How To Spot Fake Tripadvisor Reviews? Use Tripadvisor Smartly


Nowadays, people are paying a lot of attention to “How to spot fake Tripadvisor reviews“. Because this is the concern of many users about fake reviews of hotels, restaurants and tour operators.

That makes them no longer trust TripAdvisor to provide the fair and objective information they need. In this article with Audiencegain, learn more about fake reviews on Tripadvisor and how to detect them. Read it now!

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1.How to spot fake Tripadvisor reviews?

Fake reviews on Tripadvisor are not only a concern of consumers but also of hotel owners, restaurants, and tour operators with good quality. They worry a small part of negative information affects customers’ trust with its brand. So, how to spot fake reviews on Tripadvisor? We have compiled 4 common signs below.

1.1 Limited reviewer information

Websites like TripAdvisor always work to connect user and experience reviews. Reviewers who don’t leave many reviews, have incomplete profiles or lack relevant social connections are likelier to be fake.

How to Spot Fake Tripadvisor Reviews

Reviewers with few reviews and sketchy information are highly likely to be fake

1.2 Reviewing with a negative attitude

Genuine consumer reviews are typically more moderate than fake reviews. Fake negative reviews about your hotel or restaurant will express more negative feelings than bad evaluations. These evaluations contain more derogatory language than actual details of a negative encounter.

1.3 So many reviews in such a short time

Examining the time stamps of the reviews on TripAdvisor is one of the simplest ways to spot fake reviews. There’s a significant likelihood that someone is attempting to ruin your reputation if you suddenly notice a wave of unfavorable reviews for your company.

how does tripadvisor fight fake reviews

Viewing timestamps of reviews is one of the easiest ways to identify fake TripAdvisor reviews

1.4 Reviews lack information and smaller words

Fake reviews skip out details. Analyzing the wording used in the review is another approach to identify false evaluations of your company. Fewer words and a brief description of the hotel or restaurant are telltale signs of fake TripAdvisor reviews. Additionally, these evaluations frequently use bad punctuation and improper grammar.

2. How to report fake reviews to Tripadvisor?

The moderators at TripAdvisor are constantly on the lookout for untrustworthy reviews. It’s inevitable that some reviews will pass because so many of them seem sincere. The business has a policy against false reviews and will consider any unsavory remarks brought to their knowledge.

Here’s what you can do to report a bogus TripAdvisor review:

  • Log into your TripAdvisor account and select “Your Business” from the menu at the upper right.
  • Choose “Manage Reviews.”
  • Click on “See our criteria and submit your concerns” under the heading “Concerned about a review? “

You can flag the review that worries you from here. You only have 500 characters to describe the scenario, therefore you must be as succinct as possible. Make sure to draw attention to any inconsistencies in the review. Any evidence you have to support your claim should be provided to TripAdvisor. Be as succinct as you can to make your point.

how to spot fake reviews on tripadvisor

Provide TripAdvisor with any evidence you have to support your claim

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3. How TripAdvisor checks for fake reviews?

How does Tripadvisor fight fake reviews? To prevent this negative status quo. Tripadvisor has also taken appropriate action. Let’s see what those options are.

3.1 Suspicious reviews found on high-rated hotel listings

An article in 2019 of “Which?” caused concern by pointing out fraud and forgery in reviews on Tripadvisor.

“Which?” did a comparative survey of nearly 250,000 reviews during their investigation and found some of the top-rated hotels in the Middle East, Las Vegas and even a property under their control. patronage of Travelodge, Britain’s second largest hotel chain, has many suspicious activities that suggest its reviews are fake.

When reporting to TripAdvisor for comment on their findings,

“Which?” found that, of the 15 hotels they raised concerns about, 14 had received warnings from TripAdvisor about questionable review content in the past year.

fake reviews on tripadvisor

Many top hotels and restaurants have fake reviews

3.2 What raised suspicions about fake Tripadvisor reviews?

The first thing to consider to differentiate an honest review from a fake is whether the reviewer has any prior review activity on Tripadvisor? Are there a lot of positive reviews from first-time reviewers?

However, this method is quite difficult to implement, as we need to determine if they are first-timers or if fake accounts are set up to increasehotel reviews.

3.3 Which reviews violate the rules?

Finding out what kind of suspicions a review has sparked is the first step in stopping it from being published. As we’ve previously mentioned, there are a variety of ways that a study could violate TripAdvisor’s policies, and not all of them are immediately apparent. Therefore, it’s critical to identify which regulations a review is violating after it has been reported as such.

Flagged, but not Fake: A review may be removed from your listing for various reasons, including that it was written more than a year after the experience, that it was written in CAPS, that it used slang, or that it was based on second-hand information. While these reviews aren’t fraudulent and won’t affect your business, they won’t appear on your listing. TripAdvisor reviews should be clear and helpful.

fake reviews on tripadvisor

Reviews that aren’t fake can still be flagged for breaking Tripadvisor rules

Real reviews, but for the wrong reasons: No biased, positive or negative reviews are allowed. They may include:

  • Even if the reviews are of actual experiences, such as a wonderful meal at your restaurant or a fantastic stay at another hotel in your group, they should not be posted by staff members, friends, or relatives. According to the Unfair business practices directive, it is also illegal in the EU for employees to leave favorable ratings of the places they work on online review sites.
  • Reviews that were written as part of an inducement, such as a discount offered in exchange for a stellar TripAdvisor review.
  • Negative comments made by visitors who have never stayed at the place.
  • Reviews of a rival published by a hotelier, restaurateur, staff member, or other member of the hospitality industry, even if they speak to actual experiences.
  • Reviews that act upon a threat of extortion against a property.

