How to blow up on TikTok in 2021?


During the course of this pandemic season, TikTok has had all the hallmarks of a mini gold rush of attention. It is the vein in the currency of the platform. There are many opportunities, and we all want a big piece of it, and many questions are formed: How to blow up on TikTok? What is the process? How to pick a niche? What is unique about me?


How to blow up on TikTok?

Why do you need to make your TikTok viral?

TikTok is an extremely popular social networking platform today. With its simple-to-use and powerful viral features, TikTok is becoming a handy money-making tool. And for all content creators, TikTok viral is getting more and more important because:

  • The TikTok algorithm and data set will keep getting better in the near future, and are hard to be beaten by any other platform. Its straightforward platform algorithm gives users the ability to distribute the content they love, at the same time increase the revenue creators receive. 
  • The micro-cultures on TikTok are widely expanded among content users by highly accurate connections. There seems to be no clear divide between users from many regions of the world, and they can quickly gain more followers than on any other platform.

When it comes to growing on social media, the basic formula for virality must be excellent content in front of the right people at the right time. 

How to blow up on TikTok with several effective hacks 

To grow effectively and efficiently on TikTok, the creators need to be adopting the same mindset: What content is my audience most interested in? How can I, to the best of my ability, integrate those ideas into my future videos? 

Check out several TikTok hacks to spice up the growth efforts for your channel.

Check your follower’s watch history

Spying on the TikTok user’s viewing does not sound like an advanced feature. It allows you to browse every video that your audiences have interacted with. But this feature comes in handy when you can see what videos, on average, receive the most attention from your audience.

To access these statistics, you go to your TikTok Setting part, choose Analytics, and the Follower tab. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see three videos that are the most common denominator between your fanbase. And it is not only limited to videos. You can also see what sounds have been most popular in their feeds as well. This Analytics feature of TikTok helps you tailor your content, making it related to what most of your followers are engaging with. 


Three prominent clips to your audiences.

It would help if you remembered that with social media, the entire point of the platform from an algorithmic perspective is to retain the audience as much as possible. So it is the objective of every color you choose for your video, every placement of buttons, the ease of access to videos, etc. 

After checking on your follower’s collective viewing history, you should consider creating something similar because that is the social proof about audience engagement on this platform.

Use username clarity 

How to blow up on TikTok if you are a creator that has poorly optimized usernames? Can you still have millions of followers? The answer is yes, but it usually takes a small number of users. However, the vast majority of prominent creators on TikTok do have one thing in common: a simple, unpunctuated username. And it does massively help. 


A clear username is recommended on TikTok.

In general, a perfect username will keep the following suggestions in mind. These are guidelines to help people with ease of remembrance of your username. If you have a vast fanbase, your username is perhaps poorly optimized with multiple periods, multiple underscores, and a series of numbers. However, it would not be recommended to change the name because your audiences already know you for that name. 

An easy-to-remember name is helpful for people who want to come back to a specific account after losing it on the For You page. So, it would help if you considered carefully choosing a username before planning a strategy for channel development.

  • Using your name or a short nickname. 
  • Using a phrase to represent your brand.
  • Avoid punctuation such as periods, underscores because those tend to detract from the ease of remembrance of your username.
  • The shorter, the better.
  • Using some rhyme scheme.
  • Adding the word ‘the’ before your name if that name is already taken. Or adding ‘the’ before your profession. 

Pause games

Forcing engagement is not highly recommended to TikTokers. The best kind of follower that you can attain is someone who saw your content, was impressed, and followed you for it. Even follower buying services also develop based on this criterion. However, a little bit of a shortcut to get more audience is the Pause Game, which is a great way to boost engagement and increase watch time. 


Go go viral on TikTok with Pause games.

We can understand this game as a trend where a message is flashed on the screen for a fraction of a second. The users are encouraged to pause the video at the right time to read the hidden message. It is not usually easy to do, so it gets viewers re-watching your video multiple times. 

This game impacts engagement because a lot of people will end up liking your video by accidentally double-tapping it in the process. Every tap signals to the TikTok algorithm that someone is physically engaged with the video, thus giving it a push. 

The video used in pause games is typically short. It almost takes about 8 seconds and still gets ten million-plus views. So maybe it is just a regular video with simple text bubbles on screen for a split second. Or you can mention in your video that there is a hidden message somewhere to encourage active participation of the audience and not just passively watching it without engagement.

The takeaway the content creators should consider is how to blow up on TikTok with quick reactions integrating into your videos. 

Incentivize engagement

Going viral on this platform is not the prominent decisive factor of TikTok success. Because you can have a huge fan base, but the dead community and no brand or sponsors will not work in the long run. So the engagement should be highly prioritized.

There are three different forms of TikTok engagement: likes, shares, comments, and tagging. 


Comments indirectly affect watch time, and you can start this simple method right away. For example, the video owner can ask questions in the captions to encourage people to comment, or the creators can comment on the comments section to start a discussion. 


Another way is sharing. From a tactical standpoint, if people natively, organically are not pushing your video out there by sharing it, distributing it onto their social feeds, the TikTok algorithm will have no reason to push your content forward. It will lead to no established interest, and people do not find it unique enough to share.


Sharing and commenting are important on TikTok.

Send solutions

As a content creator, you can visually and verbally ask your audiences to share your video. But one concept or one video idea that optimizes the Share function is to send solutions.

This type of video can be prevalent, and every TikTok user must encounter it at least once. The video gives solutions to the problem and encourages the viewers to send that message to someone dealing with the same problem. It can be clever and hilarious ideas as well.

Briefly, if you can convey a concept with intent for a specific person, then the viewer will push it out for you.

Hyper-target your audiences

This aspect of TikTok has improved substantially over the past few months. However, TikTok is not a search engine like YouTube or Google. So, putting the right content in front of the right people might confuse the algorithm and the creators. 

Every single person has a viral idea that deserves millions of views on it. But lack of progress happens when that idea is shown to a select few people who have no interest in it. And there is no growth being built. So to classify your video better, hashtags, captions, songs, and sounds need to be relevant to your particular audiences. 

You can gain viral TikTok with thousands of views and followers in clear, understandable, and actionable content.

In a nutshell

Quality, views, and quantity on TikTok are generally known as the most critical factors for exposing your videos to larger audiences. But, in addition to focusing on developing the above factors, there are still many other ways to solve how to blow up on TikTok. So, visit AudienceGain immediately to access our resourceful services and receive valuable advice from our social media experts. 


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