How Does Tripadvisor Rank Restaurants? All You Must Know


How does TripAdvisor rank restaurants? How are those rankings determined? Customer reviews are always important to a restaurant manager or owner. Thanks to those reviews help your restaurant improve its profile on the internet and can get the best service for its customers. Follow the article below to understand better how TripAdvisor ranking works.

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1. How does Tripadvisor rank restaurants

At Audiencegain, the best way to drive more customers to your restaurant is when you have a search engine and a friendly website. And we must recognize the websites that millions of users visit when searching for a restaurant like TripAdvisor. We use it all the time, wherever TripAdvisor has a big influence on diners and you should use it to your advantage.

In this article, we’ll look at improving your restaurant’s TripAdvisor score through what you can do to drive more customers to your restaurant.

TripAdvisor’s indexing algorithm means the difference between your restaurant having a few guests occasionally and being fully booked most evenings. Search results will show how your restaurant competes with other local restaurants in a given geographic area. Restaurants at the top of the list will be seen more by potential customers than restaurants at the bottom of the list.

How does Tripadvisor rank restaurants based on the following:

  • The quality of the reviews.
  • The number of reviews.
  • Recent reviews

TripAdvisor has yet to tell you the critical weight of each ranking factor. This makes it difficult to know if a restaurant with more reviews will have a higher rating than a restaurant with fewer reviews. To find out, we decided to take a closer look at rankings and report the results to you so you can learn how to improve your restaurant’s ranking on TripAdvisor.

how does tripadvisor rank restaurants

How does TripAdvisor rank restaurants base on customer reviews

How does TripAdvisor rank restaurants base on customer reviews

2. User search affects restaurant ranking on TripAdvisor

The main factor in ranking all the restaurants you would expect is a higher average score. You would expect a 5 star rated restaurant to rank higher than a 4 star rating. However, as restaurants start to share the same overall ranking, this is where things start to get more complicated.

Take the example below:

Restaurant 1 has an overall rating of 4.5, consisting of 75 reviews and 5 reviews in the past week.

Restaurant 2 has an overall rating of 4.5, which includes 200 reviews and 4 reviews in the past week.

You would think restaurant 2 with many reviews would have a higher rating, but that is not the case. We’ve found that restaurants are rated equally, but more recent reviews will have higher ratings than restaurants with multiple reviews. This shows us that TripAdvisor values restaurants with recent reviews and ratings.

The recentness of reviews is extremely important in your restaurant rating, so you should emphasize getting quality reviews every week.

how does tripadvisor calculate ranking

User searches impact TripAdvisor restaurant rankings

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3. Understanding TripAdvisor’s popularity index

TripAdvisor uses the “Popularity Index” to rank businesses and determine guest satisfaction for your establishment. So your restaurant won’t just be ranked by class or price, but by the quantity, quality, and recentness of its reviews.

This ranking not only allows customers to know if the restaurant is suitable for their budget or not, but also knows how users rate safety, cleanliness, service, standard of food, and more. Each search will be ranked by quality and calculated by the Popularity Index which helps ensure that reviews stay fresh and unbiased.

how tripadvisor ranking works

Using TripAdvisor’s popularity index to your restaurant advantage

4. What should you do to boost your restaurant’s ranking on TripAdvisor?

How does TripAdvisor rank restaurants? Let’s find out through the information below.

4.1 Start with TripAdvisor

If you’ve claimed and added your restaurant, you’ll be one step closer to finding out how does TripAdvisor rank restaurants for higher ratings. If not, read our step-by-step guide on how to do it and follow these steps:

Step 1: Add the TripAdvisor Widget to your website

Let customers know where you are on TripAdvisor by adding their free add-on to your website. Scroll to Marketing Tools on your TripAdvisor restaurant listing and tap Site extensions. On the next page, select Restaurant Extensions.

You will be taken to a page where you can customize your widget, preview it and email yourself the HTML code you will have to add to your site. Ask your developer to do it if you don’t know how.

how are tripadvisor rankings calculated

The TripAdvisor widget can be added to your website

Step 2: Add the restaurant website URL to your TripAdvisor listing

You can do that once you’ve claimed your restaurant listing or added your restaurant to TripAdvisor. However, there’s still time to do it if you haven’t done it. Go to Manage Listings on your TripAdvisor company listing and select the Name & Description section.

On the next page, add your website URL in the specified box. This will give you a backlink for your restaurant website and make it easy for people viewing your TripAdvisor listing to find your site quickly.

tripadvisor ranking restaurants

The website address of the restaurant in your TripAdvisor listing

Step 3: Upload more than 10 images

According to a TripAdvisor study, restaurants that upload between 11 and 15 photos on TripAdvisor get twice as many customer interactions. Of course, your next step is to upload your profile picture.

