Promote TikTok Videos with TikTok Ads


Using social media to advertise your business has been around for several years. There are always fun and creative ways to do this by using social media platforms. When compared to other applications, choosing to promote TikTok videos, which feature 15 to 60 seconds, can gain more advantages when your ad is less likely to be missed in a series of competing advertising.


It is beneficial for businesses to promote TikTok videos

Why should you use TikTok ads?

In 2019, TikTok launched a self-service advertising platform similar to Facebook’s, making it easier to produce TikTok commercials than previously.

According to proven statistics about TikTok benchmarks, 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, while about 50% of TikTok’s worldwide audience is under the age of 34. Based on this information, your business needs to make visionary plans to achieve its long-term goals.

Type of TikTok ads

Compared to YouTube, this platform is easier to promote TikTok videos and provides more opportunities for creators to monetize. We have 6 types of ads on TikTok, to be more specific. Brands may use TikTok’s self-service platform to create in-feed advertising. You’ll need to deal with a TikTok ad account manager for the majority of the other alternatives. Here are 4 popular types of TikTok Ads:

  • In-feed Ads: Small and medium-sized enterprises usually use this most cost-effective choice. Its features include the procedure, and these advertisements are typically less expensive than other sorts. These adverts show on TikTok users’ “For You” pages’ native feed.
  • Brand Takeover: These advertisements are more intrusive than native advertisements. They display when someone opens their TikTok app, dominating the screen for a few seconds before transitioning to an in-feed commercial. TikTok restricts the number of brand takeover advertisements for apparent reasons.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges: This trend is a regular fixture of TikTok. In an introductory video, someone poses a challenge for their viewers, asking them to replicate a particular behavior while filming and submitting their effort. Branded hashtag challenges are similar to those undertaken by ordinary TikTok users and influencers; however, businesses pay for them, and TikTok prioritizes them. For retailers, they can contain a shoppable component.
  • Effects Content: These advertisements may be found in some of TikTok’s most unique features, such as stickers, branded lenses, and other products, given by brands for TikTok filmmakers to utilize in their videos.

4 common types of TikTok Ads

Cost of TikTok Ads

Advertisements on TikTok were previously costly. Only significant corporations contemplated running advertising on the network. Now that TikTok has in-feed promotions and a self-service platform, that has changed.

Creators may now select the budget, and TikTok’s AI will bid for advertising spaces on their behalf. The exact cost per ad is determined by several factors, including marketing goals, targeted keywords, the size of the audience to reach, times of day and week, and the amount of competition for advertisements in people’s feeds. TikTok advertising may be less suitable for extremely small enterprises because of the restricted advertising slots (compared to networks like Facebook and Twitter).

Promote TikTok videos can bring considerable benefits

TikTok is the most relevant social media marketing tool. It always stays ahead of the curve with features that can enhance reach, traffic, app installs, video views, etc. TikTok ads have an incredibly engaged user base.

The basic rule of social advertising is to target your key audience and where they spend their time. As a result, if you sell to the incorrect audience, it’s pointless to advertise on TikTok. But luckily, besides the primary users of TikTok are Millennials and Generation Z, this platform also attracts attention from adults and children because of its effortless virality.


Viral TikTok videos can captivate all ages

You can see a great benefit when promoting products through this entertainment channel.

Setting TikTok Ads

After getting that thorough information, you might find out there is no difficulty if you want to promote TikTok videos to advertise your product. Let’s go through the systematic steps to help you have an effective sales plan.

Create a TikTok Ads Account

First thing first to promote TikTok videos, you should create a business account. Open the TikTok website, scroll down and fill out your details. You can sign up via your phone number or with your email address.

Next, you need to fill out additional details and read the terms and conditions carefully. Then, click the Agree button and Submit.

You are moved to the TikTok Ads Manager page. You need to provide some information like your company website, billing address, tax information, etc. You will get the option to get billed automatically or billed manually. Automatic payment is highly recommended because you do not have your ads interrupted if you hit a certain budget cap.


