How to earn money from Youtube – Google Adsense or Network


Thanks to Youtube, the term “how to earn money from YouTube” has gradually become familiar due to its popularity. You will see a lot of people making money on this largest video platform.

Youtube is a virtually huge platform developed by Google. This social networking site allows you to post videos to store and share with others, as well as to be a part of the content-creating community.


Earn money from Youtube

There are many methods to make a Youtube channel start to monetize. One of which is to become a Youtube Partner, which is also considered to be the most common choice.

Anyways, this job is quite vague for those who have little exposure to technology, and even judge that it’s unbelievable (and in some cases, phenomenal) for those who are not familiar with MMO – making money online.

In this post, our team from AudienceGain present you two forms of monetization after taking part in the YPP – Google Adsense and Google Network.

We are going to give you deep insights on these two forms, about their community, how they function, their features and which one is better for you to follow.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

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Before how to earn money from youtube, you must know “What is Google Adsense”?

This is the first commonplace account linking form. Adsense is an advertisement distribution platform under control of Google.


Google Adsense

To be more detailed, you need to link your channel to the Adsense account in order to be approved to join YPP. Your audiences watch your videos and you can get the money to your pocket.

The most appealing advantage of making money through Google Adsense is that you get 100% of the money from your content.

In this case, Youtube is the party who directly pays for your video content. If you are sure that your video is completely your ideas and your effort on production, then you should choose Google Adsense as a way for monetizing.

How does it work?

Google Adsense let publishers monetize from their online content, literally. That means Adsense operates by matching advertisements to your channel. Youtube’s algorithm will do the examination work, which streamlines your contents then target them to the potential visitors.

Your task is to create usable space by pasting the ad code on your video and choosing where you’d like the ad to showcase. After that, Youtube will take care of the paying process to ensure you receive the payments.

The advertisements are created by the advertisers who want to promote their products (and they already partner with Youtube). As a result, since these advertisers pay various prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary.

Benefits of Google Adsense

When a channel links to Google adsense it will receive benefits such as:

  • Enjoy 100% money from 55% of the video revenue (in general)
  • See the detailed increase in views of the channel’s daily .

In general, the biggest advantage of getting into Google adsense is that the money you get is exactly the same as in Google Analytic and it’s not cut off by % like linking to Networks.

Take a note when you want to earn money from youtube!

Receiving 100% of the benefits also has its downsides. That being said, you should be seriously careful with your uploaded video on the platform.


New Google Adsense interface

When using Google Adsense, you can not avoid the risk of your videos being deleted without you even noticing. If your video is accidentally covered by a copyright music track, or you re-upload other people’s video, it is possible that those videos will be removed from your channel.

In some circumstances, the videos will not be immediately deleted, but there will be a warning from Youtube that you are not following the monetization policies.

In other words, Youtube loses its trust on you, if you repeat violating its conditions. Your Youtube channel will be deleted sooner or later. And Youtube only pays you when you reach the threshold of $100.

And there is one more thing that we want to emphasize. In fact, for example, some people using Adsense can still re-upload videos of other Youtubers on their channel, without being reported, as long as they have an initial financial compromise before uploading the videos. The percentage of profits between the parties will differentiate based on this.

However, under those circumstances, the video-uploader can hardly benefit a penny from the negotiation, since the percentage is very low. Therefore, when using Google Adsense, the only thing you should take into consideration is honesty to create your own unique ideas. Only by that you can well-monetize. On the other hand, we advise you to have a sub-monetized channel in case your main one is suspended.

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What is Google Network?

The easiest way to understand Network is that it’s an intermediary system that distributes ads on Youtube and is not related to Google AdSense. This means that if you are affiliated with a Network, you will not need to create an AdSense account when making money on Youtube.


Google Network takes full control of many factors

Google Network will take the responsibility for paying you each time you are eligible to earn money. If you have just been a part of YPP, subscribe to Network if the video is not made by yourself, or you edit and re-upload other people’s original video for instance.

To conclude, Network takes full control over copyright, advertising and other factors related to business operation for instance. Since Networks have more power, joining one is a bit harder than joining Adsense. You must meet some criterias, such as high-quality content or a large number of subscribers.

Benefits of Google Network

When associating with Google Adsense, you will be always in the state of worrying about content reuse, copyright infringements and so forth. However, with Google Network, those are just some minor errors, which can be ignored.

So we consult you with this:

Reasons to choose Network over Adsense

Google Network is more secure

On major Networks, you will be supported if your channel is dead due to a report from the community or an error is not completely accurate.


Secure Google Network

To be more specific, if an individual participates in Google Adsense while having little knowledge on Youtube copyright regulations, there is a high chance that his/her videos are going to be reported.

Yet with Network, besides enhancing more knowledge about copyrights, Network will act as a guarantee for your video content.

Currently, some networks have a nice reputation for supporting members’ appeal, so joining the Net now makes the channel safer.

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Access the Network for more money

Sound kind of weird, doesn’t it? What’s with the “100% profits from Google Adsense” we mentioned below? Believe it or not, in some cases you can still gain more money when joining Networks.

