Where Do I Find a TikTok Account For Sale?


Are you tired of trying to make it on TikTok with no progress and wish to know where you could find a TikTok account for sale? If so, we’re here to answer all such questions you may have.

This article lists several ways you could increase your overall user engagement on TikTok by purchasing a TikTok account for sale. It also warns you about types of potential sites that sell fake accounts. This will help you make an informed decision and buy from a credible seller.


It is essential to look out for fake TikTok accounts for sale or websites selling phony bot views, followers, and verifications.

What to avoid when looking for a TikTok account for sale

The first thing you must consider on your hunt for a TikTok account for sale is the seller’s credibility. You should look out for sellers with accounts having fake views, fake followers, fake verifications, or fake accounts.

Fake views

Firstly, you should avoid TikTok accounts for sale with fake views. A great way to check if the views on videos are real is to check for the comments and likes on the videos. 


If the TikTok account for sale in question has wholly irrelevant or spam comments on videos, then it most probably has fake views on those videos by bots.

If the comments on the videos make little to no sense in connotation to the video, then the comments are probably fake. Moreover, if the video has less than 1000 views, then the views on that particular video are probably fake.

Fake followers

Another thing you should look out for when looking to buy TikTok accounts for sale is fake followers. There are many ways to check if the followers on a particular TikTok account are fake. 

Firstly, if the account, has unstable numbers in terms of followers and views, then you should be alerted. You should also check for the number of videos posted by that particular account. If there are very few videos on the account, then the account probably has fake followers. The same is true for slow or inconsistent account activity.

When users use bots for fake followers on TikTok, the bot usually follows a lot of accounts at once. This may get the account temporarily banned or shadowbanned. Moreover, it may also restrict the user from posting for a week or two, like on Instagram. This is why the activity on the account would be slow or inconsistent.


Many TikTok users utilize bots to get fake followers, which results in temporary bans, shadowbans, or temporary bans on posting, liking, commenting, and following other accounts and their videos on TikTok.

Furthermore, you should also check out the comments on the videos on the account. Clueless comments making no sense are another indicator that the user used bots for fake followers and comments. 

Fake verification

It would help if you also were looking out for fake verifications for TikTok accounts for sale. To check whether a verified TikTok account has a phony verification or not, you should look for bogus views and followers.

Moreover, it would help if you also looked at the number of followers the account has.

However, it can still be tricky to navigate this terrain as many TikTok accounts are verified without many followers or views. These are primarily celebrities, famous people, musicians, artists, politicians, or verified ex-Musically content creators.

Fake accounts

Finally, the most crucial tip in your hunt for a TikTok account for sale is to check whether the account is real. Moreover, if the number of followers is inconsistent with the number of views, then the account is probably fake. Empty bios are also generally a sign of fake accounts. 

Moreover, short bursts of inconsistent account activity are also signs of a fake account that may have fake followers, fake views, fake comments, or fake verification. Having very few original videos posted to the account is also a marker of a fake TikTok account for sale.

Where can I find a TikTok account for sale with real views and followers?

Do you wish to buy a monetized TikTok account with real views and followers?

Well, first of all, avoid buying TikTok accounts for sale on eBay because most of them are either fake accounts or have fake followers, fake views, fake likes, fake comments, or fake verifications. 

Secondly, you should look for the markers of fake accounts or fake followers, views, and verifications to assess whether the TikTok account for sale you wish to buy is real or not.

You can very easily find a monetized TikTok account with a 100% guarantee that it has real followers, real views, and real likes and comments at AudienceGain. So, why are you still looking for TikTok accounts for sale that are probably fake on eBay?

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, it is essential to look for a real TikTok account for sale these days. Most accounts being sold online, such as on eBay, usually have fake engagements with bots or fake accounts themselves! 

You can very quickly confirm the integrity of likes, views, and followers and verifications on a TikTok account by looking for inconsistent patterns concerning the number of followers and views, comments, and posting activity.

Finally, to avoid buying a fake TikTok account, you must also check for the seller’s credibility. If you may have any additional questions on how to check for credible sellers or fake TikTok accounts for sale online, do not hesitate to sign up for our services.

So, why wait? Sign up now! Our TikTok experts here at AudienceGain are committed to helping you find real TikTok accounts for sale and help you check for the integrity of followers, views, and verifications on TikTok accounts for sale online.

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