How to get started on Twitch in 2021?


Do you want to learn how you could get started on Twitch as a streamer? Are you intrigued about how you could make money as a beginner? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This article takes you through a beginner’s tutorial for streaming on Twitch, one step at a time. Firstly, we outline how you can start streaming on Twitch and then elucidate the Twitch Monetization Eligibility criteria. Followed by this, we highlight how you could get started on Twitch after becoming eligible for monetization. This includes making money through Twitch ads, subscriptions, Twitch bits, and game sales. Finally, we give you some quick tips and tricks for increasing the scope of your audience as a beginner on Twitch.

How to start streaming on Twitch?

Now you’re probably wondering how you could get started on Twitch and create and post streams. Well, the first thing to remember is that streaming on Twitch is not a piece of cake. It requires researching Twitch streaming categories, content, topics, and your skills to create engaging streams. Moreover, monetizing your Twitch channel through the Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner Programs also requires producing unique streams that catch viewers’ eyes on Twitch.

Picking your streaming category and niche

After that, you must pick a streaming category. A streaming category is the type of content you want to stream on Twitch. This could be games, cooking or political commentary, basically anything!

However, you must pick a streaming category or game that is the most relevant to you. This implies a game or category that you are the most skilled at, you’re the best at, and you enjoy playing or doing. Therefore, it is crucial to find a healthy mix between these three significant factors to consider.

In addition, you should also pick a niche for your content. This implies the specific games or instruments you want to play, the specific cuisine you want to be cooking in your streams, etc. You must pick an appropriate content niche before you create content and get started on Twitch. This is because it is a well-known fact that well-thought-out and planned content niches tend to monetize better on Twitch.

To get started on Twitch, you need to start planning content before you post streams or go live.

Planning content

Moreover, you should also plan your content before you begin streaming to get started on Twitch. For example, if you’re a gaming streamer, you should plan out how you want to play a specific game, what characters you want to use, what settings you want to play in, etc. These factors are pertinent to consider to stream engaging content that makes you money on Twitch.

In addition, it is crucial to plan your content so that you avoid any formatting errors, technical issues, bloopers, or other mistakes. If you take out the time, effort, and energy to research streaming content similar to yours on Twitch, then you’re likely to create engaging content. Moreover, your content would then stand out from the crowd of streamers with similar content on Twitch.

Broadcasting versus posting streams

Additionally, you must consider whether you want to focus on live streaming or broadcasting or your previous live streaming content as VODs in the archives. This is because there are many ways to monetize the streams that you must consider before broadcasting. You may not be able to monetize your content after you archive them as VODs.

Broadcasting generally tends to monetize your channel and build communities much better than VODs.

However, you could still post your VODs or Clips to other platforms such as YouTube. In addition, you can also advertise your VODs on social media and use other forums such as Discord and Reddit in conjunction with your Twitch channel to monetize your already live-streamed content.

Twitch Monetization Eligibility Criteria

Furthermore, to get started on Twitch, you should be well-versed in the Twitch monetization eligibility criteria. These are a set of rules and conditions for becoming eligible to make money on Twitch through your streams.

In addition, you should read a series of other pertinent terms and conditions for streaming on Twitch before getting started. Finally, you can find a comprehensive list of all the rules and regulations for streaming on Twitch in this article.

Moreover, the Twitch monetization eligibility criteria consist of a set of conditions you need to meet for becoming eligible for either the Twitch Affiliate Program or the Twitch Partner Program. Both of these programs are excellent ways to monetize your channel on Twitch.

In addition to the Twitch eligibility criteria for the affiliate and partnership programs, you should also comply with the Terms of Service on Twitch.

However, becoming either an affiliate or a partner on Twitch is not easy. Therefore, we have outlined summaries of both the programs’ eligibility criteria here for your convenience.

You can find more detailed information on the Twitch Affiliate Eligibility and Path to Partner Eligibility in this article.

Twitch Affiliate Program Eligibility

The Twitch Affiliate Program allows you to monetize your channel through bits, channel subscriptions, and game sales. However, to become a Twitch affiliate, you must follow the following set of conditions.

  1. Firstly, you should have at least 50 followers.
  2. Secondly, you require at least three concurrent viewers to become an affiliate in the last 30 days, including hosts and raids.
  3. Thirdly, you must have at least 500 total minutes of broadcasting in the previous 30 days.
  4. Finally, you should have at least seven special broadcasting days in the last 30 days for becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

Twitch Path to Partner Program Eligibility

Moreover, the Twitch partner program is an embellished version of or level up from the Twitch affiliate program. It enables streamers to unlock extra bits, channel subscriptions, and emotes (around 50 different emotes).

