How to Successfully Start a YouTube Gaming Channel


Is it safe to choose games as the main niche for a Youtube channel and is it too late (or too early) to create a Youtube gaming channel this year? Should I play one, or several games for my Youtube gaming channel to diversify my content?

Indeed, there are many questions that arise when you, as a great gamer and a potential about-to-become a Youtube gaming creator. Currently, there are a lot of successful game streamers on Youtube like PewDiePie or Preston Arsement and you really want to be like them.

So along with the skills of a gamer, what other elements do you need to become a game streamer on this worldwide platform? Let’s take a dive into this article!

Find your game

Let’s talk about the game which has taken a turn in the gaming community (even the whole world) in 2020, when everyone was practicing social distancing and spent most of their free time on their PCs, consoles and mobile phones – Among US.

Youtube gaming channel

Among Us – the most trending game in 2020

The game works on a very simple interface and gameplay. To be more detailed, players are trapped on a spaceship, they need to perform simple tasks and find the Imposters plotting to kill the Crewmates. The gameplay is simple to understand since Among Us is not overloaded with tons of controls that need to be handled at the same time.

Among Us can be played in one round by 10 players. You can watch many streamers and pro gamers play together in groups of 4-5, or up to 10 if joining a custom lobby. Due to this convenient feature of the game everyone can stream and join the fun together.

So what makes this game so prevalent? Of course, influencers play a huge role in this. Streamers and famous YouTubers give positive reviews to the game, including PewDiePie Shroud and Ninja that helped Among Us increase its public credibility.

Furthermore, social platforms like Youtube and Twitch tend to recommend videos with higher click-through rates and viewer time. Currently, Among Us has thousands of videos with a title with its name.

That being said, is this a game that will stick with you throughout your gaming Youtube channel? If that is the case then it’s yours, and only it. In other words, it would be ideal if you only play one game, your favorite one for your channel.

It is known that every gamer loves more than one game. However, it’s important to have a strong focus and limit the temptation from other games. So find a game that resonates with you, it’s best if it’s the one that you master, then you can play other games just to get relaxed for a bit and take a break from the pressure of creating videos.

Prepare the right recording gear

The devices to support game streaming are complex, technical and will cost more than other niche on Youtube. In order to get a good image and good sound effect while broadcasting, you need to seriously invest in supporting equipment.


Youtube gaming channel

Lighting setup for game streamers

Simply put, the audience wants to see your facial expressions while playing a game because generally speaking, Youtube gaming channel is all about filming you sitting at a spot and giving comments on what you are playing. You won’t want your images to be blurry, too bright, or too dark.

Ring light gives a good image, however, for live streamers (especially those wearing glasses) it’s too glaring and may hurt their eyes

In reality, a game streamer will prefer a soft box with led lights. The soft box provides diffused light while the LEDs create low heat compared to other bulbs, helping you to have a cool space while working.

When properly set, your shadows as well as the reflections on the eyeglasses will be filtered out, as a result the frame will be shown better, especially the soft light does not make your eyes uncomfortable.


If you are serious about being a Youtube gaming streamer, you need to invest in a 4K transceiver. In addition to capturing images from videos and games with high-quality resolution, you can converse with your audience through your portrait device.

Skilled streamers favor the Sony A7 III, or another more affordable option is the Sony Alpha A6500, which costs half the price of the former one but still has key features. And don’t forget to purchase to avoid the shakiness while recording.


This is paramount because a microphone will complete your success in streaming, along with a good camera and proper lighting setup. While you’re communicating with the viewers, you can start creating your self-images for your audience, and if you have a good microphone that conveys clear and warm voices, the audience will be extremely excited.

Video/stream editing software

Currently, the two most used software for live streaming are OBS and Xsplit. These two softwares are useful applications to help you record and save videos on your computer screen easily and effectively. Besides, they also help you to stream live video to online social networks like Youtube or Twitch with extremely good quality.

Youtube gaming channel

OBS versus Xsplit

However, both will be quite difficult to approach the first time you stream, and Xsplit will have to pay fees, while OBS will not.

As for video editing software, Youtube has features that actively support editing. Also you can use free or premium pricing editing software like Shortcut or Lightworks.

In case you want to edit your videos more professionally, then you can use Adobe Premiere Pro.Remember take some time to learn and understand the principle of editing that is most suitable and quickest for you.

Time for the conceptualizing process

After you’ve decided on a game you will play and gear up, it’s time to develop a content plan to post and design your channel’s interface. This is the bottom line stage of your Youtube gaming channel.

Which types of content should you post?

