4 Ways To Help YouTube Account For Sales Get Close More Deal Immediately


YouTube Account For Sales – You are wondering how to sell goods through YouTube effectively? Don’t worry, this article will show 4 ways to help YouTube account for sales get close more deal immediately!

YouTube is the 2nd or 3rd most popular search engine in the world. The main and dominant advantage of YouTube is that your video will be included in the search results of Google and YouTube. 

Each video you create is a marketing content that helps you sell effectively in the future. You can also use YouTube videos to post on your website, making it easier for customers to access the product and its benefits.

YouTube is a channel to help you sell effectively. So, you have to learn ways to help YouTube account for sales get close to more deals. Through this article, you can comprehend many things. Firstly, let’s explore how does a video on YouTube helps you sell.


YouTube account for sales

How does a video on YouTube help you sell?

When uploading videos to YouTube, 3 things should be noted:

  • Title: The title is something you can get the attention of your target audience, so pay special attention to how your title is placed. Think of keywords that customers might search for to come up with compelling headlines for the product you’re looking to sell.
  • Product page link: In the video description, place the link that points back to your product page – that’s how you can turn a regular viewer into your customer.
  • Tags: Tags are a way for you to engage customers with things that they care about. They also serve as keywords to make it easier for users to find your videos. Tags can help customers pay a high price and make your YouTube account for sales get more deals.

YouTube account for sales – What is selling on YouTube?

3 ways to make money on YouTube:

  • Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your goods
  • Make money from Google Adsense

2 video formats for YouTube account for sales:

  • Product review video
  • Video entertainment, music processing

How to Create Video on YouTube?

Here are simple ways to create your videos if you don’t have a lot of experience or a lot of money:

Editing on iPhone

You absolutely can go out on the street, use your iPhone, and shoot what you want, edit and post on YouTube without having to use a computer.

  • iMovie: You should try with this app first, iMove toolbars are easy to use. It offers great video suggestions and helps you create them quickly. This app is on sale for $ 4.99.
  • Reel Director: The app is just as easy to use as iMovie and you’ll only have to pay $ 1.99 for a great video editing tool.

If you use a device running on Android, there are also a lot of video editing apps developed for it as well. Magisto and VidTrim are the popular apps on the market that you should focus on.

Online Video Editing

If you don’t want to download and install the app on your computer, you can edit videos online.

  • YouTube Editor: YouTube has a simple online video editor that allows you to perform the transitions and add text captions.
  • WeVideo: An online option that runs in all browsers. The outstanding feature is that you can collaborate with others – who work with you – to create the perfect video.

Edit video with desktop computer

If you’re on a Mac, use iMovie (not the iPhone version) – it’s a free app that makes editing videos a breeze. 

If you have a regular desktop computer, you’ll be a fan of the Camtasia app – not just a video editing app, but also the most convenient screen recording function, similar to iMovie, Camtasia has a very easy to use toolbar.

How should you choose the content?


Choose the content for your Youtube channel

This is when you can get creative. The most boring thing is that you make a video that is simply a product introduction or chat.

If you make a great YouTube channel, you must invest effort and time for it because it will take up a lot of time and creativity. 

But the investment always brings practical effects, it is compared that an effective YouTube channel will be like a TV channel of your own.

Some content you can refer to as starting YouTube account for sales:


Maybe you know a lot about your product as well as information about the product rotation, please share it with your customers with video shopping instructions or visual comparison products together.

Problem Solving

One of the reasons users search for videos on YouTube is to find solutions for the problems they are having. Video tutorials are an easy way for customers to imagine how to handle things.

Expert interviews

In some cases, you can invest heavily to make a great video by interviewing experts in the field in which you are in business. 

For example, if you are in sports products, interviewing a professional athlete or even an amateur will make your video content great. 

Or the experts in the processing industry or cosmetics have a lot of interesting knowledge that can be shared with users.

Product descriptions

If you plan to sell some new products, research the full information about the product and create videos explaining the features and effects of these products.

Some useful articles for you

Tips to increase the power of YouTube

#1. Take advantage of free links

Leave the link to the product you are listing for or the website that sells the entire product for your stall in the video description.

This not only helps viewers easily reach and buys but also helps optimize search engines for your website. If you know how to take advantage of free links, you can help your YouTube account for sales to get close more deals immediately.

#2. Track the effectiveness of your videos through YouTube Analytics


Track through YouTube Analytics

With YouTube Analytics, it is not only possible to track the number of views over time, but also know which source your visitors come from, who watch the video as well as how to keep your video interest of the viewer.

#3. Brand descriptions must be short and score.

The most common mistake many people make is to say too long and include too much information about the product brand’s introduction. 

For effective advertising, your logo should appear only the first few seconds of your video, then get straight to the point, sending a quick message – no more than 3 seconds in each video.

Research shows that viewers’ attention expands very quickly when watching a video, so don’t make a video too long. 

A reasonable time for a video should be up to 2 minutes maximum unless the video is instructing a user. Either way, video content is a way for you to get close more deal effectively.

#4. Understand YouTube’s rules of the game

YouTube is tightening its policy and increasing requests for channels, with content creators forcing them to fulfill certain requirements if they want to monetize the platform. 

To enable monetization, sales, etc., your channel needs to have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 followers in the past 12 months.

How to sell on YouTube effectively?

