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How to remove TripAdvisor reviews? This is a question asked by many businesses. For various reasons, companies may need to remove Tripadvisor reviews from their Tripadvisor business pages. However, Tripadvisor does not allow it. So what is the reason? Can I fix it? The answer will be in this Audiencegain article.

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1. Can you remove a Tripadvisor review?

For various reasons, companies may need to remove Tripadvisor reviews from their Tripadvisor business pages.

However, you can’t delete reviews: Tripadvisor doesn’t allow businesses to remove reviews from their pages. Instead, you have two options:

  • Resolve issues with customers and request updated reviews
  • Flag reviews as fake
how to remove tripadvisor reviews

Tripadvisor doesn’t allow businesses to remove reviews from their site

2. 7 steps to remove Tripadvisor reviews

You sometimes get positive reviews for your business’s services. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to deal with potentially damaging bad reviews on online platforms.

In the content below, we’ll walk you through remove a review from Tripadvisor and protecting your online reputation.

2.1 Check your account for reviews

You must comprehend the Tripadvisor page’s tools to analyze various metrics in your account as a top company participant in the hospitality sector.

For instance, a command center for your company might be the Tripadvisor Management Center. The best place to analyze everything affecting your organization is here.

List your property on the platform to access the Tripadvisor Management Center. You will be able to:

  • Claim your list in minutes
  • See all your reviews and reply to them
  • Learn from your key insights and track performance

You’ll go directly to Tripadvisor’s reviews page by clicking the Manage your reviews link from the Management Centre.

how to remove reviews from tripadvisor

You need to understand the tools Tripadvisor offers to analyze the various metrics in your account.

2.2 Rate your Tripadvisor reviews

It’s crucial to analyze your Tripadvisor reviews. Everyone wants to avoid seeing a hot-headed hotel owner acting defensively, therefore it’s crucial to take your time reading and responding to reviews. You may get ready for negative and positive reviews by thoroughly examining your reviews.

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2.3 Respond to negative reviews quickly

You must create a proactive schedule for monitoring and responding to your internet reviews. You may also utilize software to speed up the review process; it can alert you whenever a new review arrives so that you can respond immediately.

You better manage the story being told about your company by responding to bad reviews. Never forget that everything is based on reputation and perception.

Here’s how to respond to negative Tripadvisor reviews:

  • Admit the problem
  • Sorry without justification
  • Provide a detailed explanation if necessary
  • Compensate reviewers appropriately
  • Switch the chat to offline mode – This solves this problem faster
how to remove a tripadvisor review

Responding to negative reviews puts you in control of your business.

2.4 Flag the review for removal

You’ll occasionally come across phony reviews; if customers believe them, they could reflect poorly on your company. If you see a fake review on Tripadvisor, you can get in touch with them, but you can’t just ask them to take down a bad review.

Here’s how to report fake reviews on Tripadvisor

  • Log in to the Management Center
  • Click on the Reviews tab
  • Select the Review Report option
  • Click Worried about a review?
  • Click View our guidelines and submit your comments
  • Choose a questionable review
  • Outline your evidence

The Tripadvisor team will analyze your submission and evidence before starting the review removal process. Deleting or editing your review on Tripadvisor can be challenging as the company has the final say. You should try to submit enough evidence to stand a chance.

2.5 Contact the Tripadvisor support team

You can get in touch with the support team if you’re having trouble with negative reviews that harm your bookings. It can be quicker to do this than to flag your buy Tripadvisor review.

remove a review from tripadvisor

You can contact Tripadvisor team for support

To expedite the procedure and prevent future harm to your online reputation, you should get in touch with the Tripadvisor Management Center as soon as possible. Use the direct communication channel that exists in your Tripadvisor account right now.

To prevent severe internet harm, get in touch with a Tripadvisor representative. You must still provide evidence to back up your assertions.

2.6 Striving for more positive reviews on Tripadvisor

Your bad reviews might only sometimes be erased. The worst that can happen is that you can work on enhancing your reputation by getting more favorable reviews, so it’s not the worst that can happen.

By asking all of your satisfied clients for reviews, you can quickly overwhelm the negative ones. However, you will need to make some effort because not all your clients will take the time to write a review.


  • Be proactive in inviting customers to leave reviews.
  • Make customers happy and leave positive reviews
  • Encourage customers to regularly review
  • Explain to your past customers how reviews help your business
  • Incorporate Tripadvisor links on your site for easy reviews

You must incorporate multiple approaches into your business to build a positive reputation. However, you need to be careful when asking for a review. Some customers may feel uncomfortable with this and leave negative reviews. Remember, getting more positive reviews will depend a lot on the quality of your service.

how to remove review on tripadvisor

Improve the service quality of the business to receive many good customer reviews.

2.7 Manage your online reviews

As a travel business owner, you are operating in one of the most competitive industries. Most of your time will be spent serving customers and handling administrative issues in your business. Deleting negative reviews can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort.

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3. Can I edit a review on Tripadvisor?

Published Tripadvisor reviews cannot be edited. You also cannot edit pending Tripadvisor reviews. You can withdraw your previously written review of a company and submit a revised one if you are a Tripadvisor user.

If you’re a business representative listed on Tripadvisor, you can work out a problem with a client and request an updated review. They won’t be able to change the current review, as was already mentioned, but you can ask them to take down the old Tripadvisor review and submit a fresh one instead.

Here are some pointers for managing Tripadvisor online reviews.

Make contact with the reviewer in private

Tripadvisor disapproves of businesses contacting reviewers through the private messaging option to request a modification or resubmission. However, make offline contact if you have the reviewer’s contact information in your customer database (or outside Tripadvisor).

First, confirm that you have responded to their criticism and handled their concerns. And when you do ultimately ask them to publish their review again on Tripadvisor, do so politely and with clarity. To make the process of resubmitting or revising the review on Tripadvisor easier, you could also attach a link to their initial review.

remove tripadvisor reviews

You can contact the reviewer to agree to revise the review

Answer the initial and revised reviews in public

Even before the Tripadvisor review is deleted and re-posted, provide a management response to the original review.

This demonstrates to Tripadvisor users that you value their opinions, even if the process of amending the original review is still in progress. Respond to the new review as well as it has been filed and published. Remember that customers are more interested in a brand when the business owner is more involved.

Report phony or harmful reviews

On Tripadvisor, unfair or malicious reviews can do unjustified harm to a company’s reputation. You can report a review through the Management Center if it violates Tripadvisor’s rules. To report reviews on Tripadvisor, you can utilize a traveler’s account (instead of a corporate account). Simply click the flag button that is visible beneath the relevant review.

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Above is the information that Audiencegain about how to remove TripAdvisor reviews wants to bring to readers. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can apply it to your business and bring great results. However, the most important thing we still recommend is improving your business’s service quality to receive many positive customer reviews.

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