What is the Twitch Partner Program?


Do you want to learn about the Twitch Partner Program? Are you interested in learning how much you can earn through the partnership program? Well, search no more!

In this article, you will encounter all necessary information pertinent to the Twitch Partner Program. Firstly, we highlight what it means to be a Twitch partner, including the top features of the partnership program. Then, the article outlines the eligibility criteria for the Twitch partnership in detail. Finally, we also inform you how much Twitch partners make in 2021 and how Twitch pays partners and affiliates.

What is a Twitch partner?

A Twitch Partner is an elevated status on Twitch that allows streamers to bank into additional benefits on Twitch after fulfilling the achievements for the Path to Partner Program on Twitch.

Twitch Partnership

The Twitch Partnership is a level up from the Twitch Affiliate Program. It gives streamers various excellent benefits and superior monetization opportunities. Moreover, the Twitch Partnership is available globally and to all kinds of streamers. This includes music streamers, gaming streamers, talk show streamers, art streamers, cooking streamers, dancing streamers, etc. However, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to become a Twitch partner. It is a well-known fact that most Twitch partners reapply 3-4 times before becoming official Twitch partners.

Benefits of the Twitch Partner Program

The Twitch Partner Program is a superior stage in your Twitch streaming career that you reach after crossing the threshold for the Twitch Path to Partner on the Achievements Page. This is a part of the Twitch Partnership eligibility criteria that we will outline in the next section.

There are a series of exciting perks of the Twitch Partner Program, which is why the program’s unparalleled popularity amongst all kinds of streamers. We have outlined the primary benefits of the Twitch Partner Program as follows:

#Twitch Prime

The Twitch Prime Program is a paid membership program, similar to Paid Subscribers of all tiers. However, it is the highest Twitch subscription status for both streamers and viewers alike. It costs $12.99 per month and is a premium membership with unparalleled benefits and additional perks. These include a Prime-exclusive chat badge, free two-hour delivery, free channel subscription, pre-order price guarantees, member access to select games and in-game loot for free, new free games every month, and release date delivery. However, to access the Twitch Prime membership, you must go to the Amazon store page for Twitch Prime gaming and link your Amazon account to your Twitch account.

Twitch Prime is an exciting paid membership program that allows streamers to maximize profits.

#Twitch Ads

Moreover, another great benefit of the Twitch Partner Program is that you get access to Twitch ads. All streamers unequivocally recognize that in-stream ads are the single best monetization method on Twitch. Therefore, we have classified Twitch ads into pre-roll ads and mid-roll ads. In addition, mid-roll Twitch ads tend to perform better with audiences in terms of making money than pre-roll ads.

#Channel Subscriptions and emotes

In addition, you also get access to around 50 channel emotes and a more significant number of allowed subscriptions for your channel when you become a Twitch partner.

#Twitch Bounty Board

Above all, the Twitch Bounty Board is a unique marketing platform within Twitch that allows streamers to monetize from paid sponsorships like never before. Through the Twitch Bounty Board market, professional Twitch streamers can browse potential sponsors on Twitch themselves. This allows for profit maximization through paid sponsorships on Twitch. Furthermore, Twitch partners are likely to find more sponsorships than affiliates because of their channel’s increased credibility and visibility, which we shall get into soon. In addition, you can get more details about the Twitch Bounty Board in this article.

#Twitch Bits

Furthermore, additional Twitch bits are another great benefit of the Twitch partner program. Although you get access to Twitch bits as a Twitch affiliate, you can get even more bits with the Twitch Partnership! Twitch bits are virtual products that are unique animated and amplified emotes for those of you who might not be aware. These can be used by your subscribers in the chatbox for a more significant impact when they Cheer you during your streams. Cheers are a way to show appreciation for your favorite streamer by sending an amplified special emote. Twitch bits cost around $0.014, and each cheer earns the streamer a revenue of $0.010.

Twitch bits enable partners to sell even more bits for emotes and get even more cheers from their audiences than ever!

#Greater Credibility

Moreover, as a result of becoming eligible for the Twitch Partner Program, your channel unequivocally gets greater credibility on Twitch. This is because becoming a Twitch partner is not easy, and everyone knows that it took you a while before you became one. So, in addition to audiences, your channel also has greater credibility in the eyes of advertisers and sponsors. This provides you unparalleled sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

#More Visibility

In addition, your channel also has greater visibility on Twitch and, in general, after you become a Twitch partner. This allows your content to reach a wider audience, including sponsors, viewers, subscribers, and advertisers.

What are the Twitch Partnership eligibility criteria?

The Twitch Partnership eligibility criteria list conditions that you must meet to be eligible for the Twitch Partner program; This entails the Path to Partner dashboard on the Twitch Achievements page.

Twitch partnership applications are reviewed manually by the Twitch Partnerships team.

Path to Partner

The Twitch Path to Partner program solicits three primary conditions for becoming a Twitch partner. These three conditions have to do with total broadcast minutes, broadcast days, and concurrent viewers.

#Total Broadcast Minutes

Firstly, in terms of total broadcast minutes, streamers need to stream for a total of 25 hours or 1500 minutes in the last 30 days to become a Twitch partner.

#Broadcast Days

Moreover, Twitch streamers need to stream on 12 different days to be eligible for the Twitch partnership.

#Concurrent Views

Finally, streamers must also have an average of 75 concurrent viewers, excluding hosts, raids, and embeds. Again, this must be for 30 days to become a Twitch partner.

Age Requirements

Moreover, the age requirements for the Twitch Partner Program are similar to the age requirements for the Twitch Affiliate Program. In summary, you must be between 13 and 18 years of age to become a Twitch partner. If you are between 13 and 18, then you require adult supervision. You can find additional details on the age requirements in this article.

How much do Twitch partners make?

Twitch partners can make a large sum of money per month from the unlimited monetization opportunities unlocked as a result of becoming eligible for the program. For example, we estimated that Twitch users could make up to $6000 in one month if they stream for around 40 hours that month. That is unequivocally a considerable amount of money, so you can gauge how beneficial the Twitch partnership is.

Twitch partners can accumulate huge profits depending on how well they use monetization methods on Twitch.

Twitch Affiliate versus Twitch Partner

Finally, it is crucial to understand that the Twitch Partner Program is a unique program than the Twitch Affiliate program because of its relative advantages compared to the Affiliate Program. We have listed these as follows:

  1. More significant monetization opportunities (additional bits, subscriptions, and emotes)
  2. Increased sponsorship opportunities
  3. More credibility
  4. Better visibility
  5. Twitch Prime
  6. Twitch in-stream ads eligibility

In Conclusion

To sum it up, a Twitch partner is a level up from the Twitch Affiliate program that allows streamers to tap into various exciting opportunities to make money and build a community. Firstly, through the Path to Partner achievements, the Twitch Partner Program will enable streamers to access multiple perks. These range from more excellent monetization opportunities to greater visibility, unlocking Twitch ads and Twitch prime, 50 different channel emotes, and greater credibility.

Furthermore, you can also access the Twitch Bounty Board, a revolutionary marketplace on Twitch to find sponsors and advertisers. However, it would help if you met the conditions for the Twitch Partner Program eligibility criteria to become a partner.

Furthermore, you must also be between 13 and 18 to monetize with supervision or above 18 to become a Twitch partner. In addition, Twitch partners can earn quite a lot per month, and the Twitch Partner Program unequivocally triumphs over the Twitch Affiliate Program.

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