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YouTube keyword research is fundamental if you want to increase your YouTube channel’s discoverability. Well, lucky for you; we talk all about it here.

In this article, we explain the basics of YouTube keyword research. Firstly, the article introduces a fantastic free online tool for YouTube keyword research, VidIQ. Then we walk you through the advantages of keyword research for YouTube using VidIQ. These include maximizing your organic reach, building brand awareness, and gaining unparalleled insights. 

Moreover, the article explains how you can search for keywords on YouTube through VidIQ using its unique features. These include Youtube keyword research tools such as:

  1. the YouTube Search Keyword tool
  2. Keyword Inspector 
  3. Inline keywords 
  4. the Keyword Translator tool
  5. Tag autocomplete
  6. Keyword templates
  7. Web suite SEO

Finally, we lay out other free YouTube keyword research tools.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a great online educational resource for YouTube that was launched in 2013. It enables content creators and businesses on YouTube to learn how to build their brands and grow their reach. In addition to instructional videos and other such content, VidIQ also boasts some fantastic tools such as the YouTube SEO feature. This tool allows users to find and choose SEO-friendly titles, video descriptions, and tags. 

VidIQ is a resourceful website for learning all you need to know about efficiently running and growing a successful YouTube channel.

Advantages of YouTube Keyword Search using VidIQ

There are various advantages of using a YouTube keyword research tool such as VidIQ to strengthen your brand and expand your audience. 

Maximizing your Organic Reach 

Firstly, you can maximize your organic reach on VidIQ with effective YouTube keyword research that helps you optimize and refine your channel. You might not know that around 58% of viewers view your content due to YouTube Search and Related Videos, which work on video tags. VidIQ enables you to maximize your organic reach by increasing the number of video tags in your tag library tenfolds. 

With VidIQ, you can increase your tag library by ten times!

Building Brand Awareness

Secondly, you can quickly build authentic audience engagement and brand awareness with VidIQ through effective YouTube keyword research. VidIQ teaches you to collaborate with influencers, build loyal fan followings, and maximize brand affinity with authentic audience development.

Gaining Unparalleled Insights 

Finally, VidIQ is very beneficial as an online YouTube keyword research tool because it provides users with unparalleled insights. Channel analytics is a great way to analyze how your content and channel are performing. However, the Channel Analytics tab in the YouTube Creator Studio merely provides insights on views. However, VidIQ includes analytics such as subscriber analysis, top playlists, and competitors. 

Moreover, VidIQ also reveals engagement across Facebook and Twitter, shows brand mentions, and tells you the best times to upload on YouTube. You can also learn how to show up in search and stack up against your competition through VidIQ. 

How does VidIQ work: YouTube Keyword Research 

VidIQ is a superb tool for YouTube keyword research because of its fantastic research tools, out of which we have outlined seven in this section of the article. 

YouTube Search Keyword Tool

Firstly, the YouTube Search Keyword tool is a fantastic feature on VidIQ that displays a lot of information about a keyword when you search for something on YouTube. This includes things such as:

  1. Highest Views
  2. Average Views
  3. Average Subscribers 
  4. Added in the last seven days
  5. Inline Keywords
  6. Average Age
  7. Times used in titles
  8. Times used in descriptions
  9. Top Creator
  10. Keyword Score
  11. VidIQ Search Volume
  12. VidIQ Competition Score
  13. Overall Score

This information is precious in determining which keywords to use for your video titles, descriptions, and video tags. 

#Keyword Score

The Keyword Score, for instance, displays how popular a keyword is and whether you should use it or not. In addition, it provides a demand versus supply comparison via the search volume score versus competition score analysis in the Keyword Scoreboard. 

The keyword scoreboard is a fantastic feature that shows if a keyword is trendy or not.

#Related Score

The related score is another excellent feature for YouTube keyword research on VidIQ that tells you how related a suggested keyword is to the one you type in the YouTube search bar. 

#Search Volume

Moreover, the search volume option tells you how many people search for a particular keyword on YouTube in a month. 

#Competition Score

The competition score is another excellent YouTube keyword research tool that tells you exactly how many videos are competing for the same keyword in YouTube’s search results. 

#Overall Score

Finally, the overall score considers both search volume and competition. Therefore a high overall score must have low competition and many searches.

Keyword Inspector 

Moreover, the keyword inspector is another excellent YouTube keyword research tool on VidIQ. It enables users to see various aspects of related metrics for the root keyword. Some of these include:

  1. Related terms
  2. VidIQ keyword score
  3. Related videos
  4. Interest over time

Such metrics are beneficial for identifying whether a particular keyword or phrase is trendy. 

Inline Keywords 

Furthermore, VidIQ also enables content creators and businesses to view keywords and video tags that their competitors are using. This is a great way to carry out effective YouTube keyword research, especially for beginners. 

Keyword Translator Tool

In addition, another excellent YouTube keyword research tool on VidIQ is the keyword translator tool. This allows you to translate your keywords, video titles, video descriptions, or tags to various languages. 

Tag Auto-Complete

Furthermore, VidIQ suggests ideal keywords when you type something in the search bar on the video upload/editor page. This is similar to YouTube’s search recommendations when you type something in the YouTube search bar. 

Keyword Templates

Additionally, another spectacular YouTube keyword research tool is keyword templates. On VidIQ, you can create a keyword template of all the pertinent words that you might use in a series of videos. This feature can help save you a lot of time.

Keyword templates help save time by grouping core words together for use in multiple video tags for many videos.

Web Suite SEO

Finally, VidIQ’s Web Suite is another excellent YouTube keyword research tool. It consists of numerous powerful SEO tools, including:

  1. Channel-wide Tags
  2. Bulk SEO
  3. Keyword research
  4. Who Added What Tags

Other Free YouTube Keyword Research Tools 

Furthermore, in addition to VidIQ, there are various other great YouTube keyword research tools available online. For example, Tube Buddy is a spectacular free online tool that allows users to grow their YouTube channel faster with advanced keyword research. 


Conclusively, you should consider using free online tools such as VidIQ for YouTube keyword research. This article has outlined the advantages of using tools such as VidIQ. Moreover, we also summarize some fantastic features of VidIQ, such as the YouTube search keyword tool, the keyword inspector, inline keywords, and the keyword translator tool. Additionally, the article also covers the tag autocomplete feature, keyword templates, and SEO tools. Finally, we also introduce another tremendous free keyword research tool, Tube Buddy. 

Similarly, AudienceGain, too, can help you grow your YouTube channel faster with effective YouTube keyword research, suggestions, and top tips for keywords. Our YouTube SEO and keywords experts here at AudienceGain are experienced in aiding YouTubers improve their keyword game. 

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