6 Practical Advice to Answer the Question “How to Grow on TikTok in 2021?”


TikTok is an amazing way to grow your following online. But, while it may be easier than other platforms, it still requires a strategy to handle the problem: How to grow on TikTok in 2021?

Why does your TikTok stop growing?

Tiktok is a rapidly growing platform requiring your fast adaptation. However, if your channel is still not making progress, you may have to reconsider the following factors.

Ignore the trend

Trends are fantastic; they even work well for businesses. However, once you have a certain number of followers, you may think that you don’t need to follow any other emerging trends while creating your own.


Trends do matter a lot on TikTok.

You do not necessarily want every video to be a trend, but almost all videos are based on trends. So don’t underestimate the popular trends on any social network. It creates big spikes in your growth, even if you have fewer or more views. 

Never create evergreen content

Evergreen content is not reliant upon a trending sound, also not a challenge or something everyone else is doing. Instead, it has to deliver value over time. Therefore, trends are essential to attract viewers, and the evergreen content is crucial to keep the audience stay.

For example, evergreen content can be educational videos, which are super powerful for building loyal audiences. You can have viral videos that attract thousands of views, but you won’t maintain popularity if you ignore the valuable content.

Small tip for you: 8 TikTok Video Ideas That You Cannot Miss

When you do not believe in what you are doing in the video

If you create a TikTok video without 100% energy, you cannot make the viewers get your idea entirely. When you hold back the key points in front of the camera, your audience might feel that you do not believe in what you are doing. Likewise, mechanical and forced cinematography cannot inspire and entice viewers to take action. 

Being inconsistent

Many people show up every single day for a long time, then disappear for several months. Or some creators post ten videos a day, then disappear for weeks. That is a huge issue about how to grow on TikTok.

The reason is from the very beginning; you made no promises to yourself that you would maintain an active connection with the platform, thereby underestimating the TikTok algorithm. TikTok wants to know whether a creator should be trusted by assessing his commitment. Are you going to show up time and time again? Are you going to be on this platform or suddenly disappear to be on other social media platforms?


TikTok and other strong opponents: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Moreover, the followers also need to know if you would consistently produce the content they love to see. So being inconsistent can break the follower’s trust and your ranking on TikTok.

How to grow on TikTok 2021?

Facing the challenge of how to grow TikTok accounts might make you nervous. But successful predecessors have figured out many tips and tricks to handle this problem. Here are the essential key points that creators need to remember when building their TikTok channel.

Identify your niche

It cannot be easy to build influence on TikTok when you have to produce different ideas every day. You might achieve a viral video quickly with 10,000 or 20,000 followers after a night. These followers follow you because you did well, maybe not for other ideas on your profile. With this bit of engagement between you and your audience, your profile will go down from there.


Find your niche.

To avoid this, you should commit to sticking to only one or two ideas to upload content around for a minimum of two weeks. After that, it would be roughly 20-25 videos uploaded. That can help you to re-evaluate what you want to do and state it clearly on the profile. 

If you are a professional or a business, you can create content about what you do. For example, a teacher can build quality audiences by showing how to prepare a lesson every day.  

Therefore, sticking to one idea and continually developing it is a good and easy way to foster engagement with your audience community. Moreover, this simple method is beneficial to bring profit. Everyone follows you for the same reason. So after you have decided on your niche, you can safely buy TikTok followers and still maintain that following with evergreen content. 

Structure your content

How well you structure and package your content, then emphasize your strength out of the individuals is what separates the great creator from the average creator. Do not take it as simple as pulling out your phone and start recording your TikTok video. There would be an exception of getting success from that way. However, generally, there must be a structure behind your ideas to fully meet the demand “How to grow on TikTok.”


Content needs to be well structured.

There are three different types of structures, focusing on various aspects of the TikTok platform. 

# Original Content 

This type of content means your video has original visuals and original audio. You will not use any kinds of trending songs or sounds from anyone else on the platform. Instead, you focus on outputting the new ideas by telling a story, sharing experiences, cooking with a new recipe, etc.  

TikTok has repeatedly emphasized the importance of original content, not for achieving virality but also for earning money from the platform.  

# Trending Content

One of the newest content 

TikTok was rooted in songs and dances, so there are three different ways to tap into this culture. 

  • Hashtag. 
  • Popular songs or/and sounds.
  • Trends and challenges.

If you want to research these trending aspects, you can find them on the Discover page. The critical point that you should remember when using trending content is to bring evergreen relevant content on this platform.

# Promise-to-payoff Video Structure 

You will start this structured video with a promise, a statement to your audience saying about what you will do. Next, you are going through the process to deliver the message. Finally, it comes to the payoff, which summarises your ideas. 

Here are some example topics that can be structured in this method.

  • ‘Top 5 Hollywood film errors of all time.’ 
  • ‘How to cook your noodles in 1 minute.’

Optimize your hashtags

TikTok hashtags, known as categorization metrics, might operate a little differently. They aim to provide what particular audience types that you want to distribute your content to. That is why hashtags do play a pivotal role in getting a spot on For You page.


TikTok hashtag is one crucial factor.

If the content is specific, then you should keep the hashtags relevant to the video idea. Do not copy and paste other’s content. Using your thoughts is always the best way.

If the video theme is broader in nature, comedy, or narrative storytelling, for instance, you should keep the hashtags broad because they can appeal to more people.

Focus on video posting time

The truth that every content creator must know is that the right content in front of the right people at the right time is the crucial factor. It seems easy to get to this point when editing video, but you can hardly achieve it quite well on TikTok.

That is why TikTok Pro Accounts come in super handy in this case. You will be able to look when your audiences are most active and then figure out your prime time to post constantly. 

Regular upload schedule

One more tip to solve the issue “How to grow on TikTok” is consistency. If you want to scale quickly, uploading 2-3 times per day might be a great choice. It is also a common habit of popular content creators nowadays not to over-saturate the content to the audience and not to provide too little information daily. 

More than two videos a day can sound like pressure to newbies, but on TikTok, recording a video is not as tricky as Instagram or YouTube. Because TikTok rewards frequency more than other aspects. Uploading simple videos at the same time every day can be effective in gaining followers and views.

Understand the video metrics

These metrics are the numbers that can’t lie about your channel progress. All the analytics can be your best tool to understand your video’s success, how to grow on TikTok, etc.


TikTok Analytics feature

After posting a video, analytics take a minimum of 24 hours to update, so you need to take a few steps below:

  • Go to your grid, where all your videos are. 
  • Click on a video, choose the Three dots tab at the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Click on the Analytics icon, and you will see the statistics. 

Many things you can learn from this feature, such as the performance metrics about likes, shares, comments, traffic sources, etc. All of those benefits can take some periods to progress after you reach a specific development. However, it would be time-saving if you consider buying a monetized TikTok account from a trustworthy provider.

In short

TikTok is not a platform that requires professional editing or special skills to get viral after one video. And there is a lot of useful advice to expand a TikTok channel that any content creator needs to remember. 

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