The Ads Manager page for TikTokers

Create Pixel of your TikTok Ads Campaign

After filling in the necessary details, you will be at the Campaign Creation page. The first thing to do is head over to the Assets tab at the top and then go down to click Events. We want to be doing here before we even start to set up a campaign to implement your new TikTok pixel.


Setting up the Assets.

Click Manage, then choose Create pixel. You can call your pixel name whatever you want. It has to be related to your business name or your website. After that, you would need to install the pixel code or by a third-party tool manually. If you do not know how to handle this task, it would be better to ask an expert for advice.

Create a TikTok Ad Campaign


Create a TikTok Ads Campaign

Once you are entirely sure that the pixel is set up, you can move to the campaign setup step. There are three sections on the Campaign page:

  • Website conversions are about pushing sales, getting leads, getting customers.
  • Website traffic is about awareness.
  • App installs are for mobile apps.

Click Website conversions and choose your Ads Group name, TikTok pixel, the people viewing that you want to optimize. Some of the questions you’ll encounter later in the process will be influenced by your decision here. You may also make specific high-level settings here, such as establishing a campaign budget. You may also set a daily financial restriction for yourself.

Next, you come to the Placement and Targeting step. You might choose to start with only one ad group and expand it later. You may then select between Automatic Placement and Select Placement. TikTok would ask you for information that it needs to build up your ad group. Any relevant URLs, display names, pictures, and categories are included.

Here is one tip when you promote TikTok videos, if you do not want people downloading the video, you can turn off this feature in the Audience Actions section.

Target the Audience for Your Ad Campaign

For a successful TikTok video promotion, the following stage is critical. TikTok will ask you many questions to target your advertising to the right people. The better you can target your audience, the less “wasted” advertising you’ll have, and the more likely your ads will be of interest to the TikTok users who see them.

Gender, location, age, location, hobbies, relationships, etc., may all be used to tailor your audience. The latter category should prevent you from pushing an app to someone who doesn’t have the necessary hardware (or operating system) to use it.

You may also develop customized audiences based on your customers’ contact information, internet traffic, app usage, or ad interaction. The TikTok Pixel on your website is initially necessary to track visitors if you want to send traffic to it.

Set up Ads Budget and Schedule

TikTok now requires you to specify a budget and a timetable based on ad groups. You may select a total budget (the most you’re willing to spend for that ad group) or a daily budget (the most you’re ready to spend each day) for each ad group.

The next step is to establish your ad schedule. You can choose to have your ad run indefinitely on a specified day and time. Alternatively, you may utilize Dayparting to deliver your advertisements to your target demographic at specific intervals throughout the day.

Design your Ad in the Campaign


The third step when creating a campaign to promote TikTok videos.

It might be the most crucial step, which is your actual ad. You add a name and choose the suitable Ad format, which is usually a single video. Then you can upload your existing video that you create and fill in the Display Name, the Text box for description. It will help if you chose the most appropriate way to you through the box Call to Action. Moreover, remember to place your URL linked to the website and upload a brand photo for the Picture image.

TikTok is all about creativity, and you have the chance to share your talent, demonstrate your products. So the best advice here is that you should spend a reasonable amount of time creating your media before actually uploading it.

Finally, click a box to agree with the rules and choose the Submit button. From that moment, it will take TikTok a few times to analyze your ad and decide to approve it or not.

In a nutshell

TikTok has wholly taken over the social landscape, and the way to promote TikTok videos for business is becoming more popular than ever. As a result, selecting the most acceptable advertising tactics that match your goals and make sense for your business is critical.

So, if you are especially interested in learning more about how to increase your business’s channel over time, go to AudienceGain immediately. With experienced specialists and various dependable services to fit your needs, we can answer your inquiries. So, register on our website to learn more about the finest option!

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