TikTok For You tricks – Quick Tips to Get on For You Page 2021


By the end of this article, you will understand several efficient TikTok For You tricks and make sure that every video you post reaches the expected views. But, most importantly, you can get the followers and build the community you are trying to achieve on TikTok.

TikTok is the number one opportunity on social media to develop a business and a brand. There is no other platform where you can as quickly and easily get exposure immediately. 

The quickest way to go viral on this social media is to get on the TikTok For You Page. But, unfortunately, the powerful For You Page does not exist on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, and it can take anybody from zero to millions overnight.

Many content creators might see a decrease in For You Pageviews, or they haven’t got on the whole page at all without knowing the primary reasons. It would be best if you dived deeper to understand this problem. 

What is TikTok For You Page (FYP)?

TikTok is becoming a huge advertising platform like Facebook or Instagram. The For You Page matters a lot because 99% of people consume their content and spend all their time there. 

The main aim of this page is to keep people on TikTok for a more extended time. This page is straightforward. It is a way of TikTok pushing out content to its users that looks good enough as previous successful videos. 

The Importance of TikTok For You Page and TikTok For You tricks

Many people seem to overlook TikTok as they do not realize that every single video is tested on the For You Page. Most users think that this kind of testing will never happen. However, many videos are briefly put on the For You Page and then taken off by TikTok when they do not successfully pass the point system. 


FYP on TikTok

The system means that you earn points for different actions such as video completion, the percentage of people who re-watch the video again, likes, shares, comments, etc. All of those give you points.

If you do not get any of them in the first couple of moments after posting your video, the For You Page will remove your content. So you must get more points ultimately.

Which factors determine whether your video can appear on For You Page?

Let’s consider these factors affecting the TikTok For You Page.

The limitation of your profile

One problem that prevents you from getting on For You Page is the violation or a series of negative actions. It can be mass deleting as removing 5 to 10 videos of your profile, repurposing branded content, or mass reporting from viewers.

Hitting the wrong metrics

These metrics are the keys to push your video to the audience. When our fan base is not sharing your content or does not follow the video all along, then, logically, TikTok would refuse to let your video be on top. There are thousands of other content creators on TikTok, so it is hard for you to hold your position in this situation.

And if you want to take a break for several weeks, which means stopping posting your videos for a month, the difficulty you will have to face will be the lack of engagement.

Restricted elements of your video 

These elements can lie between the hashtags, the copyrights that mute your video or a keyword TikTok does not promote. For example, the word “suicide” is not suitable on this platform, so TikTok would not push any video relating to this word on the For You Page.

TikTok For You tricks and tips

After knowing the problems you may face, TikTokers must find ways to break through the barrier to bring traffic to your profile. Here is some TikTok For You tricks that are helpful.

Posting at the right time

Each TikTok account operates at a different time frame, and the audience will also be online at different time frames. Therefore, to appear in the eyes of suitable viewers, you must analyze the market. That is why you should have a creator account to access the analytics and the content part. 


Best time to post on TikTok

Pay attention to your trending videos for the last seven days and ask yourself the question: What time were those videos posted? It would be better if you note down the time within 30 to 45 minutes of the direct time. If you continuously do this task for 7-10 days, you will have more visible results regarding the prime time to post on TikTok.

Targeting the right audience to apply the TikTok For You tricks 

If your video receives zero views, or your newest clip has too low views than the previous ones, TikTok would suspect this situation. The TikTok algorithm might assume that your content is no longer qualified enough to be introduced to the viewers or is no right audience for your content. So your video would not appear on the For You Page.


What should you do when receiving decreasing views?

What you need to do is improve your content:

  • You should consider changing the type of content.
  • Try using trending sounds on your video.
  • Make sure that you are taking advantage of the trending features.
  • Suggestions for you: 8 TikTok Video Ideas That You Cannot Miss

For example, the duets and the stitches are crazily famous these days. And if your content is not related to these trends, TikTok will push away your video from the For You Page. 

Creative opening of TikTok video

That very first couple of moments are the keys. With a clip of only 30-45 seconds, you can’t get to the point with a long story. 

Some creators might get furious with the question: How to make an interesting open loop? It is about creating curiosity, making people want to keep watching your video till the end. 

The best option is starting with a question or putting a little teaser out. Ask the audience questions in the caption; this action can make them think and click to watch the video. Or close the video with an open sentence, encouraging your viewers to leave their comments.


Innovative TikTok opening.

All of these above are the powerful TikTok For You tricks to get more completion rates and a higher percentage of re-watches.

Creating an engagement pod with your TikTok friends

Here is a familiar situation that happens when you see videos popping up on the For You Page. If that video has zero likes and no comments, we automatically assume it must not be suitable or do not know its value. As humans, TikTok users are likely to watch a video that has already received significant attention. 

So, to get on the For You Page, you should cooperate with your TikTok friends to handle this problem. To be more specific, once a day, several TikTokers can connect, also support friends by liking, viewing, and sharing videos of others. So, if you are in a TikTok group of 10 to 20 people, you are in the right place. 

However, it would be best to keep in mind that this engagement has to be profitable for everyone. If one person shows their unpromising actions, you couldn’t get the expected results. Therefore, before joining any engagement group, you have to clarify the aim and activities that the members should follow.

Responding to the first people commenting on your video 

To increase audience engagement, many people will try to reply to every comment. Answering 100 comments is a big step to show your engagement with users. TikTok indeed highly considers this action, but it is not easy to follow this task entirely. The answer is focusing on a few comments appearing right after you post your clip. As your video going live, the first commenters have a considerable impact on the reach of your content.


Comments are valuable on TikTok

If you like, reply or even follow back the first person that leaves some words in the comment section, everyone can see that you are connected with your audience. It also brings one trustworthy social proof to the TikTok algorithm on every single of your videos. It is one of the handy TikTok For You tricks for content creators.

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In conclusion

To summarize, every content creator cannot get into this platform without the TikTok For You tricks to reach thousands of followers and non-stop engagement. It would help if you remembered the key points include posting the right content at the right time, with the proper description, and having a good hook to get engagement.

But there are still many more TikTok tips that you can get from the consultants at AudienceGain. In addition, we offer a wide range of trustworthy services and committed supporters. So, sign up at our website immediately to explore how to help your TikTok grow fast.


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