Understanding YouTube Analytics


Do you want to know more about YouTube analytics? This article will walk you through Creator Studio analytics essentials. 

In the first part of this article series, we covered setting up your YouTube channel and understanding basic YouTube settings. The article also introduced the YouTube Creator Studio, including the dashboard, content, playlists, subtitles, comments, copyright information, monetization, customization, audio settings, and the library.

However, in this article, we elucidate the remaining basic features of the YouTube Creator Studio. These features include YouTube channel analytics. Firstly, we describe the overview section of the analytics tab on the YouTube Creator Studio. Then we describe the reach section. Followed by this, the article covers the engagement section. Finally, we elucidate the audience section of the analytics tab. 

Understanding the YouTube Creator Studio Analytics 

The YouTube analytics tab on the Creator Studio is the best source on engagement metrics for beginners.

The analytics tab is perhaps the most exciting tab on the YouTube Creator Studio. This allows creators to view and monitor their channel’s interactivity and engagement over time and per video. Moreover, the analytics tab comprises four sections with several different tools and exciting features. These four sections include:

  1. Overview
  2. Reach
  3. Engagement
  4. Audience 

We have outlined these four sections of the YouTube analytics tab in the following four parts of this section of the article. 

YouTube Analytics Overview

The overview section of the YouTube analytics tab gives you a summary of your channel analytics over the last 28-30 days. This includes a graph of views, watch time, and hours in the previous 28 days. This part also features a ‘SEE MORE’ button that allows creators to view a more detailed summary of their YouTube channel analytics. Creators can factor for various demographics and elements such as:

  1. Video
  2. Traffic source
  3. Geography
  4. Viewer age
  5. Viewer gender
  6. Date
  7. Playlist
  8. Device type
  9. YouTube product
  10. Video type
  11. Playback location
  12. Operating system
  13. Subtitles and CC
  14. Video info language
  15. Translation use
  16. End screen element type
  17. End screen element
  18. Card type
  19. Card
  20. Sharing device

The ‘SEE MORE’ button allows creators to view their channel’s elements explicitly!

Moreover, you can also change the period for the graphs. Additionally, the overview section also enables creators to view their videos per watch time, subscribers, views, impressions, and impressions click-through rate. 


The reach section of the YouTube analytics tab on the Creator Studio shows graphs for four major engagement types:

  1. Impressions
  2. Impressions click-through rate
  4. Unique viewers

Additionally, the reach section also features traffic source types for your channel. It gives you a summary of your traffic sources for the last 28-30 days. Additionally, you can also see your primary external traffic sources and views from those sources and through YouTube searches and playlists. 

Furthermore, the section also features a pyramid diagram on impressions for your channel for the last 28 days to show how impressions lead to watch time. This is an excellent source for understanding how channel analytics work, especially for beginners.

YouTube Engagement Analytics

The engagement section of the YouTube analytics tab shows creators graphs for their watch time and average view duration for the last 28-30 days. Moreover, the section also features critical moments for audience retention from your videos from the previous 365 days.

Additionally, the section allows creators to view their top videos, top playlists, top cards, top videos by end screen, and top-end screen element types. 


Finally, the audience section of the YouTube analytics tab shows creators graphs of their channel analytics based on returning viewers, unique viewers, and subscribers. The section also tells you when your viewers are usually online based on time zone. It also gives you a summary of your total watch time from subscribers in the previous 30 days. 

Additionally, creators can also view their audience’s demographic summaries. This includes summaries of their age and gender. Moreover, one can also view other videos your audience watched, leading geographies and top subtitle/CC languages for your videos. 


To sum it up, the YouTube analytics tab on the YouTube Creator Studio is your number one source for monitoring your channel’s analytics and engagement. The analytics tab consists of four primary sections: overview, reach, engagement, and audience. These tabs show creators various engagement metrics for their channel for the last 28-30 days. These include views, subscribers, return viewers, impressions, impressions click-through rate, audience demographics, etc. 

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