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Tripadvisor is the largest travel website in the world. This is a travel platform that any large or small travel business knows. So how does Tripadvisor work? What is Tripadvisor’s business model? Let Audiencegain learn detailed information about Tripadvisor through the article below.

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1. What is Tripadvisor? How does Tripadvisor work?

Stephen Kaufer, Nick Shanny, and Thomas Palka started Tripadvisor in 2000. This is an American online travel agency that runs a website, a mobile app, and a website for comparison shopping with user-generated content.

Through content, price comparison tools, online reservations, and related services for locations, lodging, entertainment and experiences, and restaurants, Tripadvisor runs the largest travel guidance platform in the world.

In more than 40 markets, Tripadvisor has established a network of travel-related brands and companies that connect travelers to attractions, lodging, activities, and restaurants.

how does tripadvisor work

Tripadvisor is an online travel platform that helps customers book hotel room and air ticket

The following websites are only a few of the online travel brands and businesses that Tripadvisor controls:,,

As of December 31, 2021, Tripadvisor had more than 1 billion reviews and opinions on about 8 million hotels and other lodging options, dining establishments, activities, travel agencies, and cruise lines.

Tripadvisor has set certain guidelines for how hotels, restaurants, activities, airlines, and cruises must be featured on its website, yet it allows them to list for free.

How exactly does Tripadvisor’s search results display algorithm work? The internal search feature on Tripadvisor returns information pertinent to your text query. The terms of your inquiry, reviews, the number of page views, and your location are just a few of the many aspects and signals that search conclusion considers to provide you with the most relevant information.

how does tripadvisor work for owners

Partners can join in direct commercial relationships with Tripadvisor to be bookable online

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2. How Tripadvisor makes money? What is Tripadvisor’s business model?

How does Tripadvisor work? What are the business models of Tripadvisor? The platform now collects money from various areas such as assisting customers with hotel reservations, finding airline tickets, restaurants, and helpful travel guides. Explore with Audiencegain the details of how Trip works with the content below.

2.1 Value Proposition

Customers: Tripadvisor provides customers with access to a wealth of content, including more than 1 billion traveler reviews and additional content like photos, search and discovery capabilities across a variety of domains like location and price, and other content that helps drive customer convenience as they plan and book their ideal vacation.

Tripadvisor attracts about 500 million unique users every month to its website and has enormous influence over a sizeable portion of the travel industry.

how does tripadvisor ranking work

Tripadvisor provides reviews and recommendations to help customers plan the perfect trip

Customers can research destinations, activities, and restaurants on Tripadvisor, read and contribute to various content (such as reviews and images), and compare locations and establishments based on quality, cost, and confirmed reservations.

Travel partners: Because of Tripadvisor’s extensive global reach, partners can find, market to, and sell to a global travel audience. Some examples of these partners are hotel chains, online travel agencies (OTAs), destination marketing groups, and other suppliers of travel-related and unrelated goods and services.

Tripadvisor also provides opportunities for media advertising by directing users to the websites of travel partners, making reservations on their behalf,

2.2 Marketing Strategy of Tripadvisor

To increase customer knowledge of its full range of product offerings and expand its global brand, Tripadvisor makes investments.

Tripadvisor uses various online and offline marketing channels to reach travelers and diners, including its websites and mobile applications, online search engines, social media, email, and media via public relations, partnerships, and content distribution.

how does tripadvisor plus work

Tripadvisor provides customers with various features such as reviews, travel tips

Tripadvisor’s marketing strategy’s relative effectiveness can be observed on these mediums. Tripadvisor allocates resources among the various marketing platforms based on domestic return on investment metrics.

2.3 How Tripadvisor make money: Revenue model

Covid-19 significantly impacted Tripadvisor as a result of the global lockdown. Revenue at Tripadvisor decreased from $1560 million in 2019 to $604 million in 2020. However, Tripadvisor made $902 million in 2021, suggesting a recovery. Three business divisions within Tripadvisor generate revenue: Hotels, Media & Platform, and Experiences & Dining.