To do this, log in to your TripAdvisor business page, then go to Manage Listings and select Photos. Click the “Add more photos” button to diversify your profile.

how does the tripadvisor ranking work

How does TripAdvisor rank restaurants when adding more than 10 photos

Step 4: Order TripAdvisor business cards to encourage users to leave a review for your restaurant

Placing a branded business card and leaving one on each table is one way to encourage your customers to leave you reviews on TripAdvisor.

To order a personalized business card, go to your TripAdvisor restaurant listing on Marketing Tools and select Advertising Tools. Next, select Business Cards.

This will take you to a new page to browse TripAdvisor-branded brochures for business owners. Since you need a business card, select the Business Cards category, and choose the message you want to display on the business card. We recommend “How was your meal?”

how tripadvisor ranking works

Place TripAdvisor business cards to get guests to write reviews for your restaurant

Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be able to design it including your business name, city, and TripAdvisor listing on the back.

Step 5: Respond to reviews

Finally, when those reviews start pouring in, you must respond as quickly as possible, which is important. We’ll tell you more about the best ways how does TripAdvisor rank restaurants.

4.2 11 effective ways to improve your restaurant ranking on TripAdvisor

In this section, we’ll show you how does TripAdvisor calculate ranking using a combination of review tracking and feedback, updating your listing, uploading photos, and building your brand.

4.2.1 Collect as many reviews as possible

The main thing on TripAdvisor is reviews. They help increase your rankings and bring you more customers. It is understood that requesting an assessment is extremely important. The fact is that only a few restaurants dare to just ask for reviews, but here’s how to increase your TripAdvisor following.

how does tripadvisor rating system work

Gather as many testimonials as you can

And there’s another reason why it’s important to ask buy Tripadvisor reviews online. The Spiegel Research Center did a study that found that the average rating of quick reviews (the ones you ask for) was 4.34 out of 5 stars, while the ratings of the reviews had no subject. The rating (posts that people leave voluntarily) is 3.89 out of 5 stars. Therefore, start asking for those reviews.

You can choose to request a review when a customer leaves, email them or SMS a review request. Regardless of how you do this, it’s important to do it.

If a customer is pleased with one of your specialty dishes, ask them to mention it in their review. For example, if your specialty is lasagna and you’re trying to advertise it on TripAdvisor, having reviewers say “This is the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten” will be persuasive to guests. other customers try this.

4.2.2 Reply to review

Responding to reviews is just as important as collecting them. Reviews are a digital version of word of mouth, and as reviews start to pile up, we understand that it can be difficult to answer all of them. Luckily you don’t have to. Yext has researched that responding to at least 50% of the reviews you get across all platforms is enough.

However, when you answer, make sure you’re fully committed. It means responding with an entire paragraph, not just a phrase, and really making the customer feel heard. We’ll go into how to respond to reviews below, so keep reading.

tripadvisor restaurant ranking

Responding to reviews is just as important as collecting them

For now, let’s discuss prioritizing the reviews you react to. Start by responding to bad reviews first. Why? Because they are the most necessary, you should do your best to deal with the situation. Then take some time to answer the best questions, because you’ll make the customer feel important and valued.

If you have time, respond to those 3 bubble reviews as well. They are less necessary than the others, but it would be nice if you also responded to those reviews.

4.2.3 There are recent reviews

Recent hit is one of the parameters TripAdvisor uses in how TripAdvisor ranking works. New reviews will take precedence. Older reviews, while still relevant, will be pushed aside as they do not reflect the current state of the restaurant. This is exactly what users are looking for when researching on TripAdvisor.

You should start collecting more reviews if your most recent review is 3 months old.

how are tripadvisor rankings calculated

Recent hit is one of the parameters TripAdvisor uses

4.2.4 Update your hours of operation

Restaurants with operating hours are shown on their TripAdvisor listing and receive 36% more engagement than restaurants with no opening hours. It takes less than 2 minutes to yield such remarkable results. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity and learn how does TripAdvisor rank restaurants to be more effective.

You can update your operating hours by logging into your restaurant listing on TripAdvisor, going to Manage Listings, and then clicking the Hours button.

tripadvisor restaurant ratings

Update your hours of operation to the TripAdvisor listing

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4.2.5 Provide quality service

Your restaurant reviews help bring in more customers and improve your service. If you get many reviews saying you could do something better, then something needs to be changed. Learn from your reviews and use them to improve your restaurant.

