5 Common Mistakes New YouTubers Make & Tips to Avoid Them


There are plenty of mistakes new YouTubers make, but any content creators can fix those problems if you pay attention to the reasons and always are willing to change.

Why do so many YouTubers keep making mistakes on their channel?


Why do YouTuber fail?

Let’s consider the following aspects to understand why several YouTuber channels can’t get success. 

Lack of direction


Lost of direction

When you can’t define your target audience and critical mission statement for your channel, the content you create still has no real purpose, leading to many mistakes new YouTubers make. This situation makes the audience unsatisfied with the value of your videos. As a result, they tend to pay less attention to your channel. 

So, before starting to build a YouTube channel, you need to map out a clear direction to answer the question: why should people be interested in your videos?

Unrealistic expectations 

Not only with the YouTube business but with the whole content industry in general, unrealistic hopes often bring up many cases of failures. Unluckily, the rapid development of society and the speed of digital invading people’s lives have inadvertently pushed the expectations for content creators to a high level.


Unreal expectations.

The speed at which someone achieves success is tightened. And the new YouTubers usually put impractical expectations into the results of their very first steps. So, understandably, new creators quit because they don’t achieve success as they want.

So, leave the target “reaching 1,000 subscribers” outside of your mind. Instead, take actions on what you can control by setting your milestones for the next few months or the whole year if you can, and always stick to the plan. 

No foundation

The last issue that hinders the development ability of your channel is a lack of fundamental knowledge. Primary filming and editing techniques are crucially necessary to complete a video with straightforward content.

So when you have a strong desire to become a famous YouTuber in the future, you must have basic knowledge about the following skills: video editing, video filming, and how to combine them smoothly.

5 main mistakes new YouTubers make and how to avoid them

However, after you have the ability to start a YouTube channel, as a beginner, you still run into quite a few problems that make you stumble. Here are the common YouTube mistakes that any newbie often encounters and how to help them solve them.

Overwhelmed by the variety of content

In the beginning, you may be mind-boggling by the various topics on YouTube. And you think you can invest time in many types of them. So you try on gaming, vlogs, parodies, movie reviews, photography, etc. But the truth is you are wrong ever since accepting to take part in more than one particular topic.


There are various topics for content on YouTube.

The audiences decide to follow one channel when they enjoy the YouTuber’s personality. But, then, it will be impossible to build a steady and strong follower network, who know what they truly want to subscribe for when you are engaged in everything but don’t stand out in anything.

Here are some tips to get over this problem:

  • Building your own brand: It does take time. So before letting the audience enjoy your characteristics, you need to be useful first. It is necessary to occupy all the potential topics, but you should have a general focus on explaining your content in a few words. Stick to a subject or theme to be available for ranking. You may need: Youtube channel art – best steps to be a future artist in the virtual world
  • Be realistic with yourself: Putting yourself in some cool-looking niches is one of the typical mistakes new YouTubers make. It would help if you did a little bit more research on what it is going to take. For example, if you decide to invest in travel, on the go must be a big thing, and you have to ask yourself: Is it really what you want to do? Will you agree to do it in five years or more? Don’t let fear take over your feeling. You can do what you want to do.

Focused too much on Promoting

Some new YouTubers tend to stress trying to get views and promoting videos instead of focusing on making better videos. It is easy to understand that they might get confused when seeing other channels getting thousands or ten thousand views when their videos are as good as theirs. Unfortunately, these kinds of thinking may create some mistakes new YouTubers make.


Highly concentrating on advertising turns out to be one of the mistakes YouTubers make.

Once you have a few subscribers and one or two successful videos, you might start to feel like you have owed something, like your next video should get even more views because you worked even hard on it. However, it makes you feel good to work hard on your content, not because you are entitled to that dreaming reputation. 

Here are some tips for you to get over it:

  • Produce better content: Instead of spending all of the extra energy on promoting it everywhere, invest your time in making more videos. Every time you put a video out is another chance for someone to find you. 
  • Stop paying attention to the numbers: It is easy to get bogged down by the numbers. That is a weird sense of competition that YouTube sometimes evokes, but don’t think like that. YouTube is hard; it is a marathon, so as you grow, you still have to earn every view and subscriber you get. Appreciate the viewership you do have and keep working on improving your channel.
  • Enjoy the process: Sometimes, you might be afraid that you cannot follow the uploading schedule, but it is okay. You are not entitled to the upload button. Don’t blame yourself but try to fix it. 

GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome

It happens when you are worried about all the fancy gear, such as the microphones, the camera, the lightning, etc. You focus only on the perfect gears, but you forget the content is king. This syndrome arose from the very first step when you were preparing to set up a channel, and it can stick around inside your mind if you can’t sort out what to prioritize.


Camera or content, which is more important?

Here is the tip for you to get over it:

  • Balance the tools with content. You can’t improve all of them at the same time. Try one by one. You can enhance your camera after you receive a supporting idea from your audience. The key point is don’t worry about the gear as your main focus. 

Copy other YouTubers

When you have no ideas for what to do next or are struggling to compare your YouTube to other infamous channels, you tend to analyze other’s content and try to learn their characteristics. But, unfortunately, very few people can realize that it is one of the usual mistakes new YouTubers make.

Some questions that might appear inside your mind are: “Their content looks amazing; how can I copy it? So many subscribers pay attention to this topic, can I try? They did perfectly in this easy style, so why shouldn’t I take a try?”

Analyzing competitors is a good and necessary choice, but imitating them is not encouraged. They create the content via their style and get good results, but there is the fact that you can mimic 100% and cannot get the same results as you expect.

Moreover, the audiences already have formed a trusting relationship with one specific YouTube channel. If you copy their ideas, their forms, the audience will never appreciate your content highly.

Here is the tip for you to get over it:

  • Make the video that resonated with you: This is the best choice to solve this mistake new YouTubers make. No views, no subscribers sounds bitter, but take it as an encouragement to be yourself because you can shine in your own way.

Do all the things alone

Working on creating a YouTube channel may cause you to feel lonely. You write content, shoot videos by yourself, then edit them on your own. Even recording a video clip is just talking to the camera. As a result, you will often feel discouraged because no one recognizes the products, and you still do the work alone. Moreover, this mood can delay your creativity, leading to many mistakes new YouTubers make when they get stuck in creating new content.


Sometimes, choosing to be alone is one of the familiar mistakes YouTubers make.

Here are some tips for you to get over it:

  • Connect with other YouTubers: In the YouTuber community, there will be people working on the same topic as you. Find people at the same level as you, then become their friend. It is better to share the work with them, and you grow together. It is valuable to reach out to fellow YouTubers to learn from actual experience. You can lean on them when you are struggling by asking for their advice. 
  • Have an interesting YouTube collab: This idea gives you the chance to expand your relationship and grow your channel and reach new audiences.
  • Engaging with your audience: This action is both practical and mandatory for all content creators. Having conversations with your audience through comments is the best way to figure out what people ask for. Then, based on what people say, you can improve your channel day by day.

In conclusion

There are many mistakes new YouTubers make, but you can’t fix all those mistakes in a short time. So all you need to do is tackle one by one and start with the most critical first.

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