Now, why one game, you may ask? You will admit that the idea of choosing a game for your Youtube channel is very optimal and you can focus on taking your gaming skills to the next level.

However, it is likely that you will get bored playing it for a few hours throughout the week. So how do you get rid of that feeling and diversify your content?

Choose the best game then “niche” it down

First, you need to understand a basic understanding of how the Youtube algorithm works. Up to 70% of YouTube users watching videos on this platform are due to recommendations. Therefore, the more specialized you are in a given game, the easier it will be to discover on the platform, instead of playing a few games for personal preference.

At this point, you are an expert in that game. If you get it right, when your videos get a decent number of views, YouTube will see these positive performances and recommend them.

Once you have chosen a game you love, you can niche down even more so you can enrich your ideas and produce more videos.

Let’s play

This is the simplest idea or concept of a Youtube gaming channel, while you just basically play the game and give comments throughout the video.

Let’s play can work on any game, it’s easy to deploy but also fun and gives effective interaction. However, due to the saturation and fierce competition of Youtube today, this is not the best idea.

Top/Best list

Listicle gaming videos are great to give you an overview of what you should have to gear up ,or bring you some entertainment to see some best moments or best fails in a certain game.

A list can cover a lot of things and you can look for the information you need in a short amount of time, such as Top 10 Minecraft Shaders, Dota 2 best moments 2020, The Best 5 Star Island Tour In Animal Crossing,…


The idea will be extremely effective for search rankings and get discovered by new viewers as it is a common question in all niches of content on Youtube. Each video you will solve the problems while playing the game and once you immerse in the process, you can even look for more ideas from your audiences for producing the next videos.

Create your channel identity

You’ve done the core, now comes the design of the shell, or your Youtube gaming channel’s homepage so the audience can recognize your identity.

Give it a name

When it comes to naming your Youtube channel, make sure to make it understandable, short and spicy, in addition to be relevant to your content. Choose a name that best shows your personality and voice to impress the viewers.

About tab

Most users first know your channel, the first thing they notice is the About section. In this section you should briefly describe yourself, what kind of gaming channel it is, the frequency of uploading video, or link to other social networking sites so that viewers can learn about you.

Channel art and icon

Youtube gaming channel

Channel art and icon for Youtube gaming

The cover photo will be the first thing that “catches the eye” of Youtube users when they visit your channel, so make sure it’s beautifully decorated or at least put a little effort into it.

A Youtube cover image is hard-fixed to a size, usually at least 2048 x 1152 pixels for an uploaded image. Furthermore, make sure your channel icon is simple, but unique and clear to help users easily recognize your channel no matter where this image appears.

Video titles and thumbnail

A good title can help your videos popping up on the search results, while an eye-catching thumbnail can help you stand out from the crowd. At the beginning, it’s best to select a consistent theme of color, layout and font for the thumbnail.

You can also check out other gaming channels for reference for the thumbnails design styles and giving titles by using the platform’s own search engine – the Youtube Autocomplete bar.

Grow your channel

When you are finished reviewing and refining the content for your Youtube gaming channel, follow these guidelines before releasing it to the community.

Promote our videos

The most optimal video posting schedule for Youtube channels about games is one video a day. This may seem like a hectic posting schedule, but we recommend doing this in the first place and you can drop it down after the channel has gained a fair amount of engagement. .

Don’t forget to expand your reach to your potential audience by making use of your available social networks to generate more views and subscriptions.

Build and interact with the community

One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a gaming channel is the way you interact positively with your viewers. Indeed, it is not just about comment on each video, but also how you connect with them through the Community tab and comment section.

Youtube gaming channel

Build a strong community for your gaming channel

On top of that, your community is also a place for generating ideas you might not expect to produce better videos in the future. You can post regular engagement in the Community tab, ask your audience what to expect in the next videos, respond to comments and pin the highlighted one to be as proactive and enthusiastic as possible. .

Start monetizing

Making money by playing games has become so common. The top YouTube gamers make an average of over $3-4million per year, with the top earners – like PewDiePie – making four or five times that amount.

The best method to monetize Youtube gaming channels is through sponsorship and advertising revenue. Besides, you can focus on achieving the conditions to participate in the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and continue to develop the channel to be able to access convenient features for making money with games like Super Chats and Stickers.

In a nutshell

Building a Youtube gaming channel is a lot more complicated than starting to play a new game. This process requires a detailed and specific plan, along with your passion and perseverance to be able to build a stable gaming experience.

So to say, if you’re looking for more gaming channel advice, sign up for AudienceGain then check out our blog to get more valuable information and happy gaming!


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