Tips to make money with 4000 watch hours tricks


There are many ways to monetize from the giant Youtube network, but the most popular method among every creator must be joining the Youtube Partner Program (YPP). To do this, the first condition is to have at least 4,000 watch hours in a year and 1000 subscribers.

Well, YouTube allows users to share their own videos with everyone, or, in other words, anyone can become a YouTuber. However, to become a “true” Youtuber is something not everyone can do. As a result, the platform always puts the watch hours as the very initial factor to evaluate channels that are eligible to earn profits or not.

That being said, what is a “true” creator and what are the 4000 watch hours tricks to be approved by YPP? All will be answered in detail through the article below! Let’s see!

Youtube Partner Program – a safe community for small creators

As you know, the conditions to turn on monetization mode of Youtube channel are 4000 watch hours within a year and 1000 subscribers. In addition, the channel’s videos must comply with Youtube’s terms of service.

4000 watch hours tricks

Youtube Partner Program – safe community for small creators

Surely there are many new YouTubers who will be frustrated about this. However, there is no other way to make money on this platform. It’s your duty to prove that your channel is also quite potential to participate in their advertising monetization program.

On the other hand, we already acknowledge that once we build an audience on Youtube there are a variety of methods to make money from the platform itself: affiliate marketing, sponsorship, selling our own merchandise and so much more.

Sounds very promising, but as for small creators, those money-making tools are in fact out of reach, since they’re not entitled to anything at all.

And that’s the exact reason why Youtube constructed the Partner Program for every creator to make money.

Indeed, in one year of making videos to have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, the creators, apart from working hard to reach this threshold, will have some time to learn, improve and get used to how the algorithm works. All of these necessary factors guarantee the development of the channel in the future.

A “true” and valuable creator

4000 watch hours tricks

Make it different from other creators

YouTube allows users to share their own videos with everyone, or, in other words, anyone can become a creator on this video website. Nevertheless, to become a “true” Youtuber is something not everyone is able to do. If you want to be successful in this field, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Comply with the policies and principles of the Youtube community.
  • Absolutely not post or re-upload videos of other creators without permission.
  • It requires patience, conscientiousness, passion, effort and time to achieve the desired results.
  • Be the creator of content that your audience is interested in. The content must be attractive and unique.
4000 watch hours tricks

Remember that prioritize yourself regardless of bad feedback

  • Take advantage of the experience of any predecessor that you know to hone your skills.
  • Prepare to face the “non-marketing” issue. Indeed, just admit the fact that you can’t please all types of audience. So to be successful, you must first know how to endure, face mixed opinions, as well as the frustration and countless difficulties on this career path.

Interesting 4000 watch hours tricks you may not know

Well, rather than feeling like giving up on getting 4000 watch hours (because this is not an easy task) , try some of our tips and techniques to increase your YouTube watch time. And certainly, the more time audiences spend watching what you make, the more your subscriber numbers will arise!

Boost the current performance

The time watched profile lets you check your daily average watch time. It also shows how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days.

Check watch hours in Youtube analytics

  • Sign in Youtube
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Tap on Time watched

As a result, getting into the habit of watching which videos get the most optimal watch time will be very efficient to self-evaluate your recent condition of making videos.

Try and spot things that you do in videos that cause people to drop off, then sometimes, you might realise or your viewers prefer videos with practical step-by-step instructions rather than lifestyle footages, that your opening titles are too long, etc.

It’s all about running tests and experiments, which may become a fun hobby!

Click on this to know more about the how to count watch time

You don’t really need a consistent video-uploading schedule

4000 watch hours tricks

You don’t have to upload consecutively….

Well, establishing a long-lasting relationship with your audience, especially with the current subscribers by uploading videos everyday is indeed very appropriate, but that’s not the only solution. In fact, you’re going to be suffocated by the video post production: editing, uploading and keeping track of the performance of multiple videos.

With that being said, 4-5 videos a week can be seen as an ideal number. Each video can last up to 10 minutes or more as you want based on the subjects.

…You can do live-streaming instead

And don’t just post videos for getting 4000 watch hours. Live Streaming can accelerate the number of watch hours incredibly fast. Let’s say there are 300 viewers watching your live stream, and that’s already 600 watch hours.

Obviously you haven’t taken into account the possibilities of them dropping out between live streams, or given the current popularity of the channel, it would be difficult to ensure a large number of viewers are watching, but this will give you more time to produce videos and come up with new ideas.

Furthermore, your live stream participants are the most avid and loyal. They care about you and your progress on the YouTube platform. But it takes time to cultivate that audience.

Perhaps you need:

Make it easy for anyone to sign up for your channel

4000 watch hours tricks

Thanks the subscribers for watching

If you want to increase subscribers as easily as possible, you need to include a caption that allows people to click on the subscription button throughout the video. Also, make sure that you encourage people to subscribe to your channel verbally.

For instance, try to post videos or ads that contain videos that you advise them to subscribe to your channel. By this way, you’re more likely to attract more viewers or subscribers. People will usually act when someone asks to do so, because it happens naturally.

We have a few tips for you: 7 superior tips for getting thousands of YouTube subscribers free in 2021


4000 watch hours tricks

Standing in front of the camera confidently

We know being in front of the camera is not easy (even by yourself), and it is even harder to connect with your audiences. Thus, practice will make everything perfect.

Preparing your script before you shoot your video can help you stay focused on the topic and make sure you don’t forget what you want to share. However, on the flip side, it also makes you look like you are parroting in front of the camera and not making any engagement.

4000 watch hours tricks

Adjusting the script while talking slowly

Then, you need to make some adjustments now by adding a few personal comments out of the script. Another way is to prepare the script with the main headings, not the full script, so you can still grasp what you want to speak without being rote-reading while expressing your personal opinion naturally.

On top of that, trying to talk slowly to allow your audience to understand you better as well as gives them time to hear and understand what you are saying, thus connecting with you better. Furthermore, you will have more time to think about what to say next.

Want to get more watch hours on Youtube?

Well, apart from those tricks we have provided, if you have your personally effective and optimal effort to gain more watch hours, let us know right away.

AudienceGain, as a reputed Digital Marketing company, is the most effective solution to get the Youtube view you wish for higher online earnings.

Join us and leave a comment on the section below to let us know if you have any question or opinion on this topic to calculate the potential amount of money you make on Youtube.

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