#1. You need to understand the rules when using the YouTube sales platform

Also, when you sell goods on YouTube, you need to prohibit the sale of counterfeit, illegal, or smuggled goods. Because once YouTube receives a complaint from a customer about violating the YouTube account usage policy, your sales funnel will be removed immediately. 

This means that you will not be able to continue to join the MMO monetization community. For more “tips” on how to sell on YouTube effectively, you can refer to the “making money on YouTube” course by teacher Vuong Manh Hung on UNICA to discover the unique “tricks” when going up ideas. 

Understand how to make money on YouTube, how to pull traffic on YouTube, have 4000 watch hours simply.

#2. Create an optimized SEO YouTube channel

Furthermore , you should create yourself an optimal SEO YouTube channel to sell effectively as follows:

Create navigation links

For your channel to attract more users, you need to set up channel navigation. This is an important feature for the purpose when you enter the YouTube channel, by default there will be 1 video played, and below is a playlist related videos.

Also, there will be a “Subscribe to Channel” to help you increase channel subscribers quickly.

Optimize channel names

Naming a YouTube channel is one of the very important factors in channel development. 

In addition, you need to name your channel in a concise, concise manner, the channel name must contain keywords related to the channel topic or related to your product or brand. 

More importantly, you should avoid duplicate channel names as this will annoy you, as well as the authority of the channel or, more importantly, a problem with your branding later.

#3. Clear YouTube channel layout

Think about if the channel layout is not clear, how can sales on YouTube be effective? Moreover, when displaying a video, it will make viewers feel very uncomfortable and not able to capture the videos on the channel.

To do this, you must enable channel navigation by going to “My Channels -> Click the settings gear icon” -> Go to “Customize channel layout” -> On -> Save.

#4. Update avatar, cover image, description for YouTube channel

Similar to Facebook, YouTube also needs a face-catching interface that attracts viewers to create highlights and branding for the channel.

Also, you add the referral channel description to optimize the YouTube channel because through it users will understand what product you are selling, what topics are talking about. 

What’s more, when you add your channel description, you indirectly help YouTube to grow sales data.

#5. The video has convincing content


YouTube video views

Video content is a powerful YouTube sales tool. A quality video will be able to rank up to 50 times higher than traditional text. You can make video content revolve around brand content, instructional videos, product review videos, vlog, Livestream.

Specifically, Livestream is considered as a popular sales form today. With the advantage of helping sales individuals to be active in content, save costs, increase interactivity, and especially sell products right on Livestream videos.

Or the review video content also attracted a lot of customer engagement. This will help your product to affirm its value in the competitive market. The content of the review offers the introduction, the superiority of the product, building trust for the viewer, and increasing the sales profit.

#6. Video advertising to reach more customers

Similar to running ads on Facebook, creating ads for videos on YouTube helps you find many potential customers. There are many forms of running YouTube video ads: https://audiencegain.net/ads-on-youtube-videos/

How to sell on YouTube effectively if you don’t run ads?

Mast Head YouTube Ads

This is a form of YouTube video advertising in the form of banners and clips on the interface of laptops and phones.

In particular, it is not limited to advertising messages.

Trueview Video Ads

Ads in the form of clip ads that are played before many people need to see them in a skippable and non-skippable form.

YouTube Promoted Videos

This is a form that allows video ads to appear right next to the related videos that users are watching. The advantage of this form helps you automatically filter your audience. Thus, after understanding the tools that can help you in the process of making money selling from YouTube, you can completely start making money from YouTube. 

You will still face many difficulties such as no views and subs, if a few audiences feel that your video are not attractive enough.

In such cases, even if you use top video editing app on phone like iMovie (Apple), Vivavideo, Camtasia, Proshow producer, the audience does not need to buy the product, they will ignore it. 

In addition to the professionalism in channel design and sales, they also need something interesting to hold.

If you are new to the video making industry on YouTube, there is some sincere advice for you. If you want to quickly monetize your business or sales, look for a monetized YouTube channel provider. 

Because the channels have already turned on the monetization model, it not only saves you time and effort but also many other ways safer.

A good example is AudienceGain. Currently, AudienceGain offers two categories:

  • YouTube channel has met the conditions for making money
  • YouTube channel has been accepted to make money

AudienceGain not only helps you generate revenue and qualify for advertising but with YouTube’s monetization model you also own many new YouTube features like Super Chat. 

You can go through the channel with monetization enabled to conduct affiliate marketing or affiliate sales links. 

If you not only need to buy a monetized YouTube channel but also want to buy real views and subs, AudienceGain also has.

You can completely consult the service packages from AudienceGain’s team of experts. You will receive useful tips for developing a long-term channel. 

AudienceGain.Net channels are available with professional design from channel loading to premium features.

You are also supported and instructed to change the content of the channel safely without causing any negative effects. AudienceGain guarantees high-quality channels and 100% compliance with YouTube policy.

This completely helps you get rid of the nightmare of being scanned by Youtube after the transaction is done.

Final thoughts

In short, if you want to help your YouTube account for sales get more deal through videos posted on YouTube, you have to be careful from shooting to deliver to consumers. 

You need to ensure your reputation as well as the quality of your product whether dealing with individuals, agencies, or foreign partners. 

If you are a beginner intending to start a business through YouTube, do not hesitate to try and let AudienceGain help you to be more resilient by providing available monetized YouTube channels.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666
Skype: admin@audiencegain.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AUDIENCEGAIN.NET

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