Filtered reviews: The practice of filtering who receives review requests is against TripAdvisor’s regulations, and establishments that the review giant suspects are engaging in it risk more than just a TripAdvisor red banner.

Tripadvisor also deems it as unethical to demand that visitors take down their critical reviews in exchange for a discount or other inducement or to exert other forms of pressure on visitors to do so, such as by attempting to impose a “no negative review” clause in a contract.

4. What methods does Tripadvisor use to find fake reviews?

TripAdvisor has compiled several articles over the years that explain the processes they take to deal with fake reviews.

TripAdvisor’s recent Review Transparency Report has exposed alarming reports like the “Which?” we just mentioned above. With a platform hosting over 700 million reviews, a fraction of fake reviews will undoubtedly slip through their carefully built network buy reviews on Tripadvisor. However, as the TripAdvisor report pointed out, of the 66 million reviews submitted to the platform in 2018, only 2.1% were found to be fraudulent and TripAdvisor found 73% of the fake reviews before being posted.

how do you know if reviews are fake

Most fake reviews are detected by Tripadvior before being posted

So how does TripAdvisor differentiate between the several categories of fabricated and poorly thought out reviews? For starters, by carefully analyzing typical review patterns using years of data and experience.

TripAdvisor explained in an article: “The techniques we use are similar to how banks detect credit card fraud.”

Banks use technology to track transactions taking place on individual accounts. By analyzing these transactions, technology can determine whether account spending appears to be normal or if there are any suspicious transactions.

Tripadvisor’s system works in such a way that they look at reviews for any given property, comparing those reviews to historical patterns they’ve observed for the property and identify any anomalies in those assessments.

how does tripadvisor fight fake reviews

Tripadvisor has a rigorous data analysis system

TripAdvisor has a lot of information to identify dubious reviews, including location information, IP addresses, and device details. When many reviews for the same property, for instance, originate from the same IP address, the system will prevent publishing those evaluations until the property has been contacted and a human has reviewed them as opposed to a machine. As another example, if a user has been reported for posting bogus reviews, the system can look for other identities that share the same IP address or originate from the same country and flag those.

When it comes to paid review companies, TripAdvisor’s team of investigators spends a lot of time analyzing advertisements from businesses that offer services like review optimization, as well as legitimate services like reputation management and review collection, to see if they are operating legally or if they are passing themselves off as reputable businesses while providing illegal reviews.

Additionally, itocatch the offenders, the investigators frequently go “undercover” to interact with paid review services or collaborate with corporations who have been warned about utilizing these illicit services. To ensure that criminal conduct is brought to the proper authorities attention, TripAdvisor collaborates with law enforcement and other regulatory entities as needed.

how to spot fake reviews on tripadvisor

TripAdvisor has plenty of information available to flag suspicious reviews

However, despite everything TripAdvisor tries to stop fake reviews from appearing on property profiles, incorrect feedback occasionally does get through. Because of this, TripAdvisor’s systems are continually being improved and adjusted to ensure that fake reviews are discovered as soon as possible and that accommodations who employ dishonest techniques to boost their ratings and ranking are punished.

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5. Use Tripadvisor Smartly

TripAdvisor could be better. But if you know what to do, it might still be useful. Here are our methods for utilizing the service to our advantage.

5.1 Ignore all TripAdvisor Star ratings and suggestions

Rather, rely on pricing as a benchmark. Let your budget dictate you, use the search parameters to focus on amenities like parking or a pool that may be vital to you, and then go deeper to read the property reviews.

5.2 Don’t believe all qualitative reviews

All reviews from reviewers with fewer than 50 reviews should be disregarded. All reviewers with fewer than 200 reviews are currently ignored by Tripadvisor. Additionally, tourists should skip any reviews written by residents of the city they seek (you are looking at Chicago, ignore all reviews from people who list Chicago as their hometown). And disregard any reviews that lack a distinct profile picture.

can you remove a review from tripadvisor

Ignore all reviews from reviewers with no specifics and few reviews

5.3 Don’t log in and clear your cache often

The reviews are tailored based on previous search behavior or marketing connections with the business. The majority of the “Just For You” reviews are based on businesses that pay TripAdvisor money, not on establishments you might wish to eat at or stay at. Although it will continue, clearing your cache can help lessen the target marketing.

Utilizing a private or incognito browser window is a second choice (or even a VPN service). This may contribute to adding an additional layer of anonymity.

5.4 Don’t depend too much on Tripadvisor

Use more data sources to enhance your search strategy. We have been using other travel blogs more and more frequently. They are written by actual people with true knowledge of the subject—authorities. Additionally, a quality travel piece is more valuable than all the impersonal, generic reviews. However, TripAdvisor reviews may be valuable if you have the time or want to sift through the clutter.

how to fake tripadvisor reviews

Use other data sources to complement your search beyond just Tripadvisor

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Above is all the information about “How to spot fake Tripadvisor reviews” that Audiecengain wants to provide readers. Although Tripadvisor still has many problems in controlling fake reviews on Tripadvisor, it is important that they are still trying and improving to bring the most honest reviews of users. You can refer to the smart ways to use Tripadvisor we have suggested. Follow us for more interesting articles!

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