What is the Twitch Affiliate Program?


Are you wondering how you could become a Twitch affiliate and start earning money fast through the Twitch Affiliate Program? If so, we’re here to guide you through the process of becoming an affiliate on Twitch.

This article outlines all that you need to know about becoming a Twitch affiliate, so grab some popcorn and hang tight! Firstly, we highlight what a Twitch affiliate is, including the advantages of the Twitch affiliate program. Followed by this, the article explains the eligibility criterion for becoming a Twitch affiliate in detail. Furthermore, we also cover how much you can earn as a Twitch affiliate in 2021.

The Twitch Affiliate Program allows streamers to monetize their channel and start making money officially.

What is a Twitch affiliate?

A Twitch affiliate is a streamer who is officially eligible to monetize their Twitch channel. A Twitch affiliate is also the lower level in the monetization process, which has a lesser status than a Twitch partner. To become a Twitch affiliate, you need to sign up for the Twitch Affiliate Program after meeting the eligibility requirements outlined later in this article.

Twitch Affiliate Program

The Twitch Affiliate Program allows streamers to make money from their channels through various mechanisms. It is an exciting opportunity for gamers and other streamers to live their dream of making a living off their Twitch channel. Moreover, the Twitch Affiliate Program allows streamers to build a community through monetization, customization, and channel optimization. It is a golden opportunity to grow one’s credibility and visibility on Twitch while simultaneously minting money!

The Twitch Affiliate Program is an exciting monetization opportunity that unlocks channel subscriptions.

Perks of the Twitch Affiliate Program

The Twitch Affiliate Program offers various perks to those who qualify. It allows streamers to make money through three exciting monetization methods that were not available to them earlier. These are channel subscriptions, Twitch bits, and game sales.

#Channel Subscriptions

Firstly, becoming a Twitch affiliate unlocks channel subscriptions. Channel subscriptions are an excellent opportunity to get your viewers to subscribe to your channel for various perks. These may include access to hidden content, game codes, more interaction with the streamer, chatbox perks, as well as a wide array of emotes from which you may choose. Therefore, you must create and design many different emotes once you are eligible for becoming a Twitch Affiliate. This is to sell subscriptions of higher tiers with access to a large number of emotes or certain special or unique emotes. Channel subscriptions are of three levels based on the emote options available to subscribers. There are three main tiers of Twitch channel subscriptions:

  1. The first type is Tier 1 subscriptions that cost $4.99 only.
  2. Tier 2 subscriptions are the second type of channel subscriptions that cost around $9.99.
  3. Finally, Tier 3 subscriptions provide access to the highest number of emotes and certain perks, e.g., hidden streams.

#Twitch Bits

Moreover, becoming a Twitch affiliate also unlocks Twitch bits for you. Twitch bits are virtual products that can be sold and bought on the platform. Audiences use them to support their favorite streamers through Cheers in the chatbox during streams. Cheers are essentially amplified emotes or icons that allow users to stand out in your streams’ chat boxes.

Twitch bits are virtual products that compose Cheers and other such features.

Twitch bits cost around $0.014, and they earn streamers around $0.01 per bit. So twitch bits are ideal for making money in small amounts, but consistently because your subscribers will keep using Twitch bits to interact with you and stand out.

Moreover, Twitch bits are integral in community building. They not only motivate subscribers by allowing them to stand out as your superfans, but Twitch bits also allow you to monetize your channel while increasing your audience interactivity rates simultaneously.

#Game Sales

In addition, the third benefit of the Twitch Affiliate Program is that you can partake in the selling of new games on Twitch. This feature allows you to add games for sale to your Twitch channel’s main page. Advertisers can contact you to sell their games through your channel. Otherwise, you can look for advertisers on the Twitch Bounty Board. Game sales earn streamers around 5% of the revenue generated from the sale of every game from their Twitch channel.

Twitch Affiliate Eligibility Criterion

However, to become a Twitch affiliate and earn money through channel subscriptions, you must be eligible for the Twitch Affiliate Program monetization eligibility criteria. These are a set of rules and conditions for becoming a Twitch Affiliate. We have divided the eligibility conditions into three rudimentary requirements. They have been outlined below for your convenience.

The Twitch Affiliate Eligibility Criterion requires at least 50 followers on your channel.

Age Requirement

Firstly, you should be at least 13 years old or older to start making money on your Twitch channel through the Twitch Affiliate Program.

Suppose you are between 13 and 18 or the age of legal majority in your state or country. In that case, you can monetize your Twitch channel as an affiliate under the supervision of a parent, teacher, or legal guardian.

However, if you are above 18 or the age of majority for your country, you would not require supervision to become a Twitch affiliate and start making money through your Twitch channel.

Affiliate Eligibility

In addition to the age requirement, the Affiliate Eligibility consists of a series of conditions that your channel must meet to become an affiliate on Twitch. These conditions pertain to the number of followers, total broadcast minutes, broadcast days, and concurrent views.

#Number of followers

Firstly, you require at least 50 followers to monetize your Twitch channel.

#Total broadcast minutes

Moreover, according to the Twitch Affiliate Eligibility, you require at least 500 total minutes of broadcasts or live streams in the previous 30 days. Total broadcast minutes implies the total time taken up by broadcasts in the past month or so.

