What is the YouTube Creator Academy?


You’re probably aware of AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services for growing your channel. Here we elucidate in detail some crucial aspects of our channel promotion services.

In the first section of this article series, we outlined why you should consider promoting your YouTube channel and gave you Google’s top tips for YouTube channel promotion. We also covered AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services briefly.

In this article, we delineate the essence of our YouTube promotion services by starting with a summary of the YouTube Creator Academy’s tips for promoting your YouTube channel. This includes general information on the YouTube Creator Academy.

In the next section of this article, we highlight the YouTube AdWords tool as the primary feature of our YouTube promotion services. This includes general information on YouTube Ads, including the video campaigns, campaign subtypes, types of ad formats, and ad networks. Furthermore, we also deal with spending your budget for video campaigns and targeting the right audiences.

Finally, the article walks you through AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services coming soon! This section gives an insight into our premium channel promotion services and the advantages of our services.

You can find excellent optimization tips concerning YouTube promotion services on the YouTube Creator Academy.

What is the YouTube Creator Academy?

The YouTube Creator Academy is an excellent resource for learning more about promoting your YouTube videos and growing your channel’s audience. It is an online platform with an assortment of various free courses on YouTube promotion services. In addition, the YouTube Creator Academy provides nuanced courses on the following main categories pertinent to YouTube channel promotion.


The Catalogue page on the Creator Academy site links various online courses to their respective category. We have highlighted the primary types of online courses regarding YouTube channel promotion as follows.

  1. Channel Optimisation
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Getting Started
  4. Money and Business
  5. Policies and Guidelines
  6. Production

In addition, you can also filter courses on the YouTube Creator Academy based on difficulty levels. There are three primary levels:

  1. Basics
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

You can sign up for an online course on the YouTube Creator Academy based on any of the three difficulty levels.

Learning Toolkits

Moreover, the Learning Toolkits page on the YouTube Creator Academy site lists various resources that you can use to optimize your channel in a rapidly evolving and changing world. These resources are based on four main channel optimization features that we have listed below.

  1. Going Live
  2. Monetization
  3. Content Pivot
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Production

Creator Resources

In addition, the YouTube Creator Academy also provides an external link to YouTube Creator Resources that enable first-timers to learn important information on YouTube promotion services so they may get started. Moreover, the Creator Resources tab also links three pivotal sources for learning about channel promotion and optimization. These three resources include:

  1. The YouTube Creators Twitter page
  2. YouTube Creators Blog
  3. The YouTube Creators YouTube channel

Furthermore, besides the great resources available on the YouTube Creator Academy site, the Creator Academy also recommends specific special tips and tricks to follow for promoting your YouTube channel. These tips are based on accessing the YouTube AdWords tool to promote your channel and form the next section of this article.

YouTube AdWords

Firstly, the YouTube Creator Academy recommends using YouTube AdWords to promote your videos and advertise your channel on YouTube. This highlights the YouTube Ads campaign for content creators and businesses that allows YouTubers to create unique ads for their videos and channel and target audiences on the application to get more subscribers.

The YouTube AdWords program allows YouTubers to promote their channel through advertisements on YouTube.

All you need to do is pay your choice for YouTube AdWords to start your YouTube Ads video campaign for content creators and businesses.

Video Campaign

The YouTube Video campaign is a fantastic tool that enables content creators and businesses on YouTube to engage with their audience on the streaming platform and through Google video partners. Setting up a video campaign to advertise your channel on YouTube entails following a carefully designed step-by-step process to promote your channel through video advertisements on YouTube. Video campaigns are the highlight of most YouTube promotion services, including AudienceGain’s channel promotion services.

The video campaign program involves the following crucial steps: knowing your goals, spending your budget effectively, reaching people searching for your brand, organizing your ads with groups, creating relevant ads, and optimizing your video campaign.

#Knowing your goals

Firstly, you must know your primary goals before you create a video campaign to advertise your channel. When you create a video campaign, you can choose any one of the following goals:

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Brand awareness and reach
  5. Product and brand consideration

However, to learn more about goals on Google Ads, you can always visit this link. It covers pertinent details about the plans you need to have in mind when starting an ads campaign. It also provides critical information on various goals for the different ad campaigns available on Google Ads. These include search campaigns, Display campaigns, Shopping campaigns, Video campaigns, and App campaigns.

You can also start other types of ad campaigns for promoting your channel!

Nevertheless, Google’s goals for video campaigns are based on the different video campaign subtypes that we cover in the next section.

Video campaign subtypes

Video campaigns consist of three main subtypes that define how you want to reach audiences, which ad formats you can use in the campaign, and where the campaign runs. After choosing a goal, you’re supposed to select an apt video campaign subtype. There are three main video campaign subtypes:

  1. Sales/Leads/Website Traffic
  2. Product and brand consideration
  3. Brand awareness and reach

You can read more about these video campaign subtypes by visiting this link. This brings us to ad formats and ad networks available for YouTube promotion services through Google Ads.

Types of Ad Formats

There are three primary types of ad formats available for video ad campaigns. These include TrueView In-stream ads, TrueView Discovery ads, and Bumper ads.

#TrueView In-Stream Ads

TrueView In-stream ads are the most engaging and popular ad format used by content creators and businesses to promote their YouTube channel. You pay for the ad only when users watch 30 seconds of your ad or interact with your ad. In addition, you can use TrueView In-stream ads when you want your ad to appear alongside other videos on YouTube (before, during, or after). This means that in-stream ads can be pre-roll, mid-roll, or end-roll on YouTube.

In-Stream ads are the most popular way to advertise your channel.