Normally, with Google Adsense, you will enjoy 55% of revenue from 100% of click ads + view, but on the network you will have to divide 10% – 30% in 55% of that amount.

However, if you are finally qualified for joining some big networks such as MCN or Collective Digital Studio, they will help monetize your videos being re-uploaded by others.

On the same token, if someone re-uploads your videos, you have the right to sue them. However, you can still let that person make money from the video, but that money will belong to you, not completely but you have the higher percentage of profits.

More support from Network

Have you ever heard of Content ID that has a check mark on the channel?


Google network support team

Basically if you post a video including copyright-protected content, you may receive a claim from Content ID. This claim comes from the companies which own their copyrights of music, movies, games and so forth.

Because of their ownership, Youtube can block your videos or in some several situations, Youtube still continues running ads on your video but the revenue will belong to the copyright owner.

In order to prevent this drawback, some large networks will support you to deal with this. When you join a network, you can contact its support team and make your request.

Furthermore, you can use other effective tools, analysis and evaluation that the network provides. You can still be paid under $100, as well as don’t need to be 18 years old to qualifiedly use this form for monetizing.

How to earn money from Youtube – most asked question

Currently, Youtube Partner Program is one of the forms of making money on Youtube that attracts the largest number of participants all over the world, due to its easy-to-access nature, sustainable income, and large number of users.

In order to do this quickly, besides focusing on contents, many creators search for the service of buying views to promote the development of their Youtube channels

Not only do they buy Youtube views, they also buy watch hours and subscribers. This will make their channels reach the threshold of 4000 Youtube watch hours and 1000 subscribers as soon as possible, and start monetizing on the platform.

However,  we advise you not to just consider buying Youtube watch time is the only method. Hiring a service to run ads for adding more views for your videos is a good thing, but in fact you can exploit many other methods to be able to participate in YPP.

Our verdict

Nothing is absolutely back and white. Each form of monetization has their own merits and drawbacks. Or to be more specific, the positives of this feature are the negatives of the other.


Adsense or Network? which one is more optimal?

In terms of Google Adsense, the requirements are easy to adapt. Since you already reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers which is seen as a big struggle in every Youtuber’s career, other business after that threshold is just a simple procedure. The right to own a complete amount of money from your one-of-a-kind content would also be a big plus. However, there’s a high risk that you may violate several copyrights conditions.

As for Google Network, it has a higher standard of monetization for you to reach. You get less money (but you still can gain more with some “underground” tricks). However, Networks is a community in which you provide many tools and instructions for your video-making process.

That being said, we would like to provide you with our service of “Buying 4000 watch hours for monetization“. After that, the choice to join which community is up to you.

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AudienceGain – The optimal solution for monetized Youtube channel



This is our resolution for monetization, in case you are struggling with not getting the threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

After that, we also support with more profound knowledge on Google Adsense and Google Network, as well as how to register the accounts.

For this package, we have sold this to many politicians and artists as well, and consult each subject to join which program based on their personal purposes.

The views are spread evenly on the videos, which are completely safe and illegal.

The accumulated authentic views are from our Promotion Campaign. By this strategy designed by our professionals, your channel will quickly be able to monetize in no time.

And for that reason, the process of increasing watch hours will take time to finish. But you can totally monitor the on-going process.

During this, if you find out any problems, please contact our dedicated support team for more detailed information to tackle.


Q1: If I reach the required conditions for YPP, am I automatically approved? 

Answers: The answer is no!

After you reach the threshold, you need to send your application to the YPP. Your channel will go through a standard review process to see if it really meets the Youtube monetization policies.

The process will take 30 days to finish. Only channels that follow exactly Youtube’s policies and instructions are able to monetize.

Q2: What if the views drop below the threshold for monetization?

Answer: Your channel will not be excluded from the YPP right away if the views decrease under the requirements. Besides, after being approved, if your channel is still out of action and not posting any videos for six months, then at that time you will really be removed from YPP.

Furthermore, make sure not to infringe any of Youtube monetization policies regardless of public watch hours and subscribers.

Q3: Can I make money from several sites with a single Adsense account?

Answer: Of course!

Google Adsense allows you to register multiple sites under the same account.

AdSense allows you to add multiple sites in association to the same account. This will enable you to keep track of the inventory on your sites from the same place regardless of locations, in addition to saving you valuable time.

 Q4: Can I lose the views that I bought?

Answer: Yes!

There are always risks that need to be taken into account. Losing views can bring a sharp decrease in watch hours and subscribers as well. In that case, our team offers a money-back guarantee if you do lose a certain number of views.

On the other hand, it would be much ideal to prevent fall in views, by contacting our dedicated support team for more details right away.

Q5: Can I buy the views and subscribers separately?

Answer: Of course.

Depending on which option is most optimal for you, AudienceGain also creates  packages which are suitable for increasing individual views and subs separately. If you just want to  increase your views, the possibility of you getting organic subscribers is very high.

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Final thoughts

All the above are our sophisticated research on Google Adsense and Google Network, in addition to our effective solution for fast earning money from Youtube.

What are your choices? Sign in right away and comment on the section below to let us know.

Finally, contact our expert to get the best effective plan for your channel and know how to earn money from Youtube…

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