How often should you upload videos on Youtube?


A Youtube video-posting schedule is the first step for any effective video promotion campaign in order to make money on Youtube. In fact, Youtube always loves new videos and the more videos are uploaded, the more creative products it has to increase the diversity of the platform.

Somehow, creators took advantage of this kind of “weakness” and started posting an endless number of videos so that they could quickly have Youtube watch hours and subscribers to participate in Youtube Partner Program (YPP). As a result, they get burnt eventually.

Also, in a worse scenario, too much focus on quantity leads to low quality and unprofessionalism of the content that will cause their Youtube channel to be reported or deleted permanently.

So how many videos should be uploaded a day and what is the reasonable duration of each video? Read this post to find the answer.

The specific number of uploaded videos

In our opinions, there is a particular threshold for an ideal video-uploading channel that can work for any types of contents for creators. To be more detailed, for a 10-minute-video it would take 3-4 hours for the setup, recording and also about 3-4 hours for video-editing.

Video-promotion-right-uploading schedule

Is one video per day the right uploading schedule?

And that is the same as a 9-to-5 job in case being a Youtube creator becomes your full-time career. When you finish all the work during the day, you can post the complete video in the evening. Things continue to repeat the next day.

We know the fact that this “threshold” is not going to work with everyone, but for a fresh start, when you’re not exposed much to the Youtube ecosystem, wouldn’t the process be easier if you planned a video production that closely resembles your daily biological clock?

It’s worth a try! So that means, one video a day, 7 videos a week, and perhaps your subscribers won’t be overwhelmed with your daily video announcement.

Then what if I’m not a full-time Youtuber?

Honestly speaking, the above number is only of limited effect in the short term. It’s just like in the previous job you were doing before quitting and moving your bread and butter on this large platform, for example during the year if you need to take personal leave, the work is cumulative and you must carry the workload of the whole week in just 2-3 days.


Finding the right schedule for each creators

Furthermore, if you meet that hectic deadline, will the video quality meet your standards and be worth the effort of your followers who are looking forward to your videos?

In short, there are many objective reasons for a reasonable video production schedule. Moreover, the posting schedule must also be adjusted according to the time and development stage of the channel

Now let’s get straight to the point. For example, a teenage audience probably has more leisure time and is more connected to the virtual world. However, he/she has homework and assignment to catch up, takes part in many extracurricular activities in school or needs quality time with families.

On the same token, you’re a very busy designer, certified in any type of creative work and want to create a Youtube channel. But you also work during the week and on Saturday, maybe only have one or two hours on Sunday evening to see what’s going on on social networking sites.

Then what are you going to do when the everyday video promotion can’t fit your regular schedule?

It’s up to your content

Your niche is the major factor that affects the whole process, from conceptualization, content production to video promotion. Speaking of processes, the amount of time to finish each is completely different.

Consequently, this will help you balance a reasonable video posting schedule while still ensuring quality.

We will take the popular types of content on Youtube into a detailed context.

With a gaming channel, the main job is to record you playing games for a few hours, editing and posting. Editing for videos of this type is also simpler than other niches like vlogs or culinary videos because you have minimized the montage, so video posting schedule can be 1 video per day.


One video per day for a gaming channel

In case becoming a Youtube gaming streamer is only your side job, you can record the game once for 2-3 hours and cut the recording into multiple footage for a less rushed posting schedule, about 4-5 videos a week. You can play only one game and set the title according to episodes 1,2,3, ….

For vlogs or culinary channels, an ideal posting schedule is 1-2, up to 3 videos a week. You will need more time to prepare, write the script and then edit the video.


2-3 videos per week for a culinary channel

On the one hand, everything about the vlog can be improvised, but it’s still best to take the time to note what you plan to do and cover in the video.

With cooking videos, quality is very important, so take the time to study the recipe and set beautiful camera angles, adjust eye-catching video colors to attract the audience.

Last but not least, in terms of animation, short films, documentaries, educational channels will probably take a long time to complete, and the optimal number for this type of content is probably 3 videos a week.

Time-sensitive content


Viral content on Youtube

An occasional video posting schedule has downsides, although you’ll have more time to focus on quality as well as other routine tasks. Thus, you can surprise your audience by posting 1-2 more videos during the fix posting schedule as an exception.

Being first can be sometimes extremely powerful on Youtube. For example, you have a movie-reviewing channel and the genre you are interested in is Anime and your uploading schedule is every Monday and Thursday.

Now, a new live-action hits theaters on a Friday and you’ve seen it, will you wait until the next Thursday (or as fast as Monday because you will need time to produce the video and maybe you need to get copyright permission for immediate reaction) to post a new video?

Well, several channels can get away with this hot topic then maintain their regular schedules, due to the wide and engaged subscribers they have. But as for small creators, time is the essence when it comes to viral content.

Other best methods for Video promotion: Youtube Shorts and time frame

These are methods you can use to approach as many viewers as possible without getting burnt out under the pressure of a consecutive video posting schedule.

Shorts and Stories

To compete with the emergence of TikTok, Youtube also takes actions with their new Youtube Shorts feature, which is still in beta and about to be launched in the U.S.


Youtube Shorts and Stories

In order for your video to be considered as short, it has to be in a vertical video format, with a maximum duration of 60 seconds and include the hashtag “shorts” in the title or description.

With that being said, this feature can be seen as an effective alternative to feed some contents to your followers and you can implement the content as a sneak-peek for the next long, horizontal ones.

Besides, Shorts will save you time, money and energy, more importantly still stabilize your public identity on Youtube.

Time frame

Each social media platform has its own number of “golden hours”. If you post content during these hours, it’s likely to draw most attention. So what time frame is it to post a video on Youtube?


Youtube Analytics tool

In order to find the right time for your channel, go to the Creator Studio dashboard screen and click on the Analytics on the left-hand navigation bar, then select Audience at the top. There will be a panel labelled when your audiences are active on Youtube.

To be more specific, those datas are when viewers who watch your content are on Youtube watching any video. As a consequence, you can grasp an overview of which time frame is the most suitable to your posting schedule.

In short, when you know there are more people online who enjoy your videos, that’s when you should publish them.

On top of that, you can also depend on the audiences to post videos. If the majority of your audience are youngsters, the optimal dates can be on Thursday and Friday since they can be students who are mostly active on the Internet at weekends.

Also, you can test multiple times with many different timeframes. To be able to find out what is the best time period and you get maximum views from your viewers, try out the time frames 1 hour apart, like 6am – 7am/11am – 12pm. This is hard work but there will be great results.

Want to know more about strategies for video promotion?

Well, now you’ve got titles, concise description, thumbnails, tags and so on for the best video promotion, it’s time to maximize your video’s visibility with a reasonable posting schedule.

So to say, to stay tuned for other articles on this promising money-making tools platform join AudienceGain right away and leave a comment to let us know if you have any other questions.

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