Moreover, in-stream ads are of two subtypes on YouTube:

  1. Skippable in-stream ads
  2. Non-skippable in-stream ads

#TrueView Discovery Ads

TrueView Discovery ads appear on the YouTube desktop and mobile homepages, YouTube search results, or next to YouTube videos. You can use these ads to reach people in their moments of discovery on YouTube when browsing for videos on the platform. You only pay for Discovery ads when users click your ads to begin watching them.

Discovery ads are useful for promoting channels with distinct niches.

#Bumper Ads

Finally, bumper ads are six seconds or shorter and can be added before, after, or during a video on YouTube. Bumper ads are inherently non-skippable ads. You pay per the cost per mille or CPM, which means that you spend every time users play your ad a total of 1000 times. Content creators usually use this format to impact and reach users with a memorable and short message.

Bumper ads are short advertisements that are non-skippable.

Ad Networks

In addition, it is crucial to learn about various ad networks on YouTube to access YouTube promotion services through YouTube AdWords video campaigns. Ad networks are places where your ad can appear on YouTube. There are three main categories of ad networks:

#YouTube Videos

This ad network enables you to display your ads during YouTube videos, channel pages, and the YouTube homepage.

#YouTube Search Results

As the name suggests, this ad network displays ads on the Youtube Search bar when users browse or search for similar content.

#Video Partners on the Display Network

Finally, this ad network displays ads on other third-party websites, apps, or forums on the Display Network, which consists of the Google Video Partners.

Spending your budget effectively

Furthermore, to access YouTube promotion services for your channel, you must also spend your budget smartly and set up a bid strategy. Bidding determines how you spend your budget. You can spend money on getting people to see your ad merely, click on your ad, or make a conversion on your website.

In addition, Google provides additional resources on campaign budget strategies and bidding to get you acquainted with choosing the proper budget for your YouTube Ads campaign.

There are two main types of budgets that you can choose for your video campaign. These are the total budget and daily budgets. You can use the total budget to let Google Ads evenly distribute your budget over the given period. You can use daily budgets when you feel like you are prone to make more money through advertisements on certain days.

Reaching people searching for your brand

It is also imperative to set up campaign targeting for your video campaign to ensure that you reach the right audience through your ads. It is ideal to use advertisements for getting people who are already searching for your brand or business.

In addition to using YouTube AdWords for YouTube promotion services of your channel, the Creator Academy also recommends targeting audiences based on who, what, where, and when. This entails targeting audiences with your advertisements in a variety of ways.

Most pertinently, you should be aware of the types of audiences you want to be targeting. We can divide audiences into different categories based on people’s interests. The primary types of audiences listed by the YouTube Creator Academy include affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences, life events, in-market audiences, and custom intent audiences.

#Affinity Audiences

It would be best to target this category of audiences when your goal is to raise brand awareness and reach specific people who already have vital interests in relevant topics that you talk about on your channel.

#Custom Affinity Audiences

Custom Affinity audiences are more apt for creating a brand-specific audience interested in your brand or business and what you sell.

#Life Events

Use this category of audiences to reach potential customers on YouTube and Gmail when their purchase behavior and brand preferences change during life milestones such as marriage or graduation.

#In-Market Audiences

Targeting In-market audiences enables you to select customers who are researching products and actively considering buying a particular product or service that you also sell.

#Custom Intent Audiences

Finally, custom intent audiences enable you to reach viewers while making purchase decisions based on the keywords they used on their search on Google.

AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services

Finally, AudienceGain uses YouTube Adwords to create apt video campaigns for your channel and promote your videos on YouTube through advertisements. Therefore, our YouTube promotion services are 100% legal, organic and safe.

Long-term Investment

In addition, this is a service for a long-time investment because video campaigns help a channel grow gradually and not immediately. This is much better than the instant results that you get with fake views which clutter your channel. Moreover, the YouTube algorithm can easily detect counterfeit views and remove your content or ban your channel. So why take the risk?

Greater channel credibility

Moreover, AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services help your channel grow gradually and help increase your channel’s credibility. This is useful because the YouTube algorithm recognizes developing channels that use organic methods to succeed. As a result, it is more likely to recommend content from such channels than channels with fake user engagement. Therefore, with our promotion services, the chances of your content getting discovered and going viral also considerably increase.

AudienceGain’s YouTube promotion services result in greater chances of your content going viral!

Targeting the right audiences

AudienceGain also ensures that we promote your video to specific audiences that fall within the same niche as your channel. This implies targeting audiences based on affinity, which helps increase brand awareness for your channel and business.

Cost-effective YouTube promotion service

Finally, our YouTube promotion services are ideal for both old and new channels. This is because our services involve nuanced marketing strategies tailored to your channel and audience types. Moreover, this is a cost-effective solution because it might take you a while to get acquainted with advertising your channel using the lowest possible budget to save money. Our services also save you precious time and energy that you can expend on researching, designing, and planning your content.

In a Nutshell

To sum it up, we would highly recommend YouTube promotion services for your channel to increase overall engagement and build your brand. This article has outlined all you need to know about the YouTube Creator Academy and their tips for YouTube channel promotion. This includes pertinent information on the catalogs, learning toolkits, and creator resources.

Moreover, we also highlight the YouTube AdWords campaign for content creators and businesses to promote their channels. This entails video campaigns which consist of three main subtypes. In addition, there are three primary types of ad formats and three categories of ad networks available on YouTube for channel promotion through advertisements.

Furthermore, this article also gives you crucial tips on bidding and budgeting your video campaigns and targeting the right audiences based on audience types. Finally, we highlight AudienceGain‘s outstanding YouTube promotion services, which are beneficial because this is a long-term investment. Moreover, our services result in greater channel credibility and chances of delayed video explosion for your content. We also target apt audiences based on your channel niche, and our services are a cost-effective solution. So why wait? Sign up for our YouTube promotion services now!

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