When you change something, respond to a review that explains how you took the action and exactly what changed. This will show all review readers that you’ve taken customer suggestions and complaints seriously and will lead to more positive reviews.

how does tripadvisor rank hotels

Reviews for restaurants can increase business and boost quality of service

4.2.6 Build brand vision

Customers will often appreciate consistency in a restaurant. To make your establishment more unique, build a brand vision and stick with it. That doesn’t mean experimenting, but simply making sure that whenever customers think of your restaurant, they have a clear brand image in mind.

Think about what your mission statement is. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Why do you do those things? How you want to present your brand to the public. For example, if you’re going to make your brand interesting, fun, and appealing to young people, consider menu descriptions that decorate your restaurant in bright colors and come up with a smart logo.

Make sure everyone on your team is aligned with that vision as they interact with customers daily.

how tripadvisor ranking is calculated

Build a brand vision and stick with restaurants

4.2.7 Ensure customer comfort

Amenities like free wifi or water can make a difference in a customer’s experience at your restaurant and as a result, in reviews they may decide to leave it on your business profile how does TripAdvisor rank restaurants for better reviews.

how does tripadvisor rating system work

Amenities can make a difference in a customer’s experience

4.2.8 Make sure your restaurant matches your cuisine

One interesting thing about TripAdvisor is that a restaurant can rank differently for many different cuisines. That means you have to make your restaurant suitable for the type of cuisine that customers are likely to know.

When people search for places to eat online, they’re not searching for generic keywords like “restaurants in New York.” They will do more specific searches like “pizza in New York,” “dinner in New York,” or “best TripAdvisor restaurants near me.”

how tripadvisor ranking works

Make sure your restaurant matches your cuisine

Not only will you use your restaurant description to target keywords that apply to your restaurant, but also look at what you’re good at and capitalize on that.

Don’t be disappointed if you’re the number one hit for “New York pizza” but only the number eight for “New York burger”. It means that other restaurants make better burgers than yours and you should embrace your delicious pizza making skills.

4.2.9 Take advantage of “social proof”

Suppose you’re not familiar with the concept of social proof. In that case, it is a psychological phenomenon in which people evaluate whether a situation or behavior is appropriate by seeing what others did before them. In this situation, people consider the opinions of others when deciding whether or not to visit a particular restaurant.

You can use this idea to your advantage if you run a restaurant. How? by including your customer reviews in your offline and online marketing campaigns. To start, have the TripAdvisor widget on your website to let visitors know you are listed there every time they visit.

how does tripadvisor calculate ranking

Benefit from “social proof”

When you’re at a loss for what to post, social media is a terrific place to share how Tripadvisor rank restaurants you receive. Post good review quotes and a thank-you note to the reviewer on your Facebook profile.

You may also utilize reviews offline by posting phrases from your best evaluations on your store windows, specials boards, and other areas.

You could even (respectfully) make light of negative reviews as part of your offline marketing plan if you dare. For instance, the cook at the Harlem Cafe in Northern Ireland, Faye McFarland, chose to capitalize on a negative review by making it public.

People were compelled to buy the dish at the core of the complaint in order to determine whether it truly was “the worst salad ever,” which led to the dish becoming a best-seller.

4.2.10 Take amazing photos of your food and restaurant ambience

What would you pick if you had to choose between eating at a restaurant with many internet images of its food, décor, and personnel and one without any? Not even a question.

Images not only lend credibility to your company but also entice potential customers to dine at your restaurant.

how does the tripadvisor ranking work

Take stunning pictures of your cuisine and the restaurant’s decor

Food photos are the most crucial. Make the meals the focal point, but also make the surroundings appealing. Contrast the meal and the plate by using overhead shots, experimenting with lighting, and overhead photos.

But more than simply taking pictures of the meal is required. Include pictures of your storefront, furnishings, seats, and employees. Photos from backstage are also popular, particularly ones showing your chef preparing the meal. Include pictures of your restaurant during busy times to show it off best.

As we discussed in the essay, the quantity of images you upload is also important. Aim for more than 10 to encourage greater diner interaction.

4.2.11 Make your customers happy with the experience and sharing

It’s crucial to include your restaurant in the online sharing culture if you want to improve how does Tripadvisor rank restaurants. Create an experience that people can’t help but talk about, and you’ll see how diners will keep pouring into your establishment.

When promoting a restaurant, the focus should be on taste, but it’s also important to appeal to the other senses, including sight (decor), sound (music), smell (mouthwatering), and touch (fabrics, spaces).

how to check hotel ranking in tripadvisor

Make your clients pleased by sharing their experiences with them

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Do you have any more advice on how does Tripadvisor rank restaurants? Please contact us immediately to know more useful information. Follow Audiencegain to update more interesting information.

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