The top best TikTok tips and tricks that you may never think of 


Creators always come up with continuous TikTok tips and tricks for entertainment purposes, as well as providing information to TikTok users. As a platform for short videos, this succession of consecutively making more content is arguably a must for the creator’s success.

On the other hand, thanks to those efforts, TikTok has had an explosion in daily traffic. It has proven  to be one of the most popular social platforms today with over 1.65 billion downloads (as of June 2020). It currently ranks 6th among the largest social platforms in the world, surpassing Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter.

Not only is it considered a food for the mind and highly entertaining, but the Tiktok social network is also considered a “promised land” for advertising activities as well.

With such impressive numbers mentioned below, you’ll definitely want to be a part of it. Read this article to find more unique ideas for your TikTok account.

#1: Upload videos regularly


Daily uploading is the best optimal method

TikTok videos are usually very short. You will not waste much time recording many times and besides, editing can be done right on your phone thanks to the unique features of adding filters and background music to the videos of this platform.

As a result, the best way to stay engaged with the audiences and gain new followers is to produce content at least once a day. The more videos you make, the more likely you are to gain new potential viewers.

If you can drive your average viewership up, you’ll see even more with a larger number of new users!

#2: Leverage everything

You may have noticed that famous Tik Tok influencers don’t record video in a dirty bedroom or under lack of light. Some creators actually use professional equipment to make their videos look as captivating as possible.


Level up your filming equipment

There’s no reason you can’t create an outdoor-recording TikTok video. Try performing your song in public to spur other people’s reactions and use unique sets as you travel by pre-recording interesting landmarks.

Furthermore, if you’re allowed to use your phone at school, recording at lunch or recess could be a great time to incorporate your classmates in skits and videos.

On the other hand, while recording at home, you can easily change the background of your room by turning off the lights. Pick some red or blue lights to give your room a different feeling when you make the video.

Since your friends (or anyone else) aren’t always ready to shoot a video for you (and maybe their shooting technique isn’t that great), invest in one of the best tripods for reducing the video’s shakiness.

Buying a good lighting device is also not a bad idea, as it can make your video more engaging and compelling to watch.

You should also consider getting an external microphone. Smartphone cameras don’t have the best sound quality and they often pick up background noises.

#3: Follow the trend and join the challenges


TikTok’s #WipeItDown challenge

Just like Instagram and Twitter, Tik Tok uses hashtags to denote the most trendy topics. We highly recommend that you should create unique content, but you can still participate in challenges or trends on TikTok on your own.

To be more detailed, there is a very popular trend on TikTok that is not completely outdated right now, to the point that there are hundreds, thousands of videos of TikTok users perfecting these videos to the next level – the transition videos.

There’s an entire community on TikTok dedicating this kind of content and those videos are going insane. Basically, this trend is initiated by those “glow-up” videos, when the girls are shooting their bare face and the shot right after that is their sparkling, careful makeup.

Now, over the past few years, transition videos have gone crazier and crazier. TikTok creators literally figure out how to rotate their heads, teleport around their backyards, switch outfits, throw a sneaker to the sky and in the next second it lands right on their feets and so much more.

If you’re looking for some ideas to be a TikTok transition expert, Nichole was one of the first influencers to embrace the trend of dress transformation. With more than 500,000 followers on TikTok, her “outfit ideas for today” video has inspired a whole new wave of fashion-related content on TikTok.

#4: Just dance the night away! – the never-out-of-date tips and tricks


#Coronavirusdance from Vietnam

Charli D’Amelio became a public figure with the most followers on TikTok thanks to her dancing skills on popular music tracks. Her first video went viral and according to D’Amelio herself, it was a duet with @movewithjoy. “Want to complete a dance challenge, but aren’t ready to spend a week learning to dance?” – that was the question the blogger set as the title in the video and D’Amelio enjoys doing some simple dance over and over again after Joy.

Because of the popularity and ease of learning of simple dance moves, you don’t need to be a skilled dancer or choreographer to nail down this content. Besides, you can perfect your dancing skills by making lots of videos like that.

TikTok users love dancing and as music is a prerequisite for the platform, so you’ll see a lot of that on the For You Page (FYP). Whether you’re doing serious lip sync videos or funny skits, users love reacting to the dance.

If you’re good at it, think of your own habits for popular songs. If dancing isn’t your strongest quality, just have fun and use silly moves to engage your audience.

Lots of popular challenges and hashtags that use a specific dance move. Therefore, make sure to study these movements and practice them by looking at the examples before completing them yourself.

#5: Duet


TikTok duet feature

Partnering with other TikTok creators is a great way to expand your fan base, as well as help your content reach new audiences.

It is best to do duet performance with users with a similar number of followers. If you have around 100 followers, you should try collaborating with another user having the same number of followers . As you gain more followers, you can start collaborating with those who are more well-known.

In case you can’t manage to partner up with some of the reputed creators to help increase your platform’s visibility, you can totally turn to your friends to do a dance cover as well or do really humorous lips sync is also a very good idea.

On top of that, TikTok also provides a feature that allows you to perform with other users without having to meet face to face, so use it well to make compelling collabs.

#6: Upgrade your photography skill


Better photography skill for better TikTok shots

To create videos like the many prominent TikTok influencers, you will need to learn the basics of photography and improve your camera skills (even if you’re just using a smartphone). By understanding the essentials deeply, you can start shooting professional-looking videos.

Moreover, before you start filming, make sure you get rid of all the distractions around. That means tidying up your room or moving to a quieter area.

You also need to keep the autofocus and exposure settings steady on your phone’s camera. Otherwise, the phone will continuously adjust focus and lighting, making your footage look very amateurish.

#7: Select the right time frame


Posting videos at the prime time for better visibility

There’s a holy formula that always works on any social platforms to draw more attention and interactions, which is the right content + the right audience + the right time = success. You can also apply this equation on TikTok pretty easily as well.

Once you switch to TikTok pro account, you are able to look at data resulting from your video’s performance in Analytics. You can check which time frame when your audience is the most active, then manage to post videos around that time.

Take a note of this, this feature is not available for at least 10 days after upgrading to a TikTok pro account, so don’t be so impatient and you’re going to see the analytics you want.

#8: Original videos are still highly appreciated – key tips and tricks for TikTok success


Cooking content can be seen as original

If you post the same type of content as everyone else, you won’t attract as many followers. You need to find a way to make yourself stand out on Tik Tok, whether that’s what you wear, how you act or the skits you make.

The fact that you add your own personality to each video is sometimes effectively sufficient to attract more audiences.

Currently, there is a large number of people posting lip sync and dance videos on Tik Tok. While you can still post these types of videos from time to time, if you’re trying to attract new followers, this option isn’t very ideal.

Want to know more about TikTok tips and tricks to get viral?

Whether you are a newbie or have used the platform for a while, the above mentioned TikTok tips and tricks will definitely make your experience better.

In the future, TikTok will launch more features to the community so don’t forget to check the more articles from AudienceGain as we will regularly update the tactics with the latest and awesome TikTok ideas.

Leave a comment right below if you have any questions on this post and happy TikTok-ing!

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