What happens when you like a Google review? What is Impacted?


What happens when you like a Google review? What is Impacted when a Review is Liked? Read the following information from Audiencegain immediately to understand clearly!

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What happens when you like a Google review?

There seems to be chatter among industry experts regarding whether liking a Google review has any influence in Google’s decision to highlight it or not. It seems that reviews that’ve received at least one like are about 5x as likely to become a highlighted review when compared against those without one.

As of August 2019, likes are a fairly unregulated sector in GMB, as there doesn’t seem to be a set of guidelines or policy in place. Unlike reviews, where reviewing your own business is in direct violation of Google’s policy, there doesn’t seem to be any recourse for a business liking reviews left on any of their location pages.

Due to there seeming to be some potential gain here, we have a couple recommendations for utilizing the review likes function:

  • Like intentionally: When you receive a review you genuinely appreciate, go ahead and give it a thumbs up; That simple action could have some influence on what makes it to the front of your listings.
  • Don’t spam: Resist the temptation to go and like every positive review as majority of Google reps would consider that to be spam. The repercussions this could bring to your listings are not worth the headache.
  • Keep it civil: On a similar note, also refrain from purposely liking your competitors’ negative reviews in hopes to move them to the front of their listing.

when you like a Google review

How important is it to take advantage of this feature?

This probably won’t be what makes or breaks your listing, and as such, shouldn’t be what makes it to the top of your priority list. If reputation management is a primary focus for your brand, there’s plenty more advantageous items to devote your time and energy into.

Due to the lack of exploration on the matter, it’s hard to know what material benefit can be gained from liking certain types of reviews – However, based on what has been investigated, there remains the implication that by liking reviews, you can then increase the probability of that review getting highlighted.

Ultimately, despite the lack of substantial research, this is still something to consider doing on occasion.

Does liking a Google Review do anything?

Here are some things to know about liking Google Reviews. Google My Business is pretty much the most important tool for small businesses in 2019, and there’s a curious feature where you can “like” a review. What happens when someone likes a Google review? Does having “likes” on your reviews help with local SEO? Who should be liking your Google Reviews?

One feature of Google My Business is the ability for you, and others, to “like” a review. But what actually happens if people are liking your reviews? Is there an impact when one review on Google has more reviews than another?

You can read a great article here about the impact likes have on Google Reviews, but I’d just watch the following Youtube Video that walks you through this cool little hack to help your small business with Local SEO.

Why Google reviews matter

As Google is the most used and trusted search engine, people pay attention to reviews on the platform. Google reviews are important because:

  • They raise the profile of your business online. People are more likely to visit your website or your business if they see good reviews.
  • They are beneficial for search engine optimization. If Google sees that you have good reviews, your website will be ranked higher in search engine results because Google can see you are popular and offer customers a good experience. As a result, good reviews improve your relevance. Google’s algorithm is dedicated to giving searchers the most relevant results, so having good reviews will improve your ranking.
  • The star rating based on your average rating appears under your company name in your Google Business Profile. If you have 4 or 5 stars, this will result in more people clicking on your business listing.
  • They allow you to receive essential feedback on your company. Feedback from customers helps you understand how your business is perceived by others and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Good reviews improve brand trust. People trust Google, so they trust reviews found on your Google Business Profile.

It’s important to monitor your reviews regularly. If you notice recurring customer service issues or other complaints, you can rectify them to improve your customer experience.

How to remove a bad review

You may get a review that you feel is unfair or inaccurate. You can report this review by flagging it as inappropriate. Google will only delete it if it violates one of its policies, so don’t expect them to delete a review just because it is negative.

If the review is just a frustrated customer, instead of reporting it, you can reply to the review, try to sort out the reviewer’s issues, and if you do, ask the customer to remove or edit the review. Speed is of the essence, so make sure you check your Google reviews regularly.

Don’t leave Google reviews to chance

Google reviews matter. They give your business credibility, increase click-through rates, and help your rankings.

For these reasons, it’s critical to pay attention to your business’ Google reviews. Encourage customers to leave good reviews for you, monitor your reviews, and respond to them, whether they are good or bad.

Does liking good reviews make a difference?

Google reviews with more likes do tend to perform better, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always positive reviews. Online users can like negative reviews too, which means these can jump to the top of your business profile if there are positive reviews without likes.

Another benefit of the like button is it gives you a chance to understand the impact of reviews on your brand. Still, the number of likes you have isn’t 100 per cent crucial. If you have a lot of positive feedback but no likes, you’ll still be doing well in ranking in the search results.

So even though they can help, it’s not nearly as significant as other aspects of your GMB.

when you like a Google review

Are there disadvantages to review likes?

Review likes are a relatively minor feature in the grand scheme of running a business, so it’s not something you will need to constantly monitor. However, it is good to be aware that negative reviews can get liked too. That means they could show up higher in your reviews and on your GMB.

Likes on your Google reviews can also lead to potential spam. If you’re subject to spammers, you might notice an influx of likes on positive or negative reviews, but this shouldn’t worry you too much. Overall, Google has a number of robust systems to prevent spam and detect this type of activity.

Above is information about What happens when you like a Google review? What is this? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of when you like a Google review. Thank you for reading our post.

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