9 Huge TikTok Mistakes That Creators Need to Stop Making in 2021


Many unexpected TikTok mistakes end up hampering the chances of going viral with original content and getting a significant fraction on the For You page. Let’s take a closer look at nine typical faults that every TikToker might encounter and how to fix them.


TikTok Mistakes and How to fix them

‘Supply more than demand’ is a common TikTok mistake

Why can this issue happen?

According to some articles, more creators on the TikTok landscape actively output content than simple viewers looking to watch the video. Many creators might see a decrease in views suddenly because their followers’ attention span is being spread too thin across too many videos. You can’t burn out their interest by posting six, seven, or ten times a day, since they have a limited attention span. They will lose interest. 


Too many uploaded videos per day can make viewers feel overwhelmed.

On TikTok, you need to focus on creating demand for it, in other words, quality over quantity. 

How to fix it?

First of all, if you are uploading five or six videos a day consistently. It would be better if you cut that back to around two or three videos per day. It is about an hour’s worth of content creation in one day.

Secondly, you should choose one day per week to be called the ‘power day.’ That means you only post one video on that day to be devoted exclusively to it. You can try to put extra effort into the idea, level up the lighting, enhance the video structure, write out the script, etc. Simply going above and beyond what you usually do can fix this TikTok mistake. 

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Not leverage breakthrough content

Why is it a TikTok mistake?

When talking about achieving your breakthrough video, it usually is the first video with over a hundred, thousand, or a million views. 


A clear trend can cause a breakthrough video.

A common occurrence amongst creators is they don’t take advantage of all the extra traffic from the viral video on the profile. If it is only an extra couple hundred views than usual, there is still something worth continuing. But many successful creators unintentionally ignore that relation and start the cycle of doing new things.

How to fix it?

  • A brief review after every two weeks is necessary for creators to look back at the last videos uploaded. They can see what is worth continuing, what is not receiving traction on TikTok, and figure out what TikTok mistakes they have encountered. 
  • When a video does well, your profile will gain new attention, and it would be best to redirect that traffic to the rest of your content. The method is doing part two of a series, utilizing the same visual effect, reacting to a similar video.
  • After getting a video that doubles your standard view ratios, you can try to create three new uploads around that concept. 

Some creators tend to diversify the content too much

Why can this situation happen?

It is assumed that building a community by sticking to one main idea is easy to follow. All you have to do is keep consistency with relevant hashtags, topics, and keywords. However, the often mistake is when creators are spread too thin across 2 or 3 different ideas. It happens when you have a viral video that gets 3 million views and 15 thousand new followers overnight. As being too confident for this breakthrough, you want to extend your niche while carrying the risk of losing followers who are concerned about your previous niche. 

How to fix this TikTok mistake?


Focus on your specific niche.

TikTok algorithm works to reach and launch your content to new audiences on the For You page. So, you need to engage those who are following you first. The integration of new ideas is necessary, but you should not stray too far out of your niche as a general rule.  

It is not encouraged to only output ‘crutch content

What is ‘crutch content’?

The TikTok algorithm is starting to prioritize more original content, visuals, and audio. Because nowadays, it is rare to see a video with over 10 million views on the TikTok For You page doing completely different things. It is called the ‘crutch content.’

TikTok is meant to be an extension of your creativity and message, but it should not be the source of it all. 

How to fix it?

It is strongly recommended that every creator should balance between content tapping into TikTok culture and your unique nuances. This platform culture is about duets, stitches, or any relevant trends. And the followers follow you for who you are, not necessarily what you do. 

Overlooking the follower retention is making a TikTok mistake

What is follower retention?

Your engagement ratio is the percentage of followers who actively like, comment, and share your daily uploads. TikTok expects the engagement ratio to increase on your videos as well. The way to understand the TikTok algorithm is how you continue to add followers to your profile. That is why the pursuit of most creators is the follower attraction. 

But it is only one-half of the equation. Another aspect that TikTokers usually forget is follower retention. In other words, it is about how to engage the current fan base, which is the key to unlocking TikTok growth on the For You page. 

Your first five videos tend to go viral because TikTok rewards your original, and you do not have to meet the standard of a fan base yet. This TikTok mistake is easy to make if you start your channel with educational qualified content or entertainment.   

How to fix this issue?

The first way to increase your engagement ratio is to change up your environment. Your audiences are easy to get disengaged if all your content looks the same. You are wearing the same outfit, performing the same actions in every single video. Nothing is going to stand out on your grid without some novel changes. 

The second piece of advice is to return to your best-performing videos. The audiences you have right now are, particularly for a few videos. Then ask yourself: What was the peak of your engagement on your profile? Then try to recreate some of those concepts to help you maintain your fans. 

Moreover, you can request engagement actions. Prompting your audiences and encouraging them to super like your video, leave their thoughts in the form of a comment or share the video. You can ask questions in captions or use text bubbles to encourage your viewers to comment. Or buying TikTok followers from trustworthy providers with committed follower retention is also a good choice. All reactions can dramatically increase the likelihood of your content hitting the For You page. 

TikTok is not a competition

How can people see TikTok?

If you see other channels on TikTok as competition, you are making a substantial TikTok mistake. Using this platform is not a zero-sum game. The more quality content that we put on TikTok, the more time others spend watching videos. It proves that the content is getting excellent, the user’s experience is better. 

How to fix this problem?

Content creators on TikTok should set a mindset to see others’ spaces as places to learn and explore. Users of the TikTok community should support and collaborate. Creator connection is never out of date.

Refuse to show your whole body

What will happen if viewers see the full body of creators on the video?

There is a subtle psychological TikTok mistake if you do not want to appear from head to toe in your product. It is not something that most people even realize that showing your whole body in videos, no matter what you look like, can build trust from your audience. 

How to fix it?

Simply, you need to pay attention to this matter. Take a look and watch your video before publishing it. If you feel the video is not good enough, some cuts do not show your full body, so you can use your phone, use the timer, and other props to edit it.

The final video needs to show your best effort to the viewers, and you can perfect the clip with multiple TikTok editing hacks on the platform itself.

Focus too much on the metrics

The metrics are not the only decisive factor

While the metrics can be a helpful indication of how effectively you are communicating, they can be incredibly misleading. And the TikTok algorithm has some changes, requiring creators to focus less on the short term and more on the long term. So, the metrics show only data that reflects the audience’s current interactions.

What should TikToker do?

It would help if you shifted from focusing on the short-term metrics to the long-term game of consistently putting out great content. If you invest your passion, desire to create a space of joy and gratitude, you have more chances to receive reasonable responses from your audience. 

Bad lighting is known as a typical TikTok mistake

Why is lighting important?

Lighting matters more than you think. First of all, it directly affects the visual, the images that you provide to the audience. An excellent background, but the low light can’t bring out its beauty ultimately. Second, it gives the wrong impression of your video to the audience. The viewers will not highly appreciate videos that are not visually invested. They will assume that you are not interested in filming that clip.


Lighting matters a lot in TikTok video.

How to fix it?

As everyone knows, TikTok does not require sharp, professional images like YouTube or Instagram. So, you can still find suitable lighting sources of good quality. 

The first is the natural sunlight. You can choose a position next to a window if you want to tell a story, or a place outside under daylight can be suitable if you’re going to take a challenge.

Another source of great lighting is the daylight bulb, which can be used inside your room. It represents natural, bright, pure light and hardly gets hot. 

In conclusion

Shortly, when creating any video, you will inevitably encounter TikTok mistake. What you need to do is be prepared to face those difficulties and be ready to correct them as soon as you receive suggestions from others.

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