2.4 Hospitality, Media & Platform

Revenue from Tripadvisor-branded hotels

Most of the revenue for the Hotels, Media & Platform sector comes from click-based advertising on websites under the Tripadvisor brand, which mostly consists of contextually appropriate booking links to its travel partners’ websites, mainly OTAs and hotels.

how does tripadvisor rating system work

Customers can easily choose the best restaurant for them on Tripadvisor

Cost-per-click, or “CPC,” is the standard pricing structure for click-based advertising. The procedure by which the travel partner submits bids for rates and availability to be listed on Tripadvisor determines CPC rates.

Cost-per-action, or “CPA,” business model revenue is another source of income for Tripadvisor. As a result, Tripadvisor receives a referral commission each time a traveler clicks on an advertiser’s link and makes a hotel reservation.

Tripadvisor-branded display and platform revenue

Businesses can use display-based advertising spots on Tripadvisor’s platform to promote their brands. Most direct providers to hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and destination marketing groups are the purchasers of display-based advertising.

In addition, Tripadvisor offers display-based advertising to OTAs, other firms engaged in the travel industry, and advertisers in non-travel-related industries. The most common pricing model for display-based advertising is cost per thousand impressions, or CPM.

2.5 Experiences & Dining

This stream, which can be further broken into two segments, brought in $307 Mn for Tripadvisor


The excursions, activities, and attractions (the “experience”) at well-known tourist locations can be researched and reserved using the information and services offered by Tripadvisor.

Travelers can book tours, events, and sights in locations worldwide on Tripadvisor’s platform for a commission by working with local experience operators. The experiences travelers can find on Tripadvisor can also be shown and promoted on other websites. Even if visitors book that experience on another website, Tripadvisor receives a commission.

how does tripadvisor rentals work

Customers can easily book hotel rooms anywhere through Tripadvisor


Through its specialized online restaurant booking service, TheFork, and its Tripadvisor-branded websites and mobile apps, Tripadvisor offers information and services for users to explore and book restaurant reservations in well-known vacation locations.

3. What can I do on Tripadvisor?

Using Tripadvisor makes it simpler for users to decide where to go, whether on a trip or for today’s meal. The availability of reviews decreases the likelihood of having a negative experience with anything you can think of buy review on Tripadvisor. Since we will always be more trustworthy in the opinion of someone looking for the same experience as us, everyone can score and evaluate the reviews posted by others. Additionally, reviews can now include images.

what percentage does tripadvisor take

Tripadvisor gives you a variety of options from a variety of partner companies

There are filters inside all the written thoughts that allow us to read a review more tailored to what we are searching for in that encounter. You can confirm the season, the language you choose, and the category of the visitor (family, couple, business).

Finally, we believe that you should stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, you should familiarize yourself with new locations, and that you require translation services to independently look for hotels and restaurants.

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4. Tripadvisor Sponsorship, Pricing & Revenue

Crunchbase claims that for its existence as a private firm, Tripadvisor has only managed to raise $3.3 million from two funding rounds. TCV and OneLiberty Ventures are among their principal backers.

In 2011, Tripadvisor went public with a $3.3 billion valuation. The total market value of Tripadvisor’s operations is $3 billion as of right now.

The stock’s value peaked at $110 but dropped to roughly $20 due to the coronavirus outbreak and Google’s expanding influence over the tourism sector. Tripadvisor announced $902 million in annual revenues for the fiscal year 2021, an increase of 49% from the previous year.

does tripadvisor pay for reviews

Tripadvisor – All you need for your trip

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The above article has detailed how does Tripadvisor work and the business models of Tripadvisor compiled by Audiencegain. Tripadvisor is a very famous and popular travel platform. This is a channel to review and review reliable hotels and restaurants that many people care about and trust. Tripadvisor helps you plan the perfect trip.

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