TikTok tips and tricks for beginners 2021


If you are a new TikToker and still struggling with the problem: How to skyrocket your channel growth in 2021, then you should take a look at these TikTok tips below to figure out the best tricks that are suitable for you.


How to develop a beginner’s TikTok channel with many features?

TikTok beginners troubles

Here are some fundamental issues that TikTok beginners usually encounter. 

  • Not following trends: There are quite many people refusing to get into the trends. They think the trends would easily fade away, and the viewers would come back to traditional ones.
  • Not staying up to date on trends: Some people try to go with the trends, but they cannot keep up with the new trending things. 
  • Trying to create the trends by themselves: This decision is quite dangerous with newbies. They can be confident about their skills, but it is still quite vague for them to understand correctly about their audience. 

TikTok has various trends.

If you are using TikTok, you do not want to miss any part of the viral. So, the best way to succeed as a TikToker is continually adapting to the new platform and the latest trends.

8 Tips and Tricks for TikTok beginners

Here are some TikTok tips and tricks to grow your channel quickly.

Create and optimize your profile

The first step in being successful on TikTok is creating your profile and optimizing it. If you want to prioritize your TikTok, remember to add your other channel links to your bio. For example, they could be Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook links.

TikTok would redirect the viewers to the channel you provide, leading to a much higher chance of following and engagement. 


TikTok bio is important.

Make sure that you construct a bio similar to how you introduce yourself on other social profiles. It is better to include some keywords and some information about the value you will provide. 

In general, TikTok is a more casual platform than others, So, you do not need to be overly professional, even if the main aim of your TikTok is to promote your brand or business.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit silly or add a joke in the channel description. Keeping everything about you as real as possible is one of the TikTok tips to give the audience a pretty good impression of you.

Plan your first videos carefully

The next tip is your first 3 or 5 videos on TikTok might need more care and investment from you. 


Creating the first TikTok videos takes more time.

“Start posing right away. Then, start experimenting to see what your audiences seem to like. Finally, explore various interesting features of TikTok.” This advice sounds pretty practical, but if you want your TikTok to grow fast, you should put more effort into planning and strategizing.

The first pieces of content are essential because they can be the huge determining factors. How much engagement your future videos get will also be decided from them.

People should consider it a testing ground of TikTok to find out if your profile is worthy enough. Some questions that you should go over are: How long can your videos keep people on the platform? Can they build audience engagement? Etc.

Then, look into deeper issues about the values you can provide, how you can be relatable to your audience, and your best ideas that can go viral right after some first posting. 

The widespread mistake that every TikTok beginner might have is misdirection. Having no direction, they quickly upload trending clips without genuinely understanding their importance to their channel. They can promptly gain much attention, but it is hard to keep that number of followers without a plan.

Make sure to be consistent with your value right the first time you upload any video on TikTok. It can be entertainment, education, life hacks, etc. But no matter what the topic is, it can provide a better chance of growing your profile quickly if you stick to it initially.

Please refer to this article to get the best ideas for your tiktok videos.

TikTok tips with ideas: Being a passionate consumer first

The idea is always the problem that many content creators struggle with. Thousands of funny and creative videos appearing on TikTok make every beginner a bit overwhelmed. 

But you also need to understand that the trend on TikTok stays on top for a short time. After a month, your video might not be attractive anymore. TikTok content does not require necessary reactions, but it focuses on frequency to stay relevant on the platform.

So, one easy way for TikTok newbies to create ideas is by getting inspiration from other videos. When you come across something that you find particularly funny, interesting, or you think it could be repurposed to suit your brand, send that TikTok to yourself. Then, you can go back to this thread of video ideas about your niche to create some content. 


Spend more time on Tiktok for the sake of market research.

The familiar trends usually perform well at the beginning. And it can be more fascinating if you add some unexpected difference at the ending. Any good TikTok viral always has the setup then brings surprises to the audiences. 

For those who typically provide educational information, knowledge, or advice, you can start quickly by recording yourself talking in front of the camera or having text showing up on the screen.

It is unnecessary that all of your content has to be trend-chasing. But it would be helpful for any creator in any niche to follow the TikTok trends and take advantage of the relevant content. As you know all the culture, rhetoric, and structure of this platform, you will realize what the TikTok viewers are looking for.

Use storytelling to create better video

Storytelling is a powerful tool that every content creator should have. Because stories can bring emotional responses from the audiences, you can make them take action when you make people feel something. And their action is what creators want.

Starting with simple videos about a student’s life is also easy to get sympathy from students. Or videos about how you take care of your pet are also uncomplicated to get a lot of attention from the animal-loving community.


Storytellings are the solid TikTok tips.

This method is both suitable for branding and can also be used for selling products. For example, to convey a message to the audience to buy a drink, 60 seconds TikTok can tell a story related to the practicality of that drink in everyday life. 

Get a Pro account

You should see the task of switching your account to pro in the settings section. This option allows you to access the analytics. You will have a more comprehensive knowledge of your followers, how your content works, what is behind the scenes of our TikTok account, etc. 


TikTok pro account

From that knowledge, you can tailor your TikTok strategy to get the best results. For example, you can find out who your most active audience is, where they are from, which hours they can engage the most. Then, based on that, you can post content multiple times a day.

Diversify the hashtags

The hashtag is an effective tool to help your video be introduced more to the audience. But don’t waste hashtags when it’s not relevant to the main content of your video. 

For example, if your video is about ‘How to build and grow a TikTok channel for beginners,’ you should hashtag things like #TikTok tips for beginners, #TikTok tips and tricks, etc.

Comment on every video you watch

After watching a video and you have a crazy idea or overflowing emotions about it, you should comment right below the video. If that idea or your word is unique and makes many people agree with you, your comment will go viral.

In this free-to-speak platform, you might get more followers than you expect. Also, getting involved or making friends through this fun app is effectively helpful for you. So, don’t hesitate to express your thoughts, your reactions to any video you watch on TikTok.

Start with small steps is one of the most simple TikTok tips

Getting out of your comfort zone might sound terrifying, but it is the most necessary step that every beginner must take. So one piece of advice is as soon as you feel overwhelmed, take the small but solid steps. 

Get ready by setting yourself a realistic schedule. For example, if five posts a day is a big challenge, start with five posts a week. Once getting used to the routine, you can gradually adjust the number of posts per week and per day. In the end, posting daily would become your activities every day.

Some articles you need to know to improve your level on tiktok:

In a nutshell

There are many TikTok tips and tricks that content creators can apply to develop their channels faster. If you want to explore more ways to connect with the target audience and boost your channel influence, don’t hesitate to communicate with AudienceGain. 

We provide multiple services that meet your needs and offer you better advice from support specialists. Sign up now to find the best way to develop your TikTok in the long term!

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