will have quite many compliments and opinions, which leads to the increase of watch time.

There are two video formats that you can do for this specific niche. The first is recording yourself expressing your feelings with the related background behind. The second type shows the actual video going on in the background, while you can add your text to the screen. 

To develop this TikTok idea, you do not need to use any external editing software. It would be a waste of time to edit a 60-second clip to provide only one specific comment on a movie scene. 

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Dare to be different to find TikTok video ideas in your own way

After going through several TikTok video ideas above, you might get a bunch of helpful tips to work on with this platform.

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