Furthermore, the Twitch partnership also opens up Twitch in-stream ads as a monetization method for you. In addition, you also unlock Twitch Prime, which is only for $12.99 per month and is a unique paid membership program with various perks.

Twitch Prime is a great tool to get started on Twitch if you can pay $12.99 per month due to premium subscribers that pay more per view.

However, to become a Twitch partner, you need to fulfill the following requirements as a streamer.

  1. You should have at least 75 concurrent viewers in the previous 30 days, excluding hosts, raids, and embeds.
  2. Additionally, you should have at least twelve unique broadcasting days over the last 30 days.
  3. Finally, you also require at least 1500 total minutes or 25 hours of streaming in the past 30 days to become a Twitch partner.

How to get started on Twitch after being eligible for monetization

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate or partner solicits time, effort, and skill. It also requires engaging, authentic, and unique content. However, if you are eligible for the Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner Programs, you can consider earning money. We have listed some primary monetization methods that you should consider when getting started on Twitch.

Twitch ads

Firstly, Twitch ads are the single best monetization method on Twitch. You can include pre-roll or mid-roll in-stream ads to make money through your streams as a Twitch partner.

In-stream ads on Twitch enable streamers to monetize their streams directly.

Channel Subscriptions and Emotes

Channel subscriptions are an exciting feature for building communities on Twitch that allow your favorite fans to purchase subscriptions for your channel. Subscribers can exchange subscriptions for various perks such as hidden content, hidden game levels, chatbox privileges, more interaction with the streamer, etc. In addition, there are three tiers of channel subscriptions based on features available to subscribers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 subscribers. These tier subscriptions cost $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, respectively.

Channel emotes a fantastic opportunity to personalize your channel and build your brand for greater audience engagement.

Moreover, emotes are another exciting monetization opportunity to get started on Twitch. Channel emotes animated and custom chat box reactions or emoticons. You can design various emoticons that your subscribers can use in the chatbox during your streams.

However, to access channel subscriptions and emotes for your Twitch channel, you need to be either a Twitch affiliate or a Twitch partner.

Twitch Bits

In addition, Twitch bits are another great way to monetize your channel and engage your audience. Twitch bits are inherently virtual goods that your subscribers may use for Cheers. Cheers are amplified emotes that your subscribers can use in the chatbox for more significant impact. A Twitch bit costs $0.014 and earns streamers around $0.010 per bit. You can access Twitch bits as an affiliate or partner on Twitch.

Game Sales

Moreover, game sales are also an exciting opportunity to make money on Twitch. This feature allows streamers to sell new games on their Twitch channel or page and earn 5% of the revenue for every game sold through their page. In addition, you can access game sales as an affiliate or partner on Twitch.

How does Twitch pay partners and affiliates?

Finally, to get started on Twitch, you should be aware of how Twitch pays its streamers. Twitch takes around 50% of the cut from revenue earned by streamers on Twitch. The CPM is the total revenue you earn through your channel. However, the amount of revenue streamers earn after Twitch takes its cut is referred to as the RPM.


The CPM is the cost per mile. This the revenue your channel generates per 1000 views. This is the total amount of revenue a channel generates in a period, for 1000 views.


However, the RPM stands for the revenue per millie. This refers to the income earned for every 1000 views on your channel for a period. However, this is the amount that remains after accounting for Twitch’s cut.

The RPM is the revenue received by streamers through PayPal after accounting for Twitch’s cut of around 50%.

Payment Method

Finally, the primary payment method through which Twitch pays revenue to its streamers is PayPal. Therefore, you must have a pre-existing PayPal account. You should also link your Twitch account to your PayPal account.

In a nutshell

Conclusively, to get started on Twitch as a streamer, you must pick a streaming category, content niche, and content topics for your channel before streaming. In addition, you should also research similar channels and content extensively and post well-thought-out and planned content for the most outstanding user engagement. Moreover, you should also pick whether you want to focus on your streams and monetizing them or VODs and monetizing them.

In addition, you also need to be aware of the Twitch monetization eligibility criteria, which consists of a series of requirements and conditions for the Twitch Affiliate Program and the Twitch Partner Program. Furthermore, once you become a Twitch affiliate or partner, you can monetize your channel through various methods, including Twitch ads, channel subscriptions and emotes, Twitch bits, games, and sales. Finally, Twitch takes around 50% of the revenue earned by streamers and pays streamers through PayPal.

Additionally, if you may have any queries or questions about getting started on Twitch or may want to learn exciting tips and tricks to get started and earn money on Twitch, you can sign up for our services. Finally, consult our Twitch experts at AudienceGain for a personalized opinion on monetizing your channel and building a large community on Twitch.

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