#Broadcast days

Broadcast days are also imperative in making you eligible for the Twitch Affiliate Program. These are days on which you broadcast or live stream. The Twitch Affiliate Eligibility solicits that in addition to 50 followers and 500 broadcast minutes, you must have at least seven unique broadcast days in the previous 30 days.

#Concurrent views

Finally, you also require at least three or more concurrent viewers in the previous 30 days. Concurrent viewers are viewers who are watching your stream at the same time that you are live streaming. Having three concurrent viewers is a condition that most streamers struggle with. It is perhaps the most challenging condition to meet for the Twitch Affiliate Program.

Twitch Affiliate Agreement

Additionally, it would help if you also went through the Twitch Affiliate Agreement before applying for the Twitch Affiliate Program. This is just one page of a set of rules and guidelines for using the Twitch Affiliate Program. We will not go into the details of this contract, but you can find details here. You must be well-versed in and agree with the Twitch Affiliate Agreement to monetize your Twitch channel as an affiliate.

How can you lose affiliate status?

Moreover, it is crucial to remember that your journey is not over once you become a Twitch affiliate! You can not simply be inactive or not post streams for a while or disappear for a few months or years. Furthermore, you must be well-versed in the Community Guidelines and other relevant terms and regulations to avoid violating any.

This is because it is, in fact, easy to lose one’s affiliate status on Twitch. This can happen in the case of inactivity or absence or violations of Community guidelines or any other Twitch terms. Moreover, you can also lose your affiliate status on Twitch if you simultaneously stream on another platform or end your affiliate agreement with Twitch.

#Semi-activity and Inactivity or Absence

Firstly, if you are inactive on Twitch as an affiliate and do not stream for around a year, you can lose your affiliate status. Twitch is, therefore, very understanding if you are inactive for a few days, weeks, or even months. Hence, semi-activity, such as streaming every alternate day, will not get you banned as an affiliate.

Twitch only deems an account inactive if a streamer has not posted anything for at least the previous 12 months. Even then, this is not a guarantee that Twitch will scrap the affiliate status of your channel. Therefore, do not worry if you keep posting now and then and have not forgotten your Twitch channel for over a year. Twitch will not revoke your affiliate status any time soon!

Moreover, the primary problem that Twitch has with inactive accounts is that they create unsolicited clutter. Furthermore, Twitch does not wish to pay for inactive accounts and handle the paperwork for such accounts. Therefore, it is a better idea and an easy way out to scrap the affiliate status of a Twitch channel that has been inactive for over a year.

#Violations of Community Guidelines or Other Twitch Terms

Secondly, violating any of the Terms of Service on Twitch will scrap your affiliate status on Twitch. Furthermore, if you violate any of the Community Guidelines on Twitch, Twitch may revoke your channel’s affiliate status.

It is better to educate yourself on the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and other relevant rules and conditions on Twitch. This will help you in avoiding any violations of the regulations on Twitch. Moreover, this is a good idea because violations may not only get your affiliate status revoked. Violations also result in account bans or suspensions!

#Simultaneous Streaming on Another Platform

In addition, Twitch may revoke your affiliate status if you stream on Twitch and some other platform simultaneously. Therefore, although you can post VODs and streams of your content on other platforms such as YouTube, you cannot stream simultaneously on Twitch and another forum.

#Ending your Agreement

Furthermore, section 9 of the Twitch Affiliate Agreement states that either you or Twitch can end the contract without cause at any point. Therefore, all required to finish the Twitch Affiliate Program contract is a written statement to terminate the agreement. This is an excellent way to stop using Twitch as an affiliate, especially if you’re not entirely sure and may want to re-apply for the Twitch Affiliate Program at some point. Once the written document is received, Twitch then sets out to balance your wallet to return any money owed by any partner.

You can end your contract with Twitch to leave on good terms for making re-applying later easier.

#Why does Twitch remove affiliates?

Twitch looks for affiliates who are active, responsible, and ever-ready to grow their channel and audience. Therefore, Twitch finds it apt to remove inactive accounts of affiliates.

#Can you re-apply to the Twitch Affiliate Program?

In addition, if you ended your contract with Twitch on good terms by submitting a written document, then you can re-apply for the Twitch Affiliate Program. Moreover, it is imperative that your channel also meets all conditions of the Affiliate Eligibility at the time of re-application.

#Do you also lose your Twitch account?

Finally, suppose Twitch removed your channel from the Affiliate Program due to inactivity, simultaneous streaming on other platforms, or breaking the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. In that case, your Twitch account will remain active. However, if you violate any of the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines on Twitch, you will also most likely lose your account in addition to losing affiliate status.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, a Twitch affiliate is a streamer who can make money through their channel. To become a Twitch affiliate, you must qualify for the Affiliate Eligibility and agree to the Twitch Affiliate Agreement before applying for the Twitch Affiliate Program. The Twitch Affiliate Program allows streamers to monetize their channels via channel subscriptions, Twitch bits, and game sales. Furthermore, you can lose your affiliate status in the cases of inactivity, ending the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, or violating any Twitch Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

However, if you might have any additional queries about the Twitch Affiliate Program, you can sign up for our services. Here at AudienceGain, you can get the best opinions and monetization tips and tricks from our